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Boy, it's Lucky You Have These Compartments

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Jose begins to question his relationship with Clare.

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Boy, it's Lucky You Have These Compartments:

It's been four months since Clare and I started dating. It's... pretty good. She has stopped teasing me so much. We are starting to actually go out on dates. Not just with my friends and her. I mean actual dates with just her and me. Hell, we even pay Dutch on most of them. (She gets the rest from time to time.)

I haven't met the rest of her family yet. Things are cool between me and Jez. (He still makes comments about how Clare will get bored of me soon. I just pretend not to hear him.) Everything is sweet between Leia and I. But, sometimes I can't help wonder.

"Clare," I spoke up one day in our hotel room. She was putting on her make-up in the mirror. We had sent the night here. Last night... Dude! The sex keeps getting better and better. The Brits must be have some secrets in bed or something. Clare is like a stronger version of pot. Hell, she's like a wonder pot. My sweetie glanced over at me.

"Hm?" she asked. I kept my eyes on her back.

"What are we exactly?"

"What do you mean?"

I shifted on the bed some. "We've been dating for some time, right?"


"You've met my friends and I've met your brother."


"The sex is great!"

"Why yes."

The tone in her last response made me smile. That pushed me to ask, "So what are we? Are you my girlfriend now?" Clare froze with her lipstick at my question. I blinked at her looking at my sharply in the mirror.



I shrugged at her. "Just wondering."

"What did Jez say this time?"

"Nothing." She cut a nasty look at me. Uh-oh, she doesn't believe me.

"Not recently."

"Not recently?"

"It's just an old thought a while back."



"Okay, what is this old thought you had a while back?"

I paused at first. Damn it, this sounded much easier in my head! I just decided to come out with it. "Will you ever get bored of me?" Silence. Clare lowered her lipstick and giggled.

I raised an eyebrow at her. "What?"

"Is that all?"

I nodded. "Yeah." Clare smiled in the mirror at me. Then, she turned around and walked over to the bed. I got a good look at her face-to-face. She gave me that sexy smile of hers.

"Does it look like I'm bored of you?" Clare asked. Then, she leaned in and kissed me on the lips. Helpless to her, I kissed back. And you know what? I never asked her any questions for a long time. That's the thing about Clare. She has the power to push my back into her game. But how long before we stop playing altogether?

Bet You Something, I Can Get Your Mouth Shut
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