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Ethics Class

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Inside of a classroom, students sit around Charles Xavier's desk as he teaches ethics. Among the students are Rogue, Bobby Drake, and Peter Rasputin.

Orwell wrote that power corrupts, and that absolute power, corrupts absolutely. This is lesson that every one of us must learn, and live. Why?

After Xavier asked the question, several hands go up, including Rogue's.

Rogue, how about you?

Because we're mutants.

I'm disappointed, Rogue. I'd thought you'd see the flaw in Orwell's generalization.

How'd you mean?

Well, unfortunately, students, there are no absolutes when it comes to the issue of ethics. For psychics like myself, it presents a particular dilemma. Our power is, by its very nature, an invasive one. When is it okay to use it, and when do we cross that invisible line that turns us into tyrants over our fellow man?

Well, Professor, if the line is invisible, then how do we know we've crossed it?

The whole class chuckles, except for Bobby. Xavier has a small smile on his face.

Dispite her cheek, Rogue does have a point.

He turns to the television.

This case was forwarded to me by a colleague of mine, Dr. Moria McTaggert.

Everyone begins to take notes, except for Bobby who is just staring out the window while tapping the bottom of his pencil on the desk. The noise distracts the class for a second until he realizes what he's doing and quickly stops.

Sorry Professor.

Xavier nods and turns the screen on. On the picture, MORIA stands next to a patient completely covered in bandages. She turns to face the screen.

The man you see here was born with no higher level brain functions. His organs and nervous system function normally, but he has no consciousness to speak of. This has been confirmed both by the most advanced medical scans available on Muir Island, and of course by your telepathic examination, Charles.

Moria smiles a bit and Xavier pauses the transmission.

What if class, What if telepathic abilities were to be used to re-awaken this man, or another just like him? How are we to decide what is in the range of ethical behavior, and what is best left…

Xavier trails off and looks out the window, where the sky is quickly turning black.

XAVIER: (Con't) god.

Peter notices the look on the Professor's face and becomes concerned.

Professor, are you alright?

Xavier looks at him and smiles.

I'm fine. We'll continue our discussion on ethics tomorrow. Class dismissed.

The class is confused, but they slowly get up from their chairs and exit the classroom as Xavier's eyes go to the window.


Bobby pushes a button and continues to stand with Rogue in the elevator.

Bobby, are you alright?

I'm fine.

You don't seem fine, you seem distant.

Bobby doesn't answer as the elevator comes to a stop and Bobby walks out in the hallway. Rogue goes after him.


Bobby, don't you remember how close we were before Alkali Lake? You use to tell me everything, but now we hardly talk at all.

Bobby stops and sighes.

It's just...I tried calling my parents again yesterday. They still won't call me back.


Sometimes I think I should have never of told them that I'm a mutant.

Rogue reaches out and gently takes one of his hands in her gloved one.

No, you had to tell them eventually.

Forcing a smile, Bobby looked down at his hand in Rogue's.

I wish we could be closer. That we didn't have to worry about gloves to hold hands.

Rogue frowns, knowingly.

I know. I wish we could be closer too.

They continue to walk down the hallway, hand in hand.
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