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It's Such A Shame, A Shame, We Had To Find Out This Way.

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Chapter 3. it's worth fighting for.

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I was sitting on my bed with my guitar, but I didn’t want to play. I couldn’t stop wondering who this guy was and what he was like, it must have been enough that she’d go on a date with him.
I was tempted to call her back, but I couldn’t do it. I just sat there and moped.

We were at the movies talking before the movie started; I felt like I had to kiss her, she was so pretty. I sat there thinking about it for a while, but decided to wait until later. We drove to her apartment and I walked her to the door of the building
“I had fun” she smiled
“me too” I said gently taking her hand and she just laughed quietly “I better go”
“you know, I don’t usually kiss on the first date” I smiled
“then don’t” she said “goodnight Gerard”
“no don’t leave me yet” I said pulling her closer and softly kissing her
No sign of struggle, good
I was much happier as she started to kiss back. She eventually smiled and laughed her way off my mouth “do you wanna come upstairs?”
As tempted as I was, I had to refuse the offer “I have band prac tomorrow morning… sorry”
She nodded and got herself together “alright then”
“wait” I said and she looked up at me, waiting “so um…” I said, starting to get a little awkward “I’m kinda hoping that we… could be…”
She looked a little worried all of a sudden
“did I do something wrong?” I asked her
“no” she said smiling a little but it faded “I should tell you something”
She started explaining about that guy from Starbucks and how he liked her and whatnot, but they weren’t together or anything, thank god
“I don’t want a relationship just yet, it seems unfair” she said sadly
“so what, we’re fighting for you now?” I said
“in theory, I guess so” she shrugged
“bring it” I smiled
“those are tough words Gerard” she laughed
“coz’ I’m gonna win” I said and she just smiled “goodnight”
“WAIT!” I said and she sighed and turned back to me so I could kiss her again, but this time she hit me and told me to go home.

I woke up and Alejandro was sitting on me and I groaned and sat up
“hey boy” I said lightly patting him and eventually picking him up and walking with him to the kitchen where Ryan was making breakfast.
“morning babe” I said and putting the puppy on the floor
“morning“ he replied and looked at me for a moment
“I see you slept in your underwear again” he said and I nodded “I’m having boy troubles Ry”
He put a plate of food before me and I thanked him
“okay so, how can I be of service?” he asked sitting with me
“I feel awful choosing between two guys” I said looking at him
“it’ll be clearer in the future” he said “you’re young, just have fun”
I shrugged “maybe I don’t wanna”
“fuck off, everyone wants to have fun” he smiled and kissed my forehead “eat your eggs and bacon”
I nodded and slowly started eating; I had too much on my mind.
At work that afternoon, Brendon came in to see me with a smile on his face. Cassadee who was beside me was staring at him an awful lot
“hey ladies” he smiled at us both
“hey” we both replied and I looked at Cass “privacy?“
“oh yes” she said and hurried away and started tidying up the place
“whats up?” he asked me
“well… this is turning out to be a competition” I sighed “I cant… just choose one of you”
“..oh” he said “whos the other guy?”
“Gerard, but he’s at band practice, I decided to let you two somewhat sort it out” I said
“you do realise there’s gonna be no sorting, you’re gonna have to decide” he said and I nodded “I feared that. But I wanna make the right decision, I cant keep stringing you two along forever”
He nodded “I understand. Can I visit you tonight?”
“sure” I smiled “did you want a drink?”
“oh yes please” he smiled
I handed him his drink and he gave me a kiss “I’ll see you tonight”
I nodded and waved to him goodbye.

I drove to Juliet’s apartment smelling like sex, literally. I had this cologne that even I was really attracted to. I got into the lift to level E and walked to her door and knocked, she opened it up and smiled and gave me a really nice hug.
“come on in” she said and closing the door behind me “what did you wanna do?”
I shrugged “just wanted to hang out”
“well I just made dinner if you want some?” she said taking my hand and leading me to the stove
“wow it smells good” I commented and she smiled “I was starving”
She gave me some in a bowl before getting some for herself.
“where’s Ryan?” I asked
“boyfriends house” she said
“is he gonna return?” I asked
“I don’t think so, they take turns at each others houses and just stay the night” she said walking to the lounge with her food and putting on the tv.
We sat together eating and a puppy came into the room and looked at me
“hey boy” I said putting my bowl in my lap to pat him “has he been fed?”
Juliet shook her head “do you mind?”
“nah” I said putting the bowl on the table and getting up “come on” I said to the dog and he followed me into the kitchen. Once I fed him, Juliet was coughing and I had a look at her and she wasn’t stopping, I quickly went over
“you okay?” I asked and she shook her head and coughed more
I brought her some water and she drank it with really red eyes, I patted her back and she wiped the tears from her eyes.
I kissed her cheek and gave her a cuddle “better?”
She nodded and hugged me back and buried her face into my chest, coughing lightly
After dinner, I helped wash the dishes and she just laughed at me “that’s a woman’s job”
“I feel the need to help out” I smiled
“come into my room when you’re done and we’ll listen to music” she said and I nodded and watched her walk into her room.
I dried my hands and literally ran to her room and shut the door, she was lying on her bed looking at her laptop. I lay beside her and she looked at me
“hi” I smiled
“hey” she smiled back
I put her laptop on the floor and kissed her and she started laughing “what are you doing?”
“what do you think?!” I said
“I thought you wanted to hang out” she frowned a little
“this is hanging out… kinda“ I said putting my arms around her and gently kissing her again, without interruption.
It started to get rough, I started to get playful.
I was ontop of her, unbuttoning her pants with my left hand, things were indeed getting hotter.
I had to have her.
When I was only in my underwear, I slowed things down, I always went too fast during sex.
So I gave her a love bite on her neck and she yelled at me
“BRENDON! Gerard’s going to kill me” she said freaking out but I grinned “it looks pretty”
She rolled her eyes, unhappy with me
“I’ll make everything better” I said putting my hand on the inside of her underwear, preparing to sleep with her
“wait” she said
“what?” I said softly and she looked up at me “I’m a virgin”
I looked at her oddly “fuck off. You’re so not”
“how can you tell?” she said confused “just don’t hurt me“
“I won’t” I smiled a little “all I need is 10 minutes and I’m done”
She went a little red and laughed
I couldn’t get over the fact that I was going to be her first. Take that Gerard.
I pulled her underwear off and then my own. Moments later, we were having sex and she wasn’t looking too comfortable
“is it hurting?” I asked and she nodded sadly
I started to kiss her and continue on like nothing was wrong so she would get used to it. Eventually, she started reacting differently, but of course, I got excited and went too fast so it ended pretty quickly but she was quite loud which satisfied me
“was that okay?” I asked and she nodded “I think so”
“anyway, I better go… I have work in the morning and I’m kinda tired” I said and she frowned
I softly kissed her cheek and got up to get dressed
“don’t you wanna stay?” she asked
“I do, but I shouldn’t” I said “I’ll come visit you after work at Starbucks for my pick-me-up”
“okay“ she said lightly scratching her head
Once I had all my clothes on, I went and pressed my lips against hers on the bed again “you know I’d do anything to be yours”
She smiled and kissed my forehead “sleep tight”
“I will” I said and waved before leaving
I drove home grinning the whole time.

That was… different. Wasn’t so bad for my first time. Plus, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.
Moments later, Ryan walked into my room and my eyes widened “how long have you been home?”
“you sounded like animals” he said
“JEROME HAD A WAX APPOINTMENT TOMORROW MORNING” he yelled back and I had a laughing fit on my bed

How was that?
things are starting to get better.

Love, SareBear
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