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Loose Lips, Sink Ships.

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Chapter 4. A little bit of Gerard Way time.

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I was at work and Gerard texted me to warn me he was coming in. I waited for him and he approached the doors and smiled at me “hey beautiful”
I blushed and gave him a hug
“why are you wearing a scarf?” he asked
“errr… I’m cold” I said
“are you sick?” he asked feeling my forehead
“it’s a fashion thing” I said but he took it off and saw the hickey on my neck and gasped “he didn’t.”
I put my scarf back on “I was gonna wear a turtleneck today”
Gerard kept staring at my neck evilly
“I’m on my break, wanna grab lunch with me?” I asked turning his head to look at my face
“sure” he said taking my hand and we walked out to the food court
I still found it awkward to walk right since having sex with Brendon last night, and of course, Gerard noticed
“are you okay?” he frowned a little
“yeah” I smiled “I’m really tired”
He knew something was up.
We sat together and had lunch and had a little cuddle sesh before I had to return to work
“are you sure you’re okay?” he asked concerned “I’ll be fine” I smiled and kissed him but he wouldn’t let go, so it turned into making out, outside of Starbucks
“I better go“ I said and he nodded “I’ll call you”
I nodded and went inside and Cassadee had a massive grin on her face
“shut up” I said and she laughed “sooo cute.”
I went home and logged into ‘Juliet’s Journal’ which basically was a blog about me

-Dear lovers.
I feel like I’m on the Bachelorette, twelve hot guys, one girl? Except it’s down to two guys and one torn distressed girl with a decision to make.
Brendon – a total sweetheart who makes me laugh all the time, or Gerard – the charmer who is drop dead gorgeous.
I don’t know where my hearts at, but I don’t wanna string them both on for much longer.

Juliet. x

I logged onto Facebook and found Brendon’s profile and sent him a message saying “you’re a dead man Urie.”
A few minutes later, he replied “I hope you know I took away her virginity last night”
I re-read that 5 times. I was pissed. It explained why she wasn’t walking right. My fist hit my desk very hard and Mikey walked in “you okay?”
I shook my head “nevermind”
He shrugged and walked away and I called Juliet
“hello?” she said and I relaxed a little “did you sleep with Brendon.”
She was quiet and started to speak but didn’t know where to start
“just… yes or no” I said
“yes, I slept with Brendon” she said softly “I’m sorry”
“no, don’t be, I don’t care” I lied, but my tone was getting aggressive “I’ll see you tomorrow”
I hung up on her and went and took a shower. Afterwards, I went to the mall with Mikey to find a tie for his formal ball, and then it hit me. I could take Juliet to the ball with me.
I needed to plan everything though, I couldn’t let Brendon stay ahead. Juliet texted me later asking if I was mad at her, I replied with no, but didn’t really know what else to say.
The next day, I went to the carwash with Mikey for work, yeah… washing cars sucked, but I got to do it with all my friends. Uncle Steve owned the place, so it wasn’t bad at all, except for the ugly overalls… we occasionally got into waterfights in the summer when we were bored, like now.
We were throwing sponges everywhere and running around the place, it was good to get my mind off everthing and laugh for a while. I was about to get Ray when everyone stopped and stared behind me, I turned around and Juliet was there, arms folded and in a short denim skirt, then I got hit with sponges and turned back around “HEY!”
“alright, 10 minute break” Frank called and they went inside and I turned back around “hey”
She smiled a little “your mom came into Starbucks this morning”
“…really? Why?” I asked
“coffee and a chat” she said
“I’m so sorry” I said and she laughed “she’s really sweet… she told me you were upset last night”
“I wasn’t” I said quickly and she gently grabbed my arm and looked up into my eyes but she looked like she had nothing to say.
“is that all you had to tell me?“ I asked
“I just wanted to see you” she shrugged
“I’m glad you did” I said hugging her tight “I’m guessing mom told you I work here”
She nodded “she didn’t warn me about the overalls though”
I laughed “wanna come meet my best friends?”
She let go of me and smiled “sure”
I took her inside and we spotted Mikey first “this is my little brother Mikey”
“oh you have a brother?” she said and gave him a hug
“that’s Juliet” I said to him
“ohhhhhhh” he smiled “she’s cute, I approve”
She smiled and everyone else came in and I introduced them all to her
“I see you all wear overalls. Very nice” she said looking at me “hey, its pretty fashionable” I replied and took her hand and we went back outside “hows your legs?”
“wobbly” she replied “I put so much foundation on to cover the hickey today too, stupid Brendon”
“he just wants you to himself, and so do I” I said “you cant blame him”
A car pulled up and the guys came outside
“oh, can you wait a moment?” I asked and she nodded and sat on the floor watching me wash the car
“so that’s the girl you’ve been crushing on, damn” Frank said and I nodded
“cut me a slice of that” Ray said “please.”
“shes wonderful guys, I just need to take down Urie” I said
“oh yeah. Should we set dog poop infront of his house?” Mikey said
“nah, that’s too Adam Sandler… we need Dr Evil for this one” I said looking over at her and she smiled at me and looked at the ground.
When we were finishing up, I washed my hands and walked over to her and helped her stand up
“after we wash cars, we usually have a water fight” I said
“oh… but my hair is all pretty today” she said gently stroking it
“okay then, we’ll just go inside” I said leading her back in and hearing a large splash outside
“your friends seem lovely” she commented
“you’d love them, they’re quite cool” I said walking into the back lounge area and sitting on the sofa beside her, holding her hand
“I can’t stop thinking about you” I admitted and she smiled and looked up at me “I can’t stop thinking about you either”
I leaned my head down and kissed her, like I always wanted to do and she backed off for a moment looking at something, I turned around and Frank had his pants down and his butt upto the window. I sighed.
“sorry” I said to Juliet and got up and closed all the blinds and went and sat back down with her “now where was I?”
She smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek “I should go”
“but you just got here” I frowned
“I just wanted to see you, that’s all” she said standing up and holding her hand out, I took it and stood beside her and we walked outside
“uh, I’ll see you soon then” she said with a nod
“wait, I need to ask you something” I said
“go on” she said
“my brother has a formal ball in over a week… did you wanna come with me?” I asked
“a ball?” she smiled, sounding slightly excited “sounds pretty”
“it’d be beautiful if you came with me” I said and she laughed “I’ll be there”
“cool” I smiled and gave her a cuddle before she waved and walked back down the street
I went over to the guys with a grin on my face
“did you like my butt?” Frank grinned even wider
“no, that was major inappropriate dude“ I said
“girls like humour” he said in his defence
“she seems great though” Ray said seriously
“she really does” Mikey added and I nodded

I took Baxter for a walk when I saw Juliet’s roommate Ryan with his puppy Alejandro
“hey Ryan” I said and he looked up oh hey Brendon“
Baxter and Alejandro started playing, it was quite cute
“Allie, stop being a mess in public” Ryan said
“it’s okay” I smiled “hows things?”
“yeah, good” he smiled “I’m actually heading off to see Jerome later today”
“awesome” I nodded
“yeah, I heard you and Juliet last night… awesome” he said holding his fist up and I fisted him back
“wait, you were in the apartment last night?” I said
“I came home unexpectedly and yeah… you guys were loud” he said and I blushed “oh I’m sorry man”
“it’s cool, glad to see she’s doing stuff like that” he smiled “anyway, I better go”
He was trying to pull Alejandro along but he was too busy playing
“ALLIE!” he frowned picking the puppy up “would Gaga be proud? No.” he said kissing his forehead “seeya Bren“
“bye” I waved and walked Bax home
When I got home, I noticed a message from Gerard on Facebook and read “two can play this game mother fucker.”
I wasn’t sure what it meant, but I was still satisfied. I couldn't let him win this.

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