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Letters of a Façade

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Alone and cold in his own world after his closest being's disappearance... Raimundo was losing his will to live. All though he never showed any evidence of it. But through all of this, he found a s...

Category: Xiaolin Showdown - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Chase Young,Clay,Kimiko,Omi,Raimundo,Wuya - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2010-09-23 - Updated: 2010-09-26 - 395 words

Dear Sam,

Hi. How are you?... I'm good I guess. Just trying to grab life but the reins and live it ya know. I know you're wonderin' whether or not I've left the temple, like I said I would. Well my answer is no. I mean, yeah I complained and complained about the work, and not having fun... And especially Omi and his ego. Give me a break, that kid has a bigger ego than an crackhead's box of rocks. I'm just saying! Haha, that was me trying to be funny again. Epic fail on my part, that was terrible.

Sigh But for real man, I know that I've been nagging and wouldn't shut up about certain things, but I can't leave. The people I've met here have changed my life. It seemed like yesterday I was walking on my hands and training with Silvester the Seal to get ready for the circus performance. Now look at me: a young adult, here with his new friends training at the temple to fight evil. Dang that sounds so unbelievable and stupid on paper, but hey it's the truth.
... Samuél, I miss you. You really understood how I felt. About what's going on in MY life, MY feelings, how MY thoughts could affect others. And it felt... nice. I mean the fact that someone was staying next to my side and listening to me, and hearing me out. My life seemed easier and better when you stopped to talk to me. You were the little ounce of light, that made such a difference in who I am as a person today. And I just had to take a moment to tell you thank you. It has been with me forever, and it'll stay in my heart forever.

Unfortunately, you won't. I've been thinking for a while, and I thought of this. If you lose the person that you love the most: in the entire world... You feel like you want to die. Now, ever since you've disappeared, I have felt lonely and depressed. Yes, ME the go-lucky guy of the circus pack. You see Samuél, your kindness will never be returned or given to me by anyone else on Earth. Without the real you here, I don't feel as if anyone can listen to me. So think about that wherevr you are.

Sincerely Yours,
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