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awake and unafraid

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when Charley moves to New jersey she thinks it will be the same as all her schools in britain. shed be the outcast emo freak, and shed be alone. but when she falls for the amazing Frank Iero, every...

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just one day. I've just gotta get through one day here, and then it will all be fine after that. ah who was I kidding!!! it's just gonna be the same as all my schools in England! I'll be the emo freak that no wants to talk to, and it will be hell. I didnt want to move to America, even more to new jersey! I mean, I've heard about kids here, and they sound a heck of a lot scarier than the ones back in Britain. I took one last look in the mirror, and saw the same as always. long black hair, long fringe over my left eye. same blue eyes and pale skin. nothing special, nothing unusual, just me. boring old me.
i walked through the gates of my new school, trying to look confided, trying to give people a 'don't mess with me' look. and failing. 
I found myself a little corner at the front of the school and sat there, praying for the bell to ring, maybe if I was in lessons I would have something to do, instead of sitting here looking like a loser. 

i scanned the faces of the kids circulating in front of the school. you could easily see the groups, the stereotypes. there were the jocks, the preps, the drama students, and the geeks. suddenly I saw a small guy standing before me. I looked at him, from his shoes up to his face. black battered converses, black skinny jeans, a t-shirt with 'misfits' printed across in green. I then looked at his face, black hair flopping over one eyes, and eyes... god his eyes were the most amazing shade of hazel/green, and they sparkled as they looked at me.
"hey, erm, I'm frank. your new right?" he said, his voice friendly and smooth
"yeah, I just moved here from england. I'm Charlotte, most people call me charley though" I said nervously
he took a seat next to me on the wall I was perched on. I couldn't help looking at his eyes... gosh he was cute...
"sooo, what lessons have you got?" he asked
I handed him my time table. 
"wow, I have all the same lessons" he said smiling at me, making me cheeks flush. he dropped the sheet by accident, and we both reached for it at the same time. his cool fingers brushed against mine, and sent tingled all through my body. I moved my hand and he picked up my time table and handed it to me, his gaze made me blush again. 

suddenly a loud ringing noise caused us to look up. it was the bell. Frank grabbed my hand and pulled me upwards the school building. we slowed to a walk through the coridoor, but he didn't let go of my hand, even when we walking into out 'homeroom' he gently pushed me towards the small, mousy haired teacher. I explained to her who I was and she ticked my name ff her list.
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