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Schuldig takes Schön to lunch. Dark twist at the end.

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Title: Days of the Black Scream
Author: Sybil Rowan
Rating: R (not all will be rated this high/ some may have language, violence, sexual situations, alternative universe... It's going to be free writing.)
Summary: Set of short fics involving contrast, conflicts, and uneasy alliances between Schwarz and Schreient.
Author’s Notes: I found "Ladycrystalite": was doing something like this for Gundam Wing, and I thought it was brilliant. She was doing a '30 fics a day' using random word prompts from "": I thought I'd do a set for Schwarz and Schreient because my husband and I co-wrote some 50 sentence sets for them. (Not posted yet) The focus will be primarily Schwartz and Schreient trying to struggle against each other, but of course, others will have appearances. My rules are slightly different than hers, but they are her basic rules. I think I want to just take this as far as I can. No promises will be made on how long, or how far, I'll take this. The rules:
1. One drabble must be posted every day for the next thirty days... at the very least.
2. I will spend at least 15 minutes writing said drabble.
3. Strict Schwarz and Schreient centered. At least one team member must be involved as the POV character.
4. A prompt word will be used for every drabble. The prompt word does not have to appear in the fic, but should relate somehow.
5. Prompt word will be's Word of the Day. The one e-mailed to me.

Disclaimer: Weiss Kreuz, its names and characters belong to Koyasu Takehito, Project Weiss, Marine Entertainment and Animate Film.
Beta Reader: My awesome husband WingedPanther73!
Word Count = 443
September 24, 2010 (8:12am)

frabjous \FRAB-juhs\, adjective:
Wonderful, elegant, superb, or delicious.

Schuldig took up the strawberry and bit into the sweet, juicy morsel after he got back to Schwarz's apartment from his afternoon mission. Yes, this had been a wonderful day for him, in spite of Brad waking him up at the god-forsaken hour of ten in the morning. The American had sent him on an errand over at Takatori's.

There, he was confronted with those horrible, wretched women of Masafumi's. But, things started looking up when he noticed Schön obsessing over the scar on her superb face. The woman was very put out with one of the Weiss kitties from a confrontation last night. He, of course, remembered the words Brad had told him before he left, 'You'll be able to get the information out of Schreient through vanity.'

It seemed too obvious at the time, but Schuldig found it a little harder to coax Schön than he initially thought. What was the tipping point? Commiserating about Weiss when the three other wenches' backs were turned, kissing Masafumi's backside.

Schön appreciated the sympathy, and Schuldig was in. He generously offered to take her to lunch. At first, she wanted to bring the whole, filthy lot of Schreient, but Schuldig told her it wouldn't be fair to have one Schwarz with four Schreient. She agreed, reluctantly, and they had a pleasant enough lunch at an Italian restaurant. Schuldig kept the wine and sympathy coming.

Finally, she broke. She confessed her jealousy over Hell and Masafumi. She told Schuldig of her dreams of being with the Japanese scientist, but it was so conflicted with her loyalties to the rest of Schreient. Schuldig solemnly sympathized, saying there wouldn't be anything he wouldn't do to guard and strengthen Schwarz.

She smiled and confessed a kinship with him, her face growing ruddy from the wine. He told her she was in no shape to go back to the office, but would be happy to take her to her home. When he diverted to a hotel, she balked a little, but complied when Schuldig mentioned Hell and Masafumi. She was indeed a proud woman with a wonderful body to be proud of.

It wasn't long before Schuldig had her undressed and in the hotel bed.


:Brad, I'm finished,: Schuldig projected to the clairvoyant.

:I knew you'd be successful.: Schuldig sensed that perpetual boredom off of Crawford.

:She sang like a bird... after I played some of Farfarello's games with her,: Schuldig thought back as he looked over his bare shoulder. Schön's once elegant body was now ravaged, because she had resisted betraying Masafumi and Schreient to the German telepath. He could have read the information out of her mind easily enough, but Crawford didn't tell him to not mix business and pleasure.

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