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EPIC skittle war

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(sorry it's short)

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we returned to the others, and were shocked to see an epic skittles throwing battle had broke out. me and frank teamed up, and started attacking gerard and mikey. a skittles was flying stright for me, and frank jumped in the way of it. I laughed at him, and wrapped my arms around him.
"I can't believe you'd take a skittlefor me!" I said, pretending to be chocked up. he popped a skittle into his mouth and wrapped his arms around me. his lips found mine, and we kissed intensly until we heard embarassed coughing, and someone mumbled "get a room"
"fine! we will!" said frank, and pulled me to my feet. we walked upstairs and frank pulled us into one of the spare rooms. I only just realised how many rooms were in Kates house!

frank pressed his lips back to mine, his Tongue exploring my mouth., not breaking the kiss for a single moment. we sunk down onto the floor, and he pulled me onto his lap so I was facing him, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. he stroked my hair while kissing my neck softly. he suddenly looked up at me and smiled. the look on his gave was so cute, I had to resist kissing him again to ask him what he was smiling about.
"I was justing thinking about things, and i realised we have prom at the end of next year, and I won't have to go alone" he said, slightly embarassed. I found it extreamly cute how he was planning ahead, and I quickly kissed him on the cheek and then pulled him to his feet. he wrapped his arms around me and started to dance me round the room. we ended up stumbling over and laughing in a heap on the floor once more.
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