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My first kiss went a little like this...

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SORRY I haven't updated in a while!!! I've been working on like 3 other stories, so they will be up soon!! I have so much more of this story written, so I'll have a mad posting spree today :D

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we made our way downstairs where everyone had settled down to watch 'friday the 13th' . I always get extreamly scared by horror movies, and I'd told Frank this so we curled up on the sofa, his arms tight around me, and he whispered softly in my ear. he laughed every time I jumped and just stroked my hair.

when the movie had finished we all got into our pj's, Frank and Gerard both had awsome skeleton ones, mikeys were batman, Kate's were hello kitty (:O so cute!) and I just wore my AC/DC shirt with zebra print bottoms. when me and Kate got downstairs after changing, the boys had made some sort of lop-sided tent out of sheets ect, held up by two chairs.
me and Kate crawled inside and she asked "are you guys in pre school or something?!" and I just giggled.
Frank sat me on his lap and wrapped his arms around my waist.
"TRUTH OR DARE!!!" shouted mikey suddenly
after about ten minutes of truth or dares Frank said "Fine, I'll go next, I'll take a truth"
"with who, and when was your first kiss?" said mikey
I was interested to hear his answer.
"well..." he said and looked at his feet embarassedly "it was on the 24th of June.... this year... with charley..." he said and trailed off.
"awww Frankie! I was your first kiss!? aww that's so cute!" I said and kissed him to prove my point.
"I was waiting for the right girl to come along I guess" he whispered and I smiled.

about an hour later everyone except me and Frank had gone upstairs to play computer games. we sat curled up on the sofa, and he was asking me all sorts of questions.
"Hey, Frank, can I ask you some questions maybe?" isaid and he smiled at me. we'd got to knew each other a lot over the two weeks, but there were still things I wanted to ask him.
a question that I had no idea why I hadn't asked before popped into my head.
"I can't believe I haven't asked you this, but do you play an instrument?" I asked
"yeah, I play guitar, me gerard, ray and Mikey are in a band, but we're still looking for a drummer." he said
"really? what's the band called?"
"mikey came up with the name about a month ago, we're called my chemical romance. catchy huh?" he said and smiled at me
"wow that's so cool! what do the guys do?"
"Gerard sings, mikey plays bass, me and ray play guitar, and like I said, we're looking for a drummer. do you play anything?" he asked
"well, I sort of play everything, but nothing very well! I can play guitar, bass, a but of drums, piano, an I sing, but all pretty badly!" he laughed

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" we heard from upstairs
"Mikey" we both said at the same time and laughed.
we ran upstairs and saw that the rest of the guys had mikey pinned down and were tickling him to death. we just stood and laughed.
"I'll get you next charley!!!" he called inbetween laughs and suddenly everyone stopped tickling him. Mikey started walking towards me, a grin on his face.
"RUN CHARLEY RUN!" Frank called, and I did as he said.
mikey chased me with a pillow all around the house, everyone just stood and laughed
"stop stop stop!" I called
"say that mikey is the best most awsome guy ever"
"NEVER!" I called as he hit me with the pillow again.
"okay okay, 'mikey is the best most awsome guy ever!' now please stop!" I cried. he laughed and I felt Frank pull me into his arms.
"your hair looks crazy Charley" ray laughed and I tried to smooth it with my hands. Frank just laughed and turned me to face him.
"you look beautiful" he whispered and kissed me
"guys?! guys!!! ewww guys stop it now!" mikey said pulled frank and me apart.
everyone just laughed
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