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The Outsider part 1

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May you be remembered through this.

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the and the blind can see”

My last day of sight was like any other, wake up have breakfast, walk to school and think of the books I read the other night, little did I know I would never read with my eyes again. I made it to school in quarter to eight enough time to use the washroom. The seconded floor of the school had 4 boys washrooms I had to chose the closest one to me. The door was jammed I gave it a good push, I walked in the last thing I would every see again, A black hooded boy was stand over the sink with wires, he reacted to my presences in a second hitting my in the face with a baseball bat.

The smell over fire woke me up I looked at the first thing that caught my attention the mirror over the sink where the hooded figure was standing over, there were numbers counting down it was at ten , I had to get out of here. I got up to fast and almost fell over hurrying to the door, I looked right into the sink
I am screwed.
Move your legs god damn it!
I cant I am stuck!
The bright light mened one thing.
Happy birthday.

I sat straight up thinking I was dreaming. I run my hand to my face bandages were over my eyes I tried to rip them off I was to dizzy. “Doctor he’s awake!” A young females voice filled the room. I heard papers fall to ground quickly.
“Whe- where am I?
“Shhh relax your in a hospital”
“What happened!”
“shhhh relax”
“No! Get theses bandages off me!”
In the most quite voice I could every image “your blind.”
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