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The Outsider part 3

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“Courage is doing what you're afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you're scared.”
For a god dam month I was at the hospital learning how to deal with my disability, How to read Braille and use a walking cane. It was hard and I was terrified walking up and down the thirty steps twice every day. Friends came to visit and kept asking me what happened. I tell them the same thing over and over again, They all tell me I made front page of the Toronto star. “The boy who escape death himself” was the headline. Nurse Jane, the women who’s voice told the doctor I was awake keeps giving books in Braille to practice reading the other night I finished “Harry Potter and the half blood prince”. I woke up in the past mornings thinking it was all a bad dream, That I will wake up to a mom and dad being able to see there grey hairs sticking out. I cried every time I found out I was wrong.
I finally found the power button on the remote for the TV after a zillion tries. CP24 was reporting what happened to me again. “The victim Angelo Hale survived the most horrifying event to ever happen on school property.” The newscaster kept going on
with the story. “There’s someone knocking own our door sweetie” my mom shouted form
The top floor, same old house no piece and quite. I took my cane and made my way to the front door. As soon as I opened the door arms were thrown over me hugging me gently she smell like strawberry and tears “Kim” The words fell out of my mouth. Kim was the hottest girl in school for grade nine making boys drool when they got a whiff of her I grew up with her most of my life since J.K were best friends. She walked me back inside my house and sat beside me on the couch. Her eyes were scanning me I felt them, she waved her hand in front of my eyes. I could tell cause I could hear the hand cutting threw the air I grabbed it. She froze “ Yes I am blind, but not stupid” she started to cry and laugh, I did the same. Before I knew it I our lips were locked and she had her arms around my chest , so did I. For 14 years I loved her, I never knew if she did like me, we never dated we thought it be awkward. When I walked in on her a my best friend making out it stung me like a bee. Never have to worry bout that know I reminded myself.
I pushed her back gently “What?”.
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