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Teddy Bear

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Bob and Claire enjoy a shower while Alicia has questions about how Anna helped her.

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Claire closed her eyes letting the feel of Bob’s hands and the spray of hot water wash over her. They had slept late and were now enjoying that shower he’d suggested last night. A small sigh of contentment escaped her lips.

“Christ woman, stop that.”

Her eyes popped open. “Stop what?” She wished he wasn’t behind her so she could see his face.

“Purring.” He answered as his fingers massaged the shower gel on her shoulders. He leaned closer and whispered in her ear, “If you don’t I’ll never get your hair washed.”

“You are going to wash my hair?”

He moved his fingers from her shoulders down her back. “Yeah unless you don’t want me too.”

“No one has ever washed my hair for me.” Claire said softly.

Bob tried to force his thoughts away from her shapely butt but his eyes kept dipping down for a look. “You need to be pampered and that’s what I’m gonna do.”

He was always surprising her with his sweet and gentle nature. “You are like a teddy bear.” She said voicing her thoughts.

Bob laughed, “A teddy bear?”

Now she was glad he was behind her so he couldn’t see her blush, “Yes.”

His fingers trailed down to her lower back, “Why?”

She didn’t answer.

“Hey.” His fingers slid to her side to tickle her. “Tell me, woman. Why do I remind you of a teddy bear?”

Claire giggled, “You sometimes look so gruff on the outside yet you are sweet and gentle.” She lowered her voice, “And when you hug me it is love.”

He smiled, “Yeah, you’re right about the love part but don’t tell the other guys I’m like a teddy bear I’d never live that down.”

“No I will not tell anyone because you are my own private teddy bear.” She whispered once again letting the feel of his hands take her attention.

Bob ran the sponge over her butt trying to ignore the desire he felt. Once her legs where cared for he said softly, “Okay turn around.”

Claire did as he commanded keeping her eyes closed.

It was torture but he completely washed her shoulders, arms and breasts with a forced detachment. His lips ached to latch on to her nipples but his resolve not to give in was strong. As the sponge made its way down her soft stomach she slightly moaned with pleasure.

‘You’re doing it again.’ He ground out.

“It feels so good.” Claire whispered.

Bob dropped to his knees causing her eyes to pop open again. He didn’t look up but continued to concentrate on the task at hand. Gently he ran the sponge over her thighs. He heard Claire’s sharp intake of breath.

Slowly he moved the sponge to the reddish curls and was pleased to see her slightly shift to move her legs further apart.

Claire looked down to see him kneeling before her and felt a wave of desire wash over her. When he dropped the sponge but continued to run his fingers through her curls she reached out to place her hand on the shower wall to steady herself. “Oh” She breathed heavily as his fingers slid down her slit.

Bob loved the sound of her voice when she was excited. He repeated the motion again and was rewarded by the sound of a moan but it wasn’t enough. He wanted to hear her moan his name. Slowly he leaned foreword and while his fingers kept her lips parted his tongue darted out to flick her swollen nub.

Again Claire moaned with pleasure while her body shook.

Bob’s tongue continued to inflict pleasure while he slowly moved one finger to her hot entrance. At just the right moment his lips sucked her nub while he slid the finger inside.

“Oh Bob.” She cried out.

The sound was music to his ears. His finger moved around inside seeking the spot he knew would push her over the edge. He was shocked when she took a step back. When he looked up he had to blink several times from the water spray in his eyes.

“Claire?” Had he hurt her?

She took several deep breaths. “I want…” Her voice trailed off.

“What do you want Honey?” Whatever it was he was ready to offer it.

Suddenly she felt embarrassed. She shook her head and looked down.

Bob rose to his feet. “We discussed this. Don’t be embarrassed about anything in front of me, okay?” When he saw her nod slightly he continued, “Now tell me what you want.”

“I” she stammered, “I know that tomorrow will be my time of the month. It is always like clockwork.” She paused then forced herself to say. “I know I can not become pregnant. I…” Again her voice trailed off.

Bob looked into her eyes, “You want to make love without a condom.”

She nodded, “Yes but I know that is not a good idea. I just wanted to feel you inside me without a barrier.”

He smiled, “Honey if you know it’s safe then that’s what I want too.”

She looked up, “Really?”

“Yeah, really.” He put his arms around her then pulled her body close. “Here?’ He whispered.

“Oh yes, please.” Her voice shook with emotion.

Smiling Bob dropped his arms down her body letting his hands rest below her buttock. “Put your arms around my neck.” He commanded. A moment later he lifted her body and she quickly locked her legs behind his back. As he settled her into place he looked into her eyes. “I love you.” He whispered as he slid inside her.

Once they were dressed and walking hand in hand towards the large bookstore Gerard wanted to visit he spoke.

“Anna do you have any idea who she is bonded to?’ As much as he hated to bring up the subject again he needed to understand what was happening.

Anna sighed, “No, I do not. Do you remember seeing her before?”

He searched his memory, “No, I don’t think so. Are you sure she was sent by someone. I just don’t understand.”

She knew it was important that he did understand. “Gee, she is blood bound to someone. I can tell this by her scent. It is not a fresh bond so she is wise to our ways. Our ways which make it clear it is unacceptable to tempt a freshly bonded person.”

“Wait, she could tell I am freshly bonded with you?”

“Yes.” Anna nodded, “In time you will also have the ability to recognize others who are bonded.”

He tightened his grip on her hand. “So you’re saying she knew I was bonded to you and knew she shouldn’t tempt me.”


“So you think she did it because she was told to? I don’t get it. Why?”

Once again Anna sighed, “Because someone wants to see me fail. They want me to lose control of the situation.”

“That’s fucked up.” Gerard said angrily. He stopped walking, “You think she’d try it again?”

“No.” Anna said turning to face him. “She knows by now I smelled her scent on you. I highly doubt you will ever see her again. But Gee, you need to understand that this can happen again. I have given it thought and I must speak to Jacob about the situation. As much as I wanted to handle this on my own I know now I have strong enemies who are pushing to make me fail. Perhaps he has some insight on who those enemies are.”

Gerard frowned, “Well fuck.”

“My speaking to him upsets you?”

He spoke honestly, “Look the guy don’t like me. So if you tell him what happened he’s really gonna think I’m some weak ass idiot who almost fell for it.”

“Jacob understands how hard a new blood bond can be.” Anna said softly. “Especially if one is tempted by someone who knows the bond is fresh. She knew how strong your lust would be. I am sure she knew just what to say.”

Gerard looked away in shame remembering the words the girl had whispered to him. Yeah, she had known just what to say to make his blood race.

Anna gently reached out to touch his face, “It is okay, Gee. I only said this so that you understand. It is not just lust you can be tempted with. Anger, greed and jealousy can be easily pushed to the limit.”

He smiled slightly, “The only jealousy I’m feeling at the moment involves Jacob. I understand why but that doesn’t mean I like the fact that he’s so important to you.”

“Gee, there is on one more important to me than you.” She looked deeply into his eyes. “That is the truth from deep within my soul.”

“That was Mikey.” Ray said as he and Christa walked to the car they’d just rented. They had just arrived and were going out for lunch then to sightsee a bit. Christa had ducked in the restroom before they set out.

“How’s Alicia doing?”

Ray smiled, “He says she’s doing much better. Last night her temp was running a little high so they’ve decided to keep her an extra day before releasing her. I guess they want to make sure infection doesn’t set in from the surgery.”

“So when she’s released he’s taking her home, right?” Christa asked as they reached the car.

Ray pushed the button to unlock the doors. “He said they are gonna check into a hotel for a few days first. Just to make sure she’s feeling okay before they fly home.”

Christa slid in and fastened her seatbelt. Once Ray was behind the wheel she spoke, “So we have lunch then what?”

He laughed, “Whatever you want, Babe. I think we should check into a nice hotel for tonight. As nice as it was having the bus to ourselves a big bed and room service sounds better.”

She smiled over at him, “Yeah, that does sound pretty nice.” Her cell rang interrupting her thoughts, “Oh it’s Alicia.” She said glancing down at the screen. “Hey you.” She answered warmly.

“Hey you.” Alicia answered.

“So we were just talking about you.” Christa laughed, “We’re your ears burning?”

Alicia gave a small laugh, “No but I’m sure you were only saying good things.”

“Of course.” Christa answered, “So I hear you’re feeling better than last time I saw you.”

“Oh fuck yeah.” Alicia slowly moved her body trying to get comfortable. “That’s why I called. I wanted to thank you for being there for me.”

Christa was touched by her words, “Hey you don’t need to thank me for that. I was just sorry I couldn’t really do anything to help you.”

“You just being there helped me.” Alicia said softly. “I need to thank Anna too. I don’t remember it but Mikey told me that she did something that helped me with the pain.”

Christa’s breath caught, “You don’t remember?”

“No I don’t remember shit.” Alicia answered, “But he said that Gee told him that Anna could help me manage the pain. I don’t know what she did but he said I stopped crying so I guess it helped.”

Memories flooded Christa’s brain. “Yeah.” She muttered. “It did.” She was relieved Alicia remembered nothing.

“What exactly did she do?”

Christa forced herself to think fast, “It was mostly just having you take calming breaths while she talked you through the pain.” She prayed Alicia would believe the lie.

“Oh” Alicia said. “Have you talked to her since then?”

“Not since we all took off on our separate ways.”

“Well I’ll give her a call later.” Alicia said frowning as a slight twinge of pain hit.

“That would be nice.” Christa said softly, “I’m sure she’d like to hear from you. She was very worried.”

They spoke a few more minutes then said their goodbyes.

“She sound okay?” Ray asked glancing away from the road a minute.

Christa smiled, “Yeah she sounds good.”

Ten minutes later Ray pulled the car to a stop in front of a Mexican restaurant. “I want a dozen tacos” He laughed as they got out of the car.

Christa rolled her eyes, “A dozen?”

“Well yeah I’m hungry.”

They walked in and were immediately seated. Once they placed their orders Christa excused herself to use the restroom. As soon as she was out of Ray’s sight she found a small alcove to make her call.

“Hello” Anna answered on the third ring.

“Hey.” Christa said. “Uh I didn’t want to bother you and Gee but I just wanted you to know Alicia called me.”

“How is she?” Anna asked.

“She’s doing much better.” She wanted to get right to the point, “But she asked me how you helped her. Mikey told her that Gerard had convinced him to let you help Alicia with her pain.”

Anna’s voice was soft, “And you said?”

Christa exhaled, “I said that you did it with a breathing technique that lessened the pain.”

“Thank you.” Anna said simply.

“I just wanted you to know what I told her cause she’s planning on calling you later.”

Gerard was watching Anna closely wondering what was going on.

“I will look foreword to her call.” Anna said.

Christa smiled, “Okay than. Well I’ll see you and Gee tomorrow.”

“Christa.” Anna wanted to put her mind at ease. “I appreciate what you told her and I appreciate this call. I will see you tomorrow.”

Christa closed her phone and uttered a huge sigh of relief. Deep down she knew the trust Anna had but in her was not something to be taken lightly. She never wanted to do anything to betray that trust.
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