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Bad Words

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Alicia calls Anna. Christa must deal with her feelings towards Christa.

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Alicia watched as the nurse wandered out of the room. As soon as the woman was safely out of earshot she looked over at her husband who was reading a comic. “I want out of here.”

Mikey looked up and smiled, “You heard her they’ll release you tomorrow unless your temperature goes up again.”

“It’s not gonna and I want out.” Alicia pouted. She was bored, very bored and was looking forward to the hotel stay Mikey had promised her. They had decided to spend a week here while she recovered from her surgery.

He set down his comic and sighed, “Is my girl bored?” He guessed correctly.

“Hell yes.” She answered. “And I want something to eat other than hospital food.”

Mikey laughed, “Hey, I’ve been eating the stuff too and you don’t hear me complaining.”

Alicia narrowed her eyes. “You snuck out and had something else and didn’t even bother to bring me anything.”

“Hey, you’re supposed to be eating healthy for a while and I’m pretty sure the greasy hamburger I had wouldn’t be considered healthy.”

“I hate you.” Alicia answered but with a tender smile. Mikey had been her rock through this whole thing.

“If you’re bored why don’t you call someone?”

Alicia sighed, “Yeah, okay. I’ll call Anna.”

“Ask her how my brother is.” Mikey said picking up his comic again.

“Why don’t you just call him yourself?”

He shrugged, “I dunno. I don’t wanna bother him and Anna I guess.”

“Well I got no problem bothering them.” Alicia said as she scrolled down the list for Anna’s number. She shifted in her seat waiting for Anna to answer.

“Hey.” She greeted her when she picked up.

“Hello Alicia.” Anna said warmly. “How are you?”

“Bored as hell but I’m supposed to be released tomorrow. So tell me what’s going on in the outside world? What are you are Gee up to?”

Anna glanced over at Gerard and tried not to laugh. He was walking around the suite completely nude looking for his cigarettes. “Today we spent time in several bookstores and stopped by an art gallery.” That was the truth. She was not however going to add that they had also spent time making love more than once since returning a few hours earlier.

“Boring.” Alicia sighed.

Anna smiled over at Gerard. “You think we are a boring couple?”

Gerard frowned at the comment.

“No, you guys aren’t a boring couple you just do boring things. I talked to Christa earlier. She and Ray are staying in a luxury hotel tonight. That’s what Mikey and me are gonna do as soon as I get the fuck out of here.”

“Yes, I spoke to Christa also.” Anna admitted.

“Hey then maybe she mentioned how grateful I am to you guys for being there for me. Shit I was so scared and so fuckin’ sick.”

“Of course we were there for you. That is what friend’s are for.”

Alicia tone suddenly softened, “You are a good friend Anna. I really mean that from my heart.”

Anna closed her eyes a moment wishing she could truly mean the words she was about to say. “I feel the same way towards you too.”

The sound of the dinner cart being pushed down the hall cut the conversation short. “Hey my dinner is about here. Take care future sis in law.”

Her words caused a strange look on Anna’s face that Gerard didn’t miss. “You too. Call me anytime you would like to chat.”

“Will do. You can keep me posted on what’s really going on with the tour.”

As soon as Anna disconnected Gerard spoke, “What did she say that upset you?”

“Nothing she said upset me.” Anna answered with a small smile. “Why do you think it did?”

He crossed the room to her chair and put out his hand to pull her to him. “Sugar, I’m really starting to recognize your facial expressions.” He paused a moment, “Okay maybe not facial expressions because you control that pretty well but I can watch your eyes and see how things hit you sometimes. Now what did she say?”

Anna did not want to discuss this with him instead she skirted the issue by telling another truth. “She spoke of her feeling for me.”

He understood immediately, “Oh, so you didn’t give her enough blood to form any emotional attachment?”

Anna shook her head, “No, it was such a small amount. More to ease her pain and stop the toxins. I knew I could not give more since we were on the way to the hospital.”

He pulled her over to the bed where they laid down wrapped in each other’s arms. “But you could have healed her if the situation had been different couldn’t you?”

“That would not have been wise. The amount of blood required would have formed a bond. One she would not have understood.”

Gerard ran his fingers over her soft skin. “I’m sorry that lack of emotional connection to other’s hurts you. But it makes me understand all the more why you want to keep the bond with Christa.”

“It is very nice to feel emotion towards someone without a bond.” Anna admitted softly, “Very nice.”

“This had been a very nice day.” Claire sighed as she snuggled on the sofa with Bob. “I like doing nothing.”

His chest rumbled with laughter, “I wouldn’t say we didn’t do anything.”

Claire smiled, “You know what I mean. We just stayed here.”

“And?” he teased.

“Well” She pretended to be thinking, “We watched movies, enjoyed room service and took a nap.”

Bob loved that she was teasing with him. “Oh that’s all we did, woman? Is that all you remember?”

“Yes. Have I forgotten something?”

His lips crashed down on hers in a long, passionate kiss. “Yeah, I think we did something else.”

Claire smiled, “Really? Perhaps you could remind me?”

His hand slid under her robe and his fingers found her nipple. “Yeah, maybe I should show you.”

Her hand slid under his robe to gently grasp his hardening dick. “Yes I definitely think you should show me.”

The next day Bob and Claire arrived last to the venue. They had gotten a late start in the morning. Now it was just minutes before the Meet and Greet and Bob was rolling his eyes as the other band members kidded him about being late.

Claire walked into the backstage area and her eyes immediately zeroed in on Christa and Anna sitting alone conversing. She gave Bob a quick kiss and made her way over to where the women sat.

They both stopped talking and looked up.

“Hello Claire.” Anna greeted her with a smile. Christa did the same.

Suddenly Claire’s good mood evaporated. “You do not need to stop speaking on my account.” She glanced over at Christa. “It is not as though I am in the dark.”

“Claire.” Anna’s voice was sharp. “We were just discussing a book.”

It was at that moment Christa realized she understood the often strange relationship between Anna and Claire. Her eyes grew wide yet she remained silent.

Claire’s eyes dropped. “I am sorry.” She whispered then turned to seek solitude in the RV planning on returning only moments before the concert.

Anna watched her push her way through the crowd of people with a sigh. She turned to Christa waiting to see what her response would be.

Christa took a quick glance around to make sure they would not be overheard. “I’m sorry I’ve caused a problem between you and Claire.”

“You have nothing to be sorry about.” Anna said looking into her eyes. “I can see by your expression you have realized something. I can not discuss this with you but your guess is correct.”

Christa nodded full of questions but remained silent.

“If Claire chooses to share her story with you I will not stop her.”

“I don’t think she will.” Christa said sadly, “She doesn’t want to share her story or you.” She wanted Anna to know she understood what had happened.

Anna sighed, “Claire and I have been together for many years. Until this tour started she feared change. Meeting Bob and forming a relationship with him has changed her somewhat. However old habits die hard.”

“Do you think it would be okay for me to go talk to her? I really like Claire and I don’t want there to be hard feelings between us.”

Anna looked up to see Gerard reenter to room. His eyes were scanning around looking for her. As much as she wanted to speak to Claire at the moment she knew she should stay with Gerard. “Go speak to her. I am sure she is in the RV.” Anna said looking over at Christa. “But understand it is her choice alone wither or not she shares her story.”

Christa nodded, “I understand. Hey if Ray is looking for me tell him where’s I’ve gone, okay?”

Gerard had just reached them. He waited until Christa had walked away before he asked, “Where’s she going?”

Before Anna could answer Bob appeared wanting to know why Claire had left.

Anna smiled at both of them. “Claire and Christa went to the RV. Claire has a slight headache and went to get medication. Christa said they would stay out there where it is peaceful until the concert begins.”

Bob looked unhappy but accepted the explanation.

Gerard took a seat next to Anna. “So what’s really up?”

“Claire is jealous of my friendship with Christa.” Anna answered simply.

He pulled out a cigarette and lit it before asking, “Why?”

Anna laughed, “You do not understand jealousy?”

He frowned at her teasing, “Well yeah I do. I just don’t understand by Claire is upset.”

“Because for most of her life it has just been the two of us together. Now things are changing.”

“Does she have a problem with me?”

“She has had ample time to get used to the idea of you.” Anna reminded him gently. “She was with me while I was with you all those years. However Christa is something totally different. I am sure she feels threatened in a way.”

“Women.” Gerard muttered.

Anna playfully hit his shoulder. “Stop that.”

“Yeah whatever.” He answered taking a drag off his cigarette. “Anyway I was talking to Bob and he’s really quizzing me about shit.”

“About shit?’ Anna repeated with a smile.

Gerard laughed, “It’s so fuckin’ cute when you say bad words.”

“I can say many bad words. I simply choose not to.” Anna said then with a mischievous smile leaned over and whispered one of those “bad” words in his ear.

“Oh shit, I love it when you say that one.” He felt his body catch fire. “No more saying that before the concert though.”

Anna was feeling flirty, “Oh you do not like the hear about how you have a big…”

“Enough, Sugar.” He laughed pulling her close.

“Okay I will behave.” Anna said. “Now explain to me what Bob is quizzing you about.”

Gerard sighed, “Pretty much I think he’s already trying to plan ahead. You know, looking ahead to the end of the tour. I think he’s gonna ask Claire to move in with him but he’s not sure she will.”

“Because of me.” Anna said sadly. “She has been at my side most of her life but it is time for her to make her own life. I will speak to her about that.”

“Okay but don’t say anything about Bob wanting her to move in with him yet. He needs to be the one to bring that up.”

“I understand.” Anna said while her thoughts turned to Claire and Christa wondering how their conversation was progressing.

Claire was trying to control the anger she felt when Christa told her that Anna had said it was a good idea that she follow her to the RV to talk. She didn’t want to talk. She wasn’t even sure what Anna would want her to say.

Christa sat nervously across from Claire watching her closely. “Look I’ll be honest I’m pretty much in the dark here. I don’t know what I’m suppose to say to you either.”

“I can not discuss Anna.” Claire stated shortly.

“I understand that.” Christa sighed. “Look I understand you and Anna are very close..”

Claire cut her off, “No, you can not begin to understand how close.”

“Maybe I can.” Christa said slowly, “I saw her help Alicia and I think she did the same for you.” She saw Claire look up sharply, “It’s just a guess but I think maybe your scars are part of the story.”

“Damn Anna.” Claire muttered.

“I’m sorry. That was rude of me to even bring them up.” She started to stand.

“No, wait. I am sorry.” Claire said. “Please stay. I am just upset because for the first time I am faced with speaking about something that I have never been allowed to voice.” She looked closely at Christa. “I am sure you wonder about Anna.”

Christa smiled, “Yes of course. I have all kinds of crazy ideas in my head.”

“Maybe not so crazy.” Claire whispered.

“But I have promised her I will not ask for explanations. I simply saw her help Alicia. I will leave it at that.”

“And you realize the fact that you can leave it like that is a great gift?”

Christa understood what she meant, “Yes that I remember is a gift. I do understand that.”

Claire nodded. “So now you are wondering about my relationship with Anna.” She stated flatly. “I suppose I can understand that. So I will give you the short version. You are correct Anna also helped me. As I told you when you and Alicia first saw my scars I was attacked and left for dead. What I did not say at that time was it was Anna who found me. She was able to save my life however the scars are something even she can not heal.” Claire knew she could not reveal that this had happened when she was a child. That would bring up questions about Anna’s age. As far as the world knew she was older than Anna. She also knew that it was impossible to explain to Christa that Anna had stopped the internal bleeding, healed her wounded organs but even she could not erase the scars that would always mar her body. The only way that would have been possible would have been to completely turn her and that was something Anna would not have done.

“I’m so sorry.” Christa said softly. “But I’m so happy that Anna was there for you.” Once again so many questions filled her brain concerning Anna’s ability to heal.

Claire felt tears threaten her eyes, “As am I.”

“She is an incredible woman.” Christa said softly. “I am proud to call her my friend.” She reached over and touched Claire’s arm. “I feel the same way about you. I hope we can still be friends.”

Claire stared at her a moment then spoke, “Thank you. I am sorry for my behavior. It was wrong.”

“No, I understand.” Christa said with a small smile, “I just want you to know that I’m sure I will never understand Anna the way you do. It’s obvious you two have a very special bond and I accept that.”

Claire didn’t know how to respond.

“So anyway.” Christa said standing, “We better get back. The guys will be wondering what happened to us.”

Claire stood and wiped her eyes, “Yes, we should.”

As they walked back across the parking lot toward the venue Christa asked, “Uh Ray and I are going out to eat after the show. There’s a great restaurant not too far from here and we have time before the buses pull out. You and Bob wanna go with us?”

Claire smiled knowing Christa was trying very hard to show friendship towards her. “If Bob agrees I think that sounds wonderful.”

This time Christa laughed, “Oh I’m sure he will. Pretty sure he’d agree to anything you wanted.”

Claire slowed her pace.

“Claire, it’s obvious to everyone the guys crazy in love with you.”

Hearing that made Claire smile. “I am glad because I feel the same way about him.” She paused a moment then admitted, “But it is scary at times.”

Christa was pleased Claire was revealing her feelings. “I know what you mean. Being in love can be wonderful and frightening all at the same time. When I fell in love with Ray I felt the same way.” She thought a moment then added, “Sometimes I still do.”

They had reached the door but neither moved to open it. Claire suddenly realized it felt good to have someone to confide in. “Do you really?”

Christa looked slightly embarrassed but nodded, “Yeah, sometimes I guess I wonder why he loves me. I’m not exactly what you would consider a typical rock star wife. I don’t always fit in.”

Claire tilted her head to study the other woman, “I have never seen that.”

“That is because you haven’t been around all that long. It’s hard for me because I am shy. Jamia and Alicia are so different than me. They are both so outgoing and..” she paused then revealed her true feelings, “I just feel sorta plain compared to them.”

“Plain?” Claire repeated in surprise, “I really do not see how you could feel that way. You seem so centered to me, so strong and confident.”

“You see looks can be deceiving.” Christa said softly, “I might seem that way but inside I’m not confident at all.”

Claire wanted to put her mind at ease, “But Ray loves you.”

Christa smiled warmly, “And Bob loves you. I guess the two of us have a lot in common, don’t we? We both have good men who love us and understand us.”

“Yes.” Claire said realizing it was the truth, “We do.”
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