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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Published: 2010-09-29 - Updated: 2011-05-31 - 319 words

To my beautiful Miss Kelly, for being the Gerard to my Mikey.. only without the incest.

You know that feeling of rope burn? When for no rational reason the ground just falls away from underneath your feet, and there's suddenly this rope hanging in front of you that you'd never noticed but that you grab onto because you have no other option, and some damn survival instinct tells you to do so without even consulting your brain.

So you're clutching at this rope, thanking whoever that it was there and knowing that without it you'd fucking die. Then you realise you're just hanging there, suspended in mid air, which is almost as dangerous as not holding the rope at all, so you start pulling yourself up it tentatively, not knowing how secure it is or where it's going. But what are your other options?

You're hanging onto this fucking rope because it just appeared and you, without any thought made the jump, and suddenly you're in pretty deep, and it's the only thing you have left. Your life depends on this rope, and there's no way back out of that fact.

You climb a bit higher, then it slips out of your grasp and you slide down, clinging on before you reach the end.

So there you are, hanging off this rope, not moving, because you're getting so tired of holding your weight, your palms are burning and prickling from the friction of holding on, and you begin to wonder if it'll pay off and someone at the other end will ever actually pull you up to safety.

Then you wonder whether you want them to. Your hands are covered in blisters, you're tired, and you want to go home. And suddenly, though the prospect of falling is oh so frightening, falling's looking pretty fucking inviting right about now.

You know that feeling? Mikey does. His rope is Gerard.
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