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giving up

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Bob’s P.O.V
It’s been a week since I gave up, I gave it all up for him but been to scared to talk to him, even to look at him. I went to my locker and there was a letter or something.

I hope you have given up, come to m party this Saturday please for me?
Gee x

I folded it and put in my pocket. Suddenly I was patted on the back. I turned around, it was Pete.
“Hey dude,” he said.
“Hey, “I said.
“So, you going to Gee’s this Saturday?” he asked.
“I don’t know yet, are you?” I asked.
“Hell yeah!” he yelled.
I smiled; Pete was always a good mate.
“Bob,” someone said. I turned around, it was Gerard.
“I’ll meet up with you later,” Pete said, leaving us alone.
“Did you get my note?” he asked.
“Yes,” I answered.
“Will you come?” he asked.
“I…” I said.
“For me?” he asked.
“I always say, for you anything,” I said, a smiled lit up his beautiful face.
“You have gave up though?” he asked.
“Yes, I have but I want to,” I said.
“Well I will prove you wrong on Saturday,” he said.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“You’ll see,” he answered.
“See you then,” he said.
He went before I could question.
What did he mean?

A/N: Short I know, but I just wanted something to fit in there, I promise it will get better… I hope, I hope you guys still like it, I hope you do, and I hope people aren’t getting bored and not wanting to read anymore, but the more comments you leave the better I feel, just tell me what you think
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