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Enough Is Enough

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Julie gets fed up.

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I looked in the mirror after washing My face.

After last nights fight I curled up with Mikey on My bed and didn't blink until the sun shone through the window.

I brushed My hair and thought about Gerard.

He was obviously confused. I understood perfectly that because I had trusted Him when Everyone else was scared of Me that the feelings would have gotten out of control. I understood that He really did like Me enough to try and pursue Me so that I would end up with Him and not Mikey- but love?

I never believed in a million years that Gerard would love Me- or even have the guts to say it even though I was with His own brother.

These last few weeks seemed to be getting more and more hectic with everything that was going on between Mikey Gerard and I that it didn't even make sense anymore.

All that made sense was that I was loved. Not just by Gerard who declared it- but from Frankie, from Ray and Bob, Lacey- and maybe even Mikey.

I sighed and stretched, trying to forget about the last couple of weeks.

That was when the smell kicked in.

Without warning this overpowering stench of a million different sweaty clothes hit Me until I was reeling backwards out of the room coughing and gagging.

"What's wrong?" Mikey asked from somewhere over My shoulder.

I turned to look at Him.

He hadn't changed from the clothes He was wearing last night.

I walked over to Him and froze.

"Mikey...when was the last time We did laundry?" I asked, trying not to breathe through My nose.

"Um.....We haven't ever done laundry" Mikey sheepishly replied.

"Why didn't You throw Our stuff in when the others went to do laundry?" I asked.

"Because no one does laundry?" Mikey offered.

I turned on My heel and ran into Frankie's room but was repelled backwards by the smell coming out of it.

I gagged and rushed out of the apartment and started banging on Ray and Bob's apartment door.

"What's going on?" Bob asked as He swung open the door- pretty much swinging the disgusting fumes into My face.

I gagged for the third time of the morning and ran to bang on Gerard's door only to find the same stench greeting Me when He opened the door.

I turned to stand in the center of the room, suddenly brimming with rage.

"Calm down I can feel You from on top of the roof" Frankie said as He casually walked down the stairs from the roof.

"You guys live in FILTH!" I screamed as Frankie stood next to Gerard, grinning madly from ear to ear.

"Not one of You can stand here and say that You truly look after Yourself- sure You shower and shave- but You don't do laundry, or tidy up where You live! do ANY of You understand that living this way can make You severely sick? that the smell is disgusting? You live like You are still on tour!" I exclaimed angrily.

"I have had enough. I am going to stand right here- either You bring out every piece of clothing that needs to be washed or I will hire a seedy crew to clean this place up and then sell photos to any magazine in the city who will have them- am I understood?" I growled as the guys nodded and turned into their respective apartments.

Ray and Bob were the first to bring Me their clothes- and there was a lot of them. It made Me wonder how big their wardrobes are- but then I figured that most of the clothes in front of Me probably never even graced a wardrobe hanger or even a drawer.

"Okay now I need plastic bags"

"I don't think any of Us have any" Gerard said as He leaned against a wall.

"Fine. I will take it to a dry cleaners Myself" I growled through clenched teeth as I picked up a pile and started to walk down the stairs.


"Is She really going to drag that all the way downstairs?" Bob asked.

"I wouldn't mind knowing what She was thinking- does She even know where the cleaners is?" Ray questioned as He folded His arms.

Everyone turned to look at Me. Of course, who better to ask but Her brother the conduit.

"She wouldn't mind help" I smiled as I took a pile of clothes and went to follow Julie, knowing that the others would follow as well.


"You want how many clothes dry cleaned?" The girl behind the desk exclaimed.

"All of it- but it doesn't have to be done all at once. I want these guys to suffer" I smiled as I turned to the guys who were behind Me.

"Now that that is sorted I am going to call Lacey and go to the mall- when I get back from shopping the apartments must be spotless, and there will be consequences if they aren't" I smiled as I walked out of the dry cleaners and pulled out My mobile.
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