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After Gerard's confession what is Julie going to do?

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I slapped Gerard hard across the face.

Gerard started to bleed from His lip and wiped the blood away with His hand.

I stood there shocked- had I really just slapped Him so hard that He was bleeding?

"I'm dating Your brother. You are fooling around with Mine. How could You come up here and kiss Me knowing very well that it was wrong?" I questioned, shaking from the shock.

"I know that I shouldn't have kissed You, but the feeling behind it has always been there, even when You rejected Me. When You became violent and slightly unhinged I grew closer and closer to You and the more that I helped You fight Your way back the more I fell for You. I've struggled with this for a while, trying to focus on Frankie, but I can't. I want You and nobody else" Gerard replied as He pulled Me close to His body.

"You can't. I want Mikey and nobody else" I said as I shoved Him away and turned to walk back towards the door.

"Julie please! I love You!"

I froze in the doorway.

I felt His arms on My shoulders, and before I knew it He was staring into My eyes.

"I love You" Gerard said as He gently placed His lips on Mine.

I shoved Him away again and raced down the stairs only to bump into Frankie at the bottom.

Frankie angrily shoved Me out of the way, not because He was angry with Me, but because He was furious with Gerard and needed to get to Him in a hurry.

All I could think about was Mikey, so I entered My apartment and into My bedroom- but the bed was empty.


"I need to talk to You" I growled as I finally got up the stairs- only to see Mikey and Gerard standing in front of each other.

"What You both want to attack Me for how I feel?" Gerard said as He looked from Mikey to Me.

"Actually I just wanted to tell You that I slept with a hot brunette the night that Mikey slept with My Sister and that if You still feel that way for My Sister that of course this- whatever it is- isn't going to work and I was going to go back downstairs because Julie is freaking out that She can't find Mikey and I was going to let You guys sort it out" I babbled- trying to show Mikey up here in Julie's mind.

As Julie shot up the stairs so She was standing next to Me, Mikey started to clench and unclench His fists as He glared at Gerard.

"Julie is MY girlfriend" Mikey spat.

"I know that! You think I don't know that? I wish it wasn't true but it is. And I wish I didn't feel this way about Her but I do- so what the hell am I supposed to do about it?" Gerard exclaimed as Julie grabbed My hand.

She was upset. She also thought it was Her fault.

I grabbed Her and held Her close, trying to shield Her eyes from this fight.

Suddenly I felt an eruption of anger from Her, and She broke away from Me and walked towards Mikey and Gerard.


"Julie may be YOUR girlfriend- but I love Her. I bet You don't even love Her yet" Gerard spat smugly.

"I don't care if You love Me" I spat.

Gerard and Mikey stared at Me like I was naked.

"I'm with Mikey. I want to be with Mikey- which means that whatever feelings You have for Me You have to get rid of. Come on Mikey" I said as I grabbed Mikey's hand and walked back downstairs.


"I'm sorry" Gerard said as I walked up to Him.

"I know. I don't have any hard feelings. Mikey on the other hand might be pissed off the next couple of days. He will get over it. After all- He has Julie" I said as I walked back down the stairs, leaving Gerard to His thoughts and wondering if My sister was okay.
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