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Day and Night

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Christmas day turns to night, where the darkest secrets are kept.

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"So what's for lunch?"

I looked up to see Bob walking to the kitchen to look for food.

There was silence.

Bob turned around as Everyone started to look at each other.

It was slowly dawning on Us that no one had actually made lunch.

Gerard laughed and pulled out His phone.

"Hey Mum? Merry Christmas! Yeah Mikey is here too. His girlfriend is here as well" Gerard grinned madly.

"Sure, Here's Mikey" Gerard said as He handed the phone to Mikey.

"Hi Mum, Merry Christmas. Yeah, I have a girlfriend. Her name is Julie. Yes She is Frankie's twin Sister. Well I didn't tell You because We have been so busy that's all. Come over for Christmas lunch? but what about Frankie and the others? Our manager too? alright. See You soon. Bye" Mikey sighed as He hung up the phone.

"What just happened?" I asked.

"We were all invited to have lunch with Mum. Should be fun bringing home Your first girlfriend huh Mikey?" Gerard grinned as He ruffled Mikey's hair.

"First?" I asked.

"Uh....yeah" Mikey mumbled as He blushed bright red.

"So this will be fun, Mikey showing off His first girlfriend to Mum while We all eat, so let's go" Gerard grinned as He walked out the door with Ray and Bob.

As I was about to join Them I caught an image of a girl being pushed up against a wall.

"Frankie?" I asked.

"Mikey can You give Us a minute?" Frankie asked as Mikey was about to walk over to me.

Mikey nodded and walked out the door.

"Frankie what was that?"

"Last night while You and Mikey each other Your Christmas gifts, I gave one to a random girl at the club" Frankie shrugged.

"What about Gerard?" I asked.

"I don't even know what Gerard and I are! it started out as something that I needed, and then when Mum and Dad left Us I felt like You and the others were all I had and now after I have done this? I just don't know. I'm so confused right now" Frankie said as He ran His hands through his hair in frustration.

I hugged Frankie.

"Since You don't tell anyone about My trips to the rooftop, I won't tell anyone about this" I whispered as I held Him close.

"Thanks sis. I love You"

"I love You too bro" I grinned.


"So this is Julie, I'm Donna. It's nice to meet You"

I smiled shyly as I looked Mikey and Gerard's Mother in the eye.

"Your girlfriend" She smiled at Mikey.

Mikey blushed and nodded.

"And Frankie's Sister to boot. You aren't as crazy as Him are You?"

"Actually I would say that She traded Me Her insanity for My sanity" Frankie grinned as He clapped a hand on My shoulder.

Donna smiled.

"Come on, let's eat" Donna said as We all moved to the dining table.

It was packed with all the trimmings- all kinds of sauces to go with the several different types of meat.

"This looks amazing" I remarked as I sat down inbetween Gerard and Mikey.

"Why thank you Julie- You know Frankie I think She traded something else for Your manners too" Donna laughed as Frankie stuffed a whole turkey leg in His mouth.

I smiled as Mikey stroked My leg under the table.

It seemed like a few minutes later that most of the food was gone and everyone was bloated to the point of explosion.

"Time to clear the dishes" Donna smiled as She started to collect the plates.

"Let Me help You" I offered as I picked up Gerard's and Mikey's plates and added them to my own.

"How thoughtful. I wish My boys would offer before the guests do" Donna hinted.

"I'll help You and Julie" Gerard grinned.

"Me too" Mikey said straight after Gerard.

"It's alright Mikey, You just sit here- I already have Julie and Your brother" Donna said as She walked into the kitchen, Gerard and I following with all the plates.

"Actually Julie Gerard is more than capable of handling the dishes, why don't You go and sit down with the others" Donna smiled as She gently pushed Me out of the room.

"Didn't She want Your help?" Bob asked as I reentered the room.

I shrugged and sat back down next to Mikey, who instantly wrapped His arms around Me and squeezed Me tight while Frankie rolled His eyes.


"What on earth do You think You are doing?"

"What do You mean Mum?" I asked as I cleaned the dishes, wishing Julie was in here helping Me.

"I saw the way You look at Julie, and how You will jump at the chance to be alone with Her- just what do You think You are doing?" Mum demanded.

"Nothing. I don't know what You are talking about" I lied.


After I was sure Mikey was asleep I climbed the familiar steps to the rooftop- and saw that I wasn't alone.

"Gerard?" I questioned as I walked to the center of the rooftop where Gerard was standing.

He turned and smiled at Me, but it looked pained.

"I knew You would come here"

"How?" I asked.

"I've known for a while that You come up here to think. I just thought that You would need time to Yourself, so I never bothered You or told anyone what You were doing" Gerard said as He walked over so He was standing right in front of Me.

"So why are You here now? I asked.

"I can't really explain it. I have to show You" Gerard whispered as He grabbed Me by the shoulders.

I tried to pull away, uncertain of what He was going to do, but a second later His lips were on mine and His grip tightened so i couldn't leave.

His kiss was ferocious. It burned My lips and left Me with the feeling that while He wanted to do this for a long time, He had stayed as hungry for Me as the day that He first met Me.

Finally the kiss ended and Gerard rested His forehead against mine.

"I still like You Julie, and it kills Me that You are with Mikey when You should be with Me"

Oh crap.
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