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Christmas Eve and Day

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After Mikey and Julie exchange gifts and a secret is shared it's time for Christmas Day!

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After finally getting into Mikey's Christmas outfit (those stockings were a bitch and a half) I opened the door to see Mikey lying under the covers of My bed with a shocked expression on His face.

"Merry Christmas" I blushed as I walked towards the bed.

Mikey Blushed and grinned, pulling back the bed sheets to show off His green red and white boxers.

"Merry Christmas to You too" Mikey laughed.

We had picked the same gift to give to each other.

I giggled as I climbed into bed, and into Mikey's warm embrace.

Mikey kissed Me softly, brushing My hair away from My face as I lay down next to Him, pulling Him closer to My body.


"Oh no, not again" I groaned as I felt a wave of pleasure hit Me.

I looked around. Gerard was nowhere in sight.

If I couldn't find Him did that mean I would have to help Myself?


I looked up to see a drop dead gorgeous brunette wearing a strapless white top and denim skirt with thick black heels bending down to yell into My ear.

"Did You want to dance?"

I felt another wave of pleasure, and without thinking grabbed Her hand, rushed Her into the bathroom (which one I don't know), grabbed a stall and locked it behind Us.


Mikey kissed His way down My jaw line and onto My shoulder while He unhooked the corset from behind.

I gasped as He started to bite My skin softly,and once the corset was undone all the way He threw it halfway across the room and kissed His way down to My breasts.


I pushed aside Her thong and entered Her a little forcefully as the next wave of pleasure hit Me.

She moaned and pulled Me closer as I started to thrust into Her at a steady pace.

I'd forgotten what having sex with a woman was like, and I was savoring each moment.


"Are You sure?" Mikey asked Me huskily.

I stared up into His beautiful eyes that bored into My own.

"I'm sure. I want You Mikey" I said as He removed My underwear and the stockings and tossing them somewhere else.

I removed His boxers in a hurry, and smiled as He slowly pushed My legs apart.

I bit My lip and braced Myself as He positioned Himself at My entrance and slowly slid himself inside.

I gasped at the sharp pain.

"You alright?"

I opened My eyes to see Mikey hovering above Me, concern all over His face.

"Don't stop" I whispered as I kissed Him hungrily.

Mikey started to thrust into Me slowly, and then a lot harder as I moaned and moved My hips along with Him.


I took a sharp intake of breath as I felt a tearing somewhere in My abdomen.

"Hey, why did You stop? don't tell Me You have finished" She moaned.

I growled at the thought that I could be over that quickly, and started thrusting into Her harder.


"Harder Mikey" I moaned as He thrusted harder and deeper into Me.

I arched My back and moaned loudly, My walls tightening around Him as He groaned and thrusted deeper into Me.

Suddenly, I let out a louder moan then before, trembling slightly and then bucking wildly as I orgasm, Mikey cumming inside Me a few seconds later.

"Mikey?" I whispered as He pulled out of Me and pulled Me close.

"Yes Julie?" He whispered back as I looked Him in the eye.

"That was the best Christmas present I have ever had" I smiled.

"You took the words right out of My mouth" Mikey grinned back as He kissed Me softly, and held Me close for a brief second before We both got up to take a shower.


I groaned as I came inside this stranger and sighed, zipped Myself up and left Her to fix Herself up.

"Hey, are You ready to go? Ray and Bob want to wake Julie and Mikey up in the morning to open presents instead of sleep until the afternoon" Gerard said as He saw Me come out of the bathroom- guess it was the gents after all.

"Yeah, sure. I'm kind of tired as well" I said as We left the bar, hell bent on making sure Julie would keep My secret.


"MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" Ray and Bob yelled as They burst through My bedroom door, scaring the crap out of Me so much that I jumped out of bed, dragging poor Mikey with Me who landed on the floor with a thump.

"Merry Christmas" I grumbled as I yawned and stretched as Mikey waved at the guys from where He was.

"Come on! it's time for presents" Ray said as He grabbed My arm and pulled Me into the next room, Mikey being escorted in the same way by Bob.

"Merry Christmas Julie" Frankie grinned as He sat in front of a pile of presents.

I looked around the room to see Lacey and Gerard dividing presents into who they belong to , as well as piling them in a largest to smallest category- who knew Christmas had to be organised?

"Frankie, can You open My present first?" I asked grinning madly.

"Only if You open Mine" He grinned back.

I nodded as We exchanged gifts.

"You first" I said as I watched Frankie tear open His gift to find paper.

"Paper?" Gerard questioned but Frankie jumped up and squealed.

"Not just any paper- transfer paper!" Frankie exclaimed as He hopped up and down.

"As soon as You know what You want I will tattoo it on for You" I smiled as Frankie enveloped Me in a hug- He did say He wanted Me to tattoo Him.

"Okay Julie, open Your present from Me" Frankie smiled.

I tore it open to find an album.

I looked through it to see all these photos of Frankie and I together, along with the others.

"How?" I asked.

"You said We were all family, and You have never had a family album so-" Frankie was cut off by Me hugging Him...which caused Him to be smacked in the back of the head with the album.

"Oops, sorry" I replied as I let go.

"I'm just glad You like it" Frankie grinned.

"Didn't You two already know what You were getting for each other?" Lacey asked.

"We were trying to pretend that We didn't know, so that We could I don't know, celebrate Christmas the way it's supposed to be" I sighed.

"Oh. Here's mine" Lacey replied as She handed Me a present.

"And while You are opening Yours, I will open Mine" She grinned as We took the wrapping off.

I lifted up a familiar looking corset. It was familiar because Lacey was holding up the exact identical of it.

"You both got each other the same thing!?!" Bob howled as He rolled around on the floor.

Lacey and I looked at each other.

"Receipt in the wrapping?" I asked.

She nodded.

"Same" I grinned- We were going to exchange the corsets for two seperate things, which shut Bob up pretty quickly.

"Here's mine" Bob sighed as He handed Me a present, and He picked the one I gave Him from His pile.

"Oh dear GOD!" Bob yelled as He held up socks...with kittens on them.

The whole room erupted into laughter as I opened My present.

"A single sleeper earring?" I questioned as I held it up for everyone to see.

"No silly, a lip ring" Bob rolled His eyes.

"Oh. but I don't....OH You mean You are going to pay to get My lip pierced?" I giggled as Bob nodded.

Ray passed Me His next without a word, so I wordlessly handed Him His.

"Oh VERY funny Julie" Ray said as He tore off the wrapping to see a cupcake book.

I laughed as I opened Mine- an Iron Maiden cd.

"Me next" Gerard said as He handed Me a present.

"You open Yours first" I grinned.

Gerard nodded and opened the present and held up a big stuffed adorable bat pillow- complete with wings and fangs.

"It is too cute" Gerard grinned as He hugged it.

I opened My present to see a red box.

I blinked and opened it, gasping at what I saw.

It was a black diamond encrusted Bat on a necklace.

"'s beautiful" I whispered as I looked at it.

Mikey shifted a little uncomfortably, which Bob picked up on.

"So Mikey, what did You get Your girlfriend?" Bob said as He waggled His eyebrows at Him.

I stood up suddenly, which was a bad idea because My muscles in My legs and hips ached all over.

I groaned and sat back down on the floor while Frankie sat down on the floor with Me, groaning as well.

Bob made a weird pop sound and then burst into a fit of giggles with Ray while Frankie and I lay beside each other, rolling Our eyes and wishing Ray and Bob would grow up.
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