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Since That Day

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Julie celebrates the night before Christmas.

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I breathed in the night air. Everything smells sweeter on the top of a building.

I sat down a few meters away from the edge, just staring at the night sky.

Since Mikey needed His rest (and Gerard hadn't helped Me along with my own) I had gotten into the habit of sneaking up to the roof and just sitting, contemplating things until I was tired enough to go back downstairs and got so sleep next to Mikey.

I took a deep breathe. If Anybody told Me that this was the year I would find a family, find love AND murder someone violently, I would have rolled My eyes and walked away.

I wondered if I had changed too much from who I was to who I am now? the fact that I killed someone was not a good sign.

It was self defence, but what I felt after I killed Him was something dark. I was scared that maybe, just maybe, I was entering into that world.

I shook My head and stood up.

Frankie was waking up and He was excited.

It was only another day until the first Christmas that We will share together.


"What did You get Me?"

"Lacey Frankie has already hit Me up with that information and He knows that I keep day dreaming of inventing new ways to torment Him if He decides to tell You- so don't even bother" I grinned as I helped Myself to an apple as Lacey complained to Frankie about His cruel Sister on the other side of the room.

I rolled My eyes. Ever since I had started heading onto the roof top to think at night everything had started to go back to normal.

"So You won't tell Me what You got Me?" Mikey questioned as He wrapped His arms around Me.

I grinned. I really liked this well rested Mikey.

For some reason Mikey just had to show everyone in the room (including Me) just how much He cared for Me.

Bob and Ray grinned as they waggled their eyebrows at Me.

"I can't tell you. I would have to SHOW You- and not until tomorrow night" I grinned as I turned around in His arms and kissed Him softly.


I turned to see a nauseated Frankie.

"I told You not to do that! I don't like having the hots for Mikey- it's bad enough when You think about what He does while I'm around"

"WHAT DOES HE DO!?!?!" Lacey, Bob and Ray half yelled excitedly.

I rolled My eyes.

All of a sudden I had an image of Gerard naked in My head, but before I had time to question Frankie it was gone.

"That is just a taste of what I could make You see sis. Mikey, if You value Her mind then stop groping Her" Frankie said as He leaned back in His chair.

"Yes, please lets not have a war of the mind in this room okay? not unless We hook Your brains up to a television so We can watch the fun" Lacey said as She smiled. She would hook us up if She could.

Mikey reluctantly let go of Me and I went back to eating.

"So what happens tonight?" I asked as I munched away.

"Tonight?" Ray asked.

"The night before Christmas. Isn't there supposed to be a party?" I asked.

"Well We were invited to a party downtown, but We thought maybe You wouldn't want to go" Bob replied.

"Hey I wouldn't mind going, but if You are all worried about Me then I guess I can stay home...where I have been ever since We got back" I mumbled the last bit to Myself.

"I think We can go" Mikey replied as He squeezed My shoulder.

"Okay, I'll go RSVP. Julie, I know You don't have a fantastic outfit so You are coming with Me" Lacey replied as She pulled out Her phone.

"I'll come with You" Gerard grinned as He went to walk into My room.

Mikey scoffed and headed Gerard off so that they were glaring at each other.

"Why don't You hang out with Frankie, while I go with My girlfriend" Mikey suggested.

Gerard glared for a few minutes, and then walked over to where Frankie was sitting and sat down on the arm.

As Mikey disappeared into My room I got the feeling that Mikey didn't like how close Gerard and I had become.

I was happy that Gerard was spending time with Me, but at the same time I didn't want to give Mikey the wrong idea.

I wondered if I was being a horrible girlfriend.

"You aren't. Mikey just wants to remind Gee that You are His" Frankie sighed as He patted Gerard's hand, which clenched and then unclenched.

I hurried into My room as Mikey placed the knife in His jacket.

"Hey" He said as He turned around to look at Me.

"I don't want to take it" I whispered.


I looked up at Mikey and clenched My fist.

"Don't bring it. Just stay with Me" I demanded.

Mikey smiled, threw the knife on the ground and rushed over, pulling Me into a hug and kissing Me passionately.

As soon as I closed My eyes I saw a naked Gerard and Frankie in front of a mirror- I screamed and jumped away from Mikey.

"Don't say I didn't warn You" Frankie replied from the next room.


"How about this one?" I asked as I held it in front of Me.

"I really don't know. Sorry Julie" Mikey apologized.

This was the fifth store We had been into and Mikey still hadn't been able to find one that He thought I would look great in, which was making Me self conscious.

It didn't help that Lacey couldn't make up Her mind either.

I sighed, past a few more racks until I found it.

The one I wanted without a shadow of a doubt.

"Okay I found the one I wanted, it's-"

"Ah. No don't tell Us, We will go wait outside- You just go buy it" Lacey smiled as She dragged Mikey out of the store.

As I was walking to the cash register I noticed a very timid looking girl watching Me.

She blushed and turned Her head, and as She did My breath caught in My throat.

She had a scar on the same side of My face as the one that was fading on Mine.

"Hi" I whispered as I walked over to Her.

"Hi" She said as She smiled back a little, not a lot though.

"You knew R-Riley" She timidly stated.

"I did. He's dead" I nodded.

"I know. I also know it was You. I'm from Your old hometown. I came out here hoping I would meet You" She half smiled.

"Really? why?" I asked a little shocked.

"You helped Me. After He was d-done with Me He dumped Me out the front of My house. I couldn't sleep for months, trying every remedy I could. But My eyelids never closed. As soon as I heard that He was dead I had the best nights sleep in My life. You gave Me the strength to keep living. You are My hero" She whispered as I started to weep slightly.

"I made this for You" She said as She handed Me a wrapped present.

I unwrapped it to see a thin black scarf with the same knife that I told Mikey to leave at home all over it in a pattern.

"It's beautiful, just like You" I smiled widely as I watched Her face break into a brilliant smile.

"Would it be alright if I got Your number? I want to keep in contact with You" I asked as I pulled out My phone.

"Sure" She said as She put Her number in My phone.

"I'm Molly, by the way" She smiled as She waved and walked away.

After paying at the register I walked out of the store.

"Julie, did You see that girl that just went by, hey nice scarf" Lacey said.

"That girl made it for Me. Her name's Molly and not only is She from My hometown, but She was also one of Riley's.." I stopped. I didn't exactly knew what to say after that.

"Wow. She MADE that? it looks amazing" Mikey added, trying to change the conversation.

I nodded. It really was.


"Julie get Your BITCH ASS into hyper drive" Bob yelled.

"FINE" I yelled back as I walked out of the apartment and into the hallway, watching everyone's eyes turn to Me.

I had picked a black strapless dress that came to about halfway down My thighs. Even though My scars were showing I didn't care- they were going to be there for a while so I had to live with them.

Mikey took a long time before He finally looked Me in the eyes.

"Damn" Bob and Ray said appreciatively while Frankie glared at them and Gerard rolled His eyes at Me.

"You look fantastic" Mikey replied as He tried His hardest to keep eye contact with Me.

I grinned- it really was the perfect dress if it had this effect on Mikey.


After millions of people handshaking in weird ways with the band We finally made it into the actual party.

It was amazing- it was an underground Christmas! It looked like a basement had been filled to the brim with festive holiday trinkets- even a black Christmas tree was there.

"Hey Sugar"

I turned to see a random guy looking Me up and down. I scoffed and kept walking.

"Was He bothering You?" Mikey yelled into My ear. The music was pretty loud. I could feel it shaking My ribcage.

"Not really, come on, let's dance!" I didn't wait for a reply, I just grabbed Him and dragged Him onto the dance floor.

It was about halfway through the song that I realized that Mikey didn't know how to dance.

I was shaking My hips with My arms in the air, and poor Mikey had just wrapped His arms around Me and tried to dance close.

Not wanting Him to look like a guy that can't dance, I slowed My movements down so that mold Myself around Him and just ended up grinding against Him a bit.

The unfortunate side affect of this was that Mikey started to breath heavily in My ear.

Oh crap.

I took Mikey's hand and led Him off the dance floor- the last thing I needed was another image of Gerard naked tattooed to My brain.

"Something wrong?" Mikey asked as We sat down on a couple of spare chairs with tinsel on them.

"No, I just got kind of tired" I replied, leaning My head on His shoulder.

I searched the crowd for the others.

Lacey was chatting up a girl in a floral dress with red hair (her back was turned to me), Frankie was nursing a beer while He and Gerard were surrounded by girls, and Ray and Bob were waltzing on the dance floor together which ended up making Me laugh so hard I fell off My chair.

"Okay maybe You need to come home with Me" Mikey laughed as He picked Me up.

"Why? this is the first time I've had fun out at night in a long time" I whined as I stood up.

"Don't You want Your Christmas present?" He grinned.

I grinned back, messaged Frankie where Mikey and I were going, and left the party.


"Why the fuck is He making Her leave?" I yelled at Gerard after the fan girls had got Our autographs.

"Probably to give Her the Christmas present He got Her" Gerard grinned.

"What is so funny?" I asked.

"While Your not so innocent Sister is giving My brother possibly the best present for Christmas, Mikey is giving Her the same damn thing" Gerard finished and laughed into My shoulder as I stared at Him in shock.

Well son of a gun.


"So is it alright if We both give each other Our presents now?" I asked as I opened the door to the apartment and walked over to the tree to collect Mikey's gift.

"It's after midnight so I don't see why not, besides, do You really want Ray and Bob to laugh at Our gifts for each other?"

"Fair point" I replied as I picked up the present.

I turned around to see Mikey standing there smiling at Me.

"What?" I asked as I walked over to Him.

"Merry fucking Christmas" He whispered as He bent down and kissed My lips.

I smiled into the kiss and pulled away.

"Don't You want Your present?" I asked as He pulled Me closer to Him.

"What is it?" He questioned as He tucked a strand of hair behind My ear.

"Wait in My bed and You will find out" I grinned as I walked into My room and into the adjoining bathroom.

I ripped the wrapping off the present and looked at it.

It was a black corset with purple spiders and a thong that matched. There were also stockings that attached themselves to the corset.

I grinned. Mikey was going to flip.
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