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"We're Not Okay."

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How MCR may have met. I highly doubt it though. HIGHSCHOOLERS! (Roughly based on the I'm Not Okay video)(FIRST STORY)

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AUTHORS NOTE*: This is my first story, so i guess constructive criticism is okay. Please Review :)

This chapter I'd actually rate as PG , but I want to keep consistent. PEACE.



"Gerard!" my angry mother yelled at my older brother upstairs, who was probably still

sleeping. "Mikey," she said turning to me as I poured a bowl of cereal, "Please wake up your

brother; I've got to go to work. I won't be home until late, no parties. If you want, you

can have some friends over. A few." she told me as she closed the front door.

I sighed as I put my head on the table for a moment. I reluctantly got up and trudged

upstairs to my brother's room.



Well never again, never again, they gave us two shots to the back of the head and we're all

dead now... Did you hear the news that you're dead? No one ever had much nice to say... This

night, walk the dead, in a solitary style...

I was at... someone's... funeral? The skies were stormy, and a light rain was falling.

Everyone was dressed in black, and a few men had red ties, including me.

I scratched my head in confusion as I walked towards the casket, which was about to be '

buried. We'll fly home... Random words churned i my mind. I gasped when I saw my baby

brother Mikey, laying the casket, completely still.

"Mikey? What are you doing? Get out of there now..." I managed to choke out. ...Because

one day, I'll leave you, a phantom to lead you in the summer....
I tried to move my feet, but

they wouldn't budge. Never coming home... "Gerard!" ... Never coming home, and all the

things that you never ever told me...

I watched in horror as two men closed the casket and lowered it into the ground. "What are

you doing?!?!?!?" I nearly shouted, "he'll suffocate!" I finished frantically as they began to

pile dirt on top of the casket.

Finally, my feet let me move and I furiously began to dig the casket back up, on my hands

and knees. When I released I had been beaten by the men with shovels, I growled angrily. "He's

just a boy!" I'm just a man, I'm not a hero. Just a boy...

"So long, and goodnight, so long and goodnight..." I heard faint singing in the distance.

I cant take this anymore... I screamed in anger.



I had strange feelings as I made my way to my brother's room. I passed my room in silence.

I paused when I reached Gerard's door.

I heard a scream from the inside, and jerked the door open.

Gerard was sitting upright in his bed. He turned, got up, and ran over to me and gave me a

big hug. "Mikey!!!" he squealed.

"Hey... Gee." I told him as he put me down. "What was that for?"

"Oh.... Nothing." He replied. I knew he wasn't telling the truth, but I let it slide.

I laughed. "Well, come on. We're gonna be late."


** Frank, Ray, and Bob will appear in the next chapter, if you think I should write more. This is my first try at a fan-fiction, but I have more planned ahead. (a 30 seconds to Mars one, possibly.) ANYWHO, please tell me if you think i should continue. +R and R if you'd like.

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