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Meet Frank, Ray, and of course, Bob.

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New classmates.

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Mikey and I were walking to school, since our mother had taken the car.

"Mom said we could have a few friends over," Mikey told me as he played with his tie and

as I locked the door.

I snickered. "I think she forgot we don't have any friends."

"With an attitude like that, you wouldn't," Mikey smirked. I punched him lightly on the

shoulder. "Violent much, Gerard?" he asked sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes as we started walking, thinking of our school: Belleview High Prep.

Academy. "Heaven help us, Mikey. Heaven help us."

Still Gerard:

I tool my seat in Math quickly, in the back, away from everyone else. I took out my

notebook and started to draw. I guess it didn't matter what I drew, as long as I was drawing.

My favorite pastime..... Well, almost favorite. Reading comics was definitely one too.

"Alright class," Mr. Smith, the teacher, said coming in. "Settle Down. Now. Edward, if you

don't stop staring at Bella like that, I'll have to get the school counselor."

A few laughs and snickers filled the room. I continued to keep my head down though,

smiling but remaining silent.

"Alright," Mr. Smith said, "back to where we were yesterday. Fractions, Again. Now-"

he was cut off by footsteps thudding down the hall. I looked up curiously.

A boy of about average height, if not a little taller than normal, came into the

classroom. He had blonde hair, and a lip piercing.

"Sorry... Sir... I was a little... late," he exhaled, a little out of breath.

Mr. Smith gave him a questioning look for a second, but smiled none the less. "You must be our new student... Robert, I believe?"

The boy nodded and said, "Bob, sir."

"Well, you're lucky: we were just about to start," Mr. Smith replied in a polite tone.

"Everyone, this is Robert- sorry, Bob Bryar. Now, I think there's an empty seat somewhere...

Ah, yes, next to Gerard. Gerard, please raise your hand?"

I did as told and watched as Bob made his way through the aisle of desks. I noticed a jock

stick out his foot. Bob stopped.

"Is there something wrong, Mr. Bryar?" Mr. Smith asked.

"No, sir," Bob replied in an innocent tone, shooting an evil look at the jock, that Mr. Smith didn't see. Hah. Maybe I could get to like this guy.

Bob took a seat next to me. He sighed. Suddenly, he turned to me and said, "Hey, I'm Bob,"

he smiled.

I returned the smile. "Gerard. Gerard Way."

"Cool name, dude," he complimented.

"Thanks," I said. "That was pretty good, you know, what you just did, I mean."

He shrugged. "I used to have a bunch of kids like that at my old school. It got so bad

that one day, I decided to fight them. I got expelled, so my parents moved me here."

I wasn't sure how to respond to that, so I said, "They're a bunch of jerks. Haven't left

me alone since I first stepped foot in this place."

"I'm sorry dude. Although, no offense, you look like someone who doesn't take crap from

others," he said thoughtfully.

I snickered a bit. "I really don't, I guess, but I don't have the guts to stand up to

them. Plus, my little brother.... It'd be a bad influence."

"Well, maybe you two just have to learn from the master," he said un-modestly.

His response made me laugh. "You'd do that, Bob?"

"Yeah, sure," he said sarcastically, almost as if I didn't believe him. He got a little

closer and whispered, "Just don't tell my mum, okay?" he warned me with a fake sincere look on

his face.

"Will do, Bob," I laughed.

It was silent for a moment, until he asked, "So, have you heard of The Misfits?"

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.


"What is the proper name for the part of a story that has most action, drama, and

suspense?" Mrs. Grantt, my english teacher, asked.

I raised my hand.

"Does anybody but Michael no the answer?" she asked the class, and it occurred to me I was

the only one raising my hand. When no one else spoke, she sighed. "Well, then, Michael, what is

the answer?"

"The Climax," I said confidentially.

"Correct. At least one person will be getting an A on the test," she replied. Several

people snickered at her. Before she could respond, someone came through the door.

"Mrs. Grantt?" Mr. Gates, our principal asked. Next to him was a boy, and I'm not trying

to be mean, shorter than average and really thin, with dark brown hair, that some-what spiked

up in the back. "We have a new student."

Mrs. Grantt seemed unfazed for a second, but suddenly said, "Oh, yes sir. Class, this is

Frank Iero, who was transfered from the public school. Mr. Iero, would you like to say


"Um, uh.... hi?" he said half-nervous and half-confused.

Several people laughed. Mrs. Grantt rolled her eyes and said, "Class, settle down."

Mr. Gates laughed a little before receiving a "Don't-Make-Me-Call-Your-Mother" look from

Mrs. Grantt, who probably DID know his mother somehow. "W-Well," he stuttered nervously, "I

have to go now. Good Luck, Frank."

Frank, who seemed to understand what he meant, nodded with a blank expression.

"Okay," Mrs. Grantt said after he had left, "Now, I think there's an empty seet

somewhere.... Ah yes, next to Michael. Michael, please raise your hand."

I did as I was told and watched as Frank made his way through the aisle of desks. A heard

someone, whom I later recognized as one of the popular girls who was dating the Team Captain of

the hockey team, (although her name slipped my mind), say loudly, "Oh, look. Another emo-dork.

He's sitting next to Michael too. Poor kid. Oh well, he's probably gay anyways."

My mouth dropped. Not only was that rude, but everyone in this school knows I go by

Mikey. Not Michael. Even my own mother calls me Mikey. However, Mrs. Grantt is the only

exception, for I don't know what reason.

Frank stopped where he was for a second, realized who it was, made a face, and said so

quietly that only I and the girl's two friends sitting next to her could hear, "At least I'm

prettier than you," he said sarcastically.

She scowled and looked away. Her friends gave him the "Oh-No-You-Didn't-Look" which only

made him laugh. He continued walking and finally took a seat in the desk beside me.

When he had stopped his mini-laughing fit, he turned and said, "Hi, I'm Frank."

"I'm Mikey. Mikey Way."

"Not Michael, huh?" he asked me, and surprisingly it looked like he was merely curious.

"No. Only teachers call me that. Well, some of them, anyways," I told him.

He laughed. "Well, at least the teacher didn't call me "Franklin" -which- is actually

not my name. I am a "Jr." though," he confessed.


Math was nearly over. Which, I am excited about. Bob told me he saw another new student

earlier this morning, who's name was Ray Toro, and that he'd befriended him.


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