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"The Master Of The Wicket."

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Gym class. This could be interesting.

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(Watched the making of "I'm Not Okay" and got the title from it. :) I'd seen it before, but it seems to get funnier each time.)

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P.S. Anyone heard The Only Hope For Me Is You? 1 word: AWESOME.



Bob had art second period, and I had english, so we agreed to meet up after, when we both

had gym.

The extra classes at our school are a mixture of different grades, unlike our regular

classes. Mikey has the same gym class as me, too.

I walked in English, wandering about the new student. What are the odds? Two new

students in a day?!?

"Let's begin," Mr.Richard, our teacher said. "I believe we have a new student today-" as

if on cue, several pairs of footsteps could be heard coming down the hall.

The principal, Mr. Gates, and a kid about 6 feet tall with curly-afroish hair came into

the room. "Mr. Richard?" Mr. Gates asked.

"Yes? Oh, you must be our new student. Ray Toro, I presume?" Mr. Richard replied.

The boy, Ray, nodded his head.

"I must be going now," Mr. Gates said as he left. What a weird guy.

"Alright, please take a seat next to... Gerard. Gerard-"

I raised my hand. "Thank you, Mr. Way." Mr. Richard replied.



"So, in 1522, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue?" Frank asked in History. He

didn't seem to be taking it completely seriously, so I laughed a little.

"Actually, 1492," I corrected, smiling.

"Oh well,only like a century off," he mused.

I rolled my eyes playfully.



I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I'm glad Ray's nicer than I imagined from a quick

glance at him.

"So, did you transfer from the public school?" I asked, trying not to sound rude but at

the same time I was curious.

"Yeah," he said,"My mom thought it would be less... let's just say she thought it was

probably safer."

I agreed. I went to the public school for a year, it was crazy. I found myself rather

aqquainted with the metallic inside of 50 year old lockers.

"Wow," Ray said, "Class is almost over." He glanced at the clock, then at the bell.

"What class do you have next?" I asked.

"Um, let's see..." he checked his schedule, "Gym."

"Really? Same here."



"Okay... Um..." Frank was staring down his textbook, trying to find the anwser to a

question on a worksheet the teacher had assigned us. "The Revoulutionary War started in...



The bell rang. I laughed, thankful for the cutoff. "You have gym next, right?" I asked.

"Same schedule as you, dude," he laughed and gracefully slammed the book shut.

"Isn't that weird how that turned out?"

"What? Do I annoy you? Fine, good day then, Michael." he huffed sarcastically and

flipped invisible long hair he didn't have, and stalked off. I rolled my eyes and ran after




Bob was holding a croquet mallet, hitting it lightly back and forth on his palm.

"Bob, what're you doing?" Ray asked after a minute.

"Do you know how many cameras could be broken with this?" he said, clearly amazed.

"Um... no? Should I?" Ray asked, confused.

Bob seemed to snap out of the trance he was was in. "What? Did you say something, man?"

We walked out of the building, mallets in hand, and walked to the place where gym class

took place. We found a nice grassy section, perfect for croquet. "So, anyone actually kow how

to play this game?"

They both shook their heads.

"I do," a voice said behind me. I turned around. It was a kid with spikey black hair, and

my brother. "Well," the kid said, "Sorta."

"Well, sorta is enough to convince the teacher that we know what we are doing," I laughed.

"Frank," Mikey said to the other kid, Frank, "This is my brother Gerard. Gerard, this is

Frank. And- Sorry, I'm not sure who these to are..." he was looking at Ray and Bob.

"Oh, right. Sorry," I said. This is Ray, and this is..." I trailed off, watching Bob swing

at something in the air with his mallet, apparently not paying attention, "Well, thi is Bob.

Ray, Bob, this is Mikey, and apparently Frank."

"Nice to meet you two," Ray said.

Bob took one final swing with his mallet, then gave up. "Darn bee. I've been fighting it

all day, even when I was walking to school this morning," he said, eyeing the animal flying

around his head evily.

Ray and Mikey snickered. Frank, smiling, said "I think these wooden posts go here..."

15 minutes later, after we had all figured out how to play the game, and Frank had

finished setting up, we were all playing, having a good time.

I used the mallot, sending the crouquet ball through the wooden posts. I smiled.

I lifted the mallot onto my shoulder."I'm the master of the wicket," I said triumphantly.

Suddenly, a bee buzzed around my face. "Bob, is this your bee?" I asked, trying to smack it

away while making a face.

"I'LL SAVE YOU BUDDY!!!" Bob shouted.

"What?!? Bob-" Bob ran towards me, and tackled me, bringing us both down.

"Bob!" I shouted, sitting up. I laughed, as did Frank, Ray, and Mikey.

"Mr. Way, and Mr. Bryar." The gym teacher asked, appearing out of nowhere. "Do you

understand that gym class is a privelage?"

"Yes, Sir," Bob said. "I was saving Gerard from a demon-bee."

The teacher, clearly unamused, frowned. "That'll be detention for you both," he huffed and

walked away.

I looked over at Bob. "Great, Bobbert."


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