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My Chemical Romance's Chemistry Class

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Lunch was fun, but maybe Chemistry for the boys could be even better.

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OMYGOSH. I think something is out to get me, after I dissed bees in the last chapter. I was literally fighting a bunch this morning. Weird, huh? THEY WANT REVENGE.

Okay, who has seen the Na Na Na video? One word: AWESOME. SPOILER Where's Ray though at the very end? It just shows them all... except him. (By The Way, poor little girl we don't know the name of.)

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We finished gym class uneventfully, because after Bob and Gerard received detention, they

were both mostly quiet (Gerard can't stay quiet for too long, it's out of character.)

Currently, Frank and I were walking to our lockers, which were side by side. He unlocked

his gracefully and grabbed his lunch, shutting the door behind him. He turned to me as I

fiddled with my lock. Curse you, you combination.

"Where do you eat lunch?" he asked, while watching me mess with my lock- apparently

finding it funny.

"AHA!" I half shouted when I got the locker open. Frank raised an eyebrow at me, trying to

restrain from laughing. "The teachers let us eat outside if we want, but there is a cafeteria

as well. Where do you want to eat?" I asked.

He looked like he thought hard for a moment. "Outside!" he perked like a kid at the

thought of recess.

"Outside it is then," I smiled as I grabbed my lunch and slammed the locker shut.



Ray, Bob, and I, were sitting outside, on the steps, eating lunch, talking about comics,

music, etc.

"Bob, do you have to keep swatting the bees?" Ray asked.

"If I want to live and not be possessed by these demonic things, then yes. Yes I do," he

replied, swatting around his head.

"But let's not forget who got me detention from trying to kill a bee," I reminded him.

"Thanks, though," I added.

"Don't mention it," Bob said, his voice sounded distracted from the bee.

Mikey and Frank walked over, and sat down.

"Gerard?" Frank asked.

I turned to him. "Yeah?"

"Mikey told me he wasn't aloud to use a toaster- and said you know why. Or do I not want

to know?" he reconsidered his thought.

I smiled.



We all had chemistry next. After saying goodbye to Frank and Mikey, we retrieved are books from

our lockers.

We sat patiently, waiting for the teacher.



Frank and I had chemistry next, after lunch.

We took our seats, Frank sat next to me. After explaining to the teacher he was new, the

teacher told him to work with me.

(Time Lapse)

"Hm..... Try mixing those two together," I directed Frank.

He nodded. Turning away slightly, he dumped the contents of one beaker into the other.

I held my breath, and closed my eyes, expecting the worst. When nothing happened, I opened


Frank smiled. "Hey, I think we did the right thing!" he said happily. "Oh wait- should it be

doing that?"

The chemical was starting to change colors rapidly. "Um....." I said nervously,"probably not."

Frank looked at me nervously. We both knew what was going to happen, a split second before it

actually happened. We both exchanged a glance, before turning away.



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