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With a crack head, a "crazy" teacher, and Bob's schemes, how could detention be boring?

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I'm am SO sorry for the LONG time lapse of updates, but now I'll TRY to update at least once

a week.

FOR THE MIKEY AND THE TOASTER THING: That MAY be true, I'm not entirely sure. I just read about

it from this one interview.

P.S. If you happen to find this story a little... far fetched, it's supposed to be: this story

is for fun. BUT- I have do serious new MCR story ideas I might do. POSSIBLE Frerard. (hint hint)

( R and R ?) :)



I walked into the art room, instantly feeling relieved.

The teacher, Mr. Roberts, came in a few minutes.

"I apologize class," he said, going through papers on his desk. "There was a bit of an...

incident, in the Freshman Chemistry lab."

Hm. Probably just some Freshman trying to pull a joke-

Mikey and Frank walked in. Everyone stared.

I suppose they could have been staring at numerous things, like Frank's slighty singed jacket,

or maybe even Mikey's slighty darker hair. Or, the best idea I have- their bewildered


Mr. Roberts gave them a tired expresssion as they made their way down the aisle of desks and

sat by me.

"It was YOU?" I asked.

"... Yes," Mikey told me, looking away.

"How?" I asked incredulously.

"...You probably don't want to know," Frank spoke up. "We'll be joining you in detention




The final bell rang. Frank sighed and grabbed his bag out of his locker as I did the same. I

led the way to the detention room, which, was also Mr. Wong's (the gym teacher) office.

"What do you think he'll make us do?" Frank asked nervously.

"I have no idea... the guy's slightly crazy, so I doubt it'll be good." I replied.

As we drew nearer to the room, I could make out voices.

It was Bob. He was talking to some kid I regonized from my classes. "So, at quarter after

three, you know what to do," he was saying. The kid nodded. Bob took something- money - out of

his pocket. He handed the kid the money, and the kid walked away.

Uncertainly, Frank and I approached him. He looked up and smiled. "Hey, little dudes."

"What was that about?" Frank asked.

"That?" he asked, throwing his head back in the direction the kid had went.


"Um... It was nothing. Actually, its a surprise," he had a sneaky smile.

"I don't wanna know," Frank stated as he walked into the room as Bob and I followed.

Gerard was staring at several kids, with a "Oh.My.Gosh." look on his face, his jaw dropped, and

his hands gripped the side of the desk. Priceless. One of them, who was a grade up then me,

had out a cell phone, talking in her high squeaky voice, 50 miles an hour, all about some

girl's shoes. Another two people, were arguing over a broken pencil. Finally, one boy was

sitting in the far corner, rocking himself back and forth, giggling histaricaly.

We took a seat next to Gerard, who barely glanced at us.

"Hey, who started the party without me?" Frank asked.

Gerard rolled his eyes and the rest of us snickered. Someone tapped my shoulder.

It was the kid in the corner- or, at least he was. "Hey, buddy" he said, gesturing me

closer, "I've got some Cocaine hidden in the teacher's desk, can you get it for me?"

"What?!? No!" I told him.

He backed up and straightened his jacket. "Fine, that's cool man- The teacher can just get it

for me." He started giggling again and walked to a desk and few rows back.



Mr. Wong came in, with Ray right behind him.

"Everyone, in your seats. Now."

Everyone scrambled around for a second, as I wondered about why Ray was here. Surely he didn't

get detention... Right?

"If you're all wondering," Mr. Wong said, "Raymond here will be organizing my papers, so NO

bothering him."

Ray got straight to work as Mr. Wong continued. "Alright, you are all in here because you are

worthless, lieing, coneving, little brats..."


(Huge Time Lapse as he rambles on)


I stared at Mr.Wong, in disbelief that he could give us a speech about how worthless we are for

15 minutes. Wait, its quarter after-

Gerard had his head on one of his hands, trying desperately not to sleep.

Bob looked deep in thought.

Frank was smiling at the ceiling, obviously thinking about something happy.

The kid from earlier burst into the room, and Mr. Wong looked over impatienty at him. "Mr.

Wong, I thought you'd like to know" he said slowly as Bob had a huge smile on his face- "that

someone egged your car, and graffitited your door."

Snickers filled the room as Mr. Wong's eyes went wide. "What?!?" He walked over to the doorway,

and, sure enough, the door was painted BRIGHT pink.

He stormed out. We all stood up and shouted "Woohoo!" For he had not told us we couldn't leave.

Ray walked over to us. "You had something to do with this, didn't you?" he asked Bob.

Bob shrugged. "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."

"Hey, you know what this means?" Gerard asked.

"What?" Frank asked.

"PARTY at my place!" he excalimed.


R and R? :)
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