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Never Give Mikey Coffee

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An exciting day at work, Marco Polo is a great indoor, out of water activity.

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A/N: I am this hyper on a normal basis. Just throwing that out there.

The next day at work, Mikey wanted to play Marco Polo for some odd reason. So, I was sitting on the counter, occasionally saying Marco while he ran around screaming Polo.
Note to self: After about the fiftieth cup of coffee, Mikey will eventually crack.

“Hey you guys.” I turned to see that blond guy from the band practice last night. He had some girl with him.

“You’ll never take me alive!” Mikey ran behind some clothes that were hanging on the wall.

“You’re that one kid!” I exclaimed, unable to remember his name. “From that place… and you were there! And so was he! And you are… that kid!”

“Bob.” He said, staring at me.

“BOB!” I repeated back to him, then turned to the girl. “And you! …I don’t know you.”

“I’m Emma.” She said, her face twisted into a half amused, half frightened look.

“Emma!” Mikey screamed, popping out from between the t-shirts. “Em-ma! Em-MA!” He jumped around the room.

“Are you going to come to band practice again?” Bob asked, ignoring Mikey’s sudden outburst.


“Of course she is!” Mikey exclaimed, jumping up on the counter.” I’ll drag her there! Like this!” He grabbed a handful off my hair and yanked on it.

“Ow! Mikey! Cut it out!” I yelled and started smacking him in the leg.

“Don’t hit me!” He ordered.

“Well, don’t be stupid” I grumbled.

“”So…see you guys tonight?” Bob asked.

“Yeah.” We both said at the same time.

“You.” He pointed at me. “Watch him and make sure he doesn’t kill himself.”

“And you.” He pointed at Mikey. “No more coffee.”

“No…coffee?” Mikey asked, like a small child.

“None.” He said as he and Emma walked out, hand in hand.

“No..” Mikey turned to face me. “Coffee?”

“Hey it’s not my fault.” I laughed.


“Alright, just one more.” I laughed as he sprang out of the store laughing like a maniac.
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