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Everyone Finds Out (Chapter 19)

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Harry has alot of unanswered questions. An unexpected new friendship.

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Harry was so afraid of what he had seen in his dream. He hoped desperately that it would never come true. Harry was released from the hospital wing a day later. To his surprise and amazment, everyone in Gryffindor tower had decided to throw him a welcome back party. "Glad your back Harry. It wasn't the same around here without you." said Neville. "Thanks Neville. It's good to be back." Replied Harry. "How are you feeling?" Asked Hermione as she gave him a big hug. "I'm feeling much better. My scar isn't hurting that much." Harry said honestly. "Here you go mate." Said Ron as he handed Harry a butterbeer and a couple of chocolate frogs. Then Ron noticed that Ginny wasn't there. "I wonder where Ginny is." Said Ron as he continued to search for her around the room. Everyone was having a good time. There was plenty of food and drinks because the house elves were more than happy to give it to them. Suddenly, the portrait hole opened and everyone stopped celebrating Harry's return. Even Harry was shocked at who it was. It was Ginny with Draco Malfoy. Of course it was unheard of for a rival house member to enter your common room. No one except Harry, Ron, and Hermione knew that Draco and Ginny were going out. Almost everyone in the common room had their jaws dropped. Then they snapped out of it and started talking behind Ginny's back. "I can't believe what I'm seeing." Dean Thomas said. "Why would she bring a Slytherin to the party?" Another Gryffindor said. After a lot of chattering, everyone looked at Harry in wonder. "It's ok guys. Draco is welcome here." Harry said smiling. After a few blank stares and Dean Thomas leaving the party saying things that can't be mentioned under his breath, everyone said "Ok Harry. Whatever you say." Then the party went back to normal. "Hey Draco." Said Hermione smiling. She had forgiven Draco for everything and now they were actually friends. "Hi Hermione." Draco replied. He shook hands with ron. "Hello Ron." Said Draco. "Nice of you to come Draco." Replied Ron. Ron had actually gotten use to calling Draco by his first name. "I'm glad that Ginny could bring you." Said Harry. "Same here." Said Draco. Then he turned to Ginny. "Do you want anything to eat or drink?" He asked. "How about a butterbeer and a chocolate frog." Replied Ginny. Draco smiled and showed off his beautiful green eyes. "Sure, I'll be right back." He said as he gave Ginny a sweet kiss on the cheek. "Isn't he great?" Ginny asked Hermione. "Yeah, he seems to be treating you. You guys look so happy. I'm really happy for you Gin." said Hermione. "Thanks Hermione. That means a lot coming from you." "He really does seem like a decent guy deep down." Ron said. Ginny looked up at her big brother and smiled. "What?" Asked Ron puzzled. "I'm so glad that you and Draco are finally getting along. I told mum and dad about me and Draco. They were shocked at first, but when they saw how happy he made me, they accepted it." Ginny said back to Ron. Ron still had a puzzled look on his face. He couldn't believe that his dad would be okay with his only daughter dating a Malfoy. Draco returned with the drinks and candy. "Here you go." Said Draco as he handed her the drink and candy. "Thanks." Said Ginny as she took a sip of her butterbeer. "No offense Draco, but ever since you came here, the party hasn't been the same. It's dragging now." Said Ron. "No offense taken. I suppose it is shocking for a Gryffindor and a Slytherin to be going out." Said Draco as he smiled at Ginny. "If Fred and George were still here, they would know just what to do to liven the party up." Harry said. "We can manage to do something, can't we?" Asked Draco. "I know where to start." Said Harry as he ran up to his dorm. Harry reached up to his four-poster bed and was looking through his trunk. "Here it is." said Harry excitedly. He had found a cd from the muggle world. In his third year, just before he had returned to Hogwarts, he had gotten his first cd ever. When he had stormed out of the Dursley's house after accidently casting that spell on Aunt Marge, he heard a great band from a parked car. He had asked the driver who it was and he said it was Linkin Park. Harry ran back downstairs with the cd in his hands. Since this wasn't the muggle world, he had to conjure a boom box. The whole time Harry was doing this, Draco, Ginny, and Ron had confused expressions on their faces. Hermione however, knew what a boom box was and did. Harry hit the play button, turned up the volume, and turned around to see everyone reactions. He had put it to his favorite track, "Numb". At first, every single Gryffindor including Draco, listened to the music curiously. Then everyone liked this unknown rock band and started to really party. "Now this is a party." Harry shouted over all the racket. "Great band Harry." Shouted Draco. "I love Linkin Park. There my favorite muggle band." Shouted Hermione excitedly. "I had no idea. It's always great to learn new things about the woman I love." Said Harry. After the cd had played a couple of times, this time Hermione ran up to her dorm. She returned with a burned cd entitled "Romantic songs". She went to the boom box and put the cd in with an anxious look on her face. She put it to track seven and it was "you're beautiful" by James Blunt. "Dance with me?" Hermione asked Harry already knowing the answer. "Of course. You're the only girl I want to dance with." Said Harry taking Hermione's hand. They danced well together even though they weren't good dancers. Harry was so happy with this wonderful surprise. It almost made him forgot the most terrible night of his life. The party turned into a dance. Draco danced with Ginny and Ron with Lavender. Dean Thomas never returned to the party. He was obvisiously jealous of Draco taking his ex-girlfriend. The party died down after awhile. Everyone except Harry, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, Ron, and Lavender had gone to bed. All of Gryffindor had given Harry a welcome back card. There was even a nice drawing of Harry catching the golden snitch. Every couple had gone to a corner of the common room. Draco was whispering to Ginny while stroking her beautiful, firey red hair. Ron and Lavender were making out like crazy. Harry and Hermione were in front of the fire holding hands. It was as if everyone had a wall around them, because no one noticed anyone else. They were all in their own worlds. "I know we're just 16, but would you consider being my wife in the future?" Draco asked Ginny nervously. Ginny just sat there in silence for a few seconds. Her face went from a shocked expression,to a happy smile. "Oh Draco!That's the sweetest thing you have ever said to me. Of course I would love to be your wife in the near future. I love you so much." Replied Ginny. "I love you too. I never thought I could love someone this much. I'm so glad I found you." Said Draco sincerely. Draco gave Ginny such a passionate kiss, as if it were their first kiss. "Are you happy with me?" Ron asked Lavender. "Of course I am. Why would you even ask me that?" she asked back. "Well, you know I'm not the richest guy in the world. I can't give you everything you want or need." Ron said honestly. "I don't care! Ron, I love being with you. You're a sweet and caring guy. You treat me with the respect I deserve. No amount of money in the world could buy me that." Said Lavender strongly. "I..." Lavender stopped herself. Ron was wondering what Lavender had stopped herself from saying. "I what?" Ron asked. "I... I love you." Said Lavender shyly. "For real? Why didn't you tell me before?" Ron asked curiously. "I was afraid that you wouldn't feel the same way about me as I feel about you." Lavender admitted. "How could I not feel the same way? You're wonderful, and you accept me for who I am. There aren't a lot of girls willing to date someone poor like me. You look past all that and see me. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I love you too." Ron finally said. "Oh Ron! I'm so happy." Said Lavender as she threw herself on Ron and they continued to make out. Harry and Hermione continued to sit by the fire. "I was really scared for you when you were in the hospital wing." Hermione admitted. "I know. I was scared too. Ever since I heard that prophecy I've been scared. No matter what happens to me, at least I got to fall in love and have those feelings returned back to me." Harry said bravely. "Don't talk like that. We won't let Voldemort get to you. You have the Order, Dumbledore, and us to protect you. We will make it through this." Hermione said confidently. "I hope you're right." Replied Harry.
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