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The Aftermath (CHAPTER 18)

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Harry is rushed to the hospital.

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Madam Pomfrey was at a complete loss. No one really knew how to deal with Voldemort's curse on Harry. Every now and then Madam Pomfrey would wipe Harry's forehead because he was sweating so much. Harry's screams and pain lasted all day. Ron, Hermione, and Ginny stayed with him all day. They never left his side. All of their teachers' were notified of the situation and excused them from class. Finally, Harry stopped screaming, the color in his face went back to normal, and he just said two words before passing out. "He's close." Hermione, Ron, and Ginny were in shock. They knew he was talking about Voldemort. "Will he be okay?" Asked Hermione concerned. "Well, the pain seems to have stopped. For Mr. Potter's sake, I hope for good." Replied Madam Pomfrey seriously. She felt his head. "His fever has gone down. I suggest you all go and get some rest. There's nothing more you can do for him. I'll tell you when he's awake." Said Madam Pomfrey. "No. I'm staying." Hermione said holding Harry's hand. "We're staying too." Said Ron and Ginny nodding in agreement. Hermione was so scared for Harry. She was glad that he had stopped screaming, but knew she would NEVER forget the horror and pain in his eyes. Ginny didn't usually drink coffee, but felt it was a useful muggle drink seeing as they were all really tired. "Accio coffee." Ginny said conjuring four drinks. She thought Madam Pomfrey deserved a drink for all her help with Harry. She gladly took it and gulped it down quickly. Hermione of course was all too familar with this drink seeing as her parents had it everyday back at home. Hermione drank her coffee and watched Harry rest. Ron didn't seem to like the drink and threw it away, much to Ginny's dismay. Hermione was so sleepy, but she made herself stay awake just to see Harry open those wonderful green eyes of his. Ron, on the other hand couldn't help but fall asleep. When Madam Pomfrey passed by, she frowned because Ron's snores were so loud. Ginny managed to stay awake, to give Hermione emotional support.
The Next Day
Hermione had gotten little bags underneathe her eyes. She had actually managed to stay awake the whole night. Ginny couldn't take it anymore and fell asleep sometime around 3 AM. Hermione had conjured blankets for them both and covered them in a motherly sort of way. It was 7 AM. The sunlight was coming in through the window. Hermione had never let go of Harry's hand, and was waiting patiently for him to finally wake up. He finally woke up. "Harry! Thank God. We were really worried about you. How are you feeling?" Asked Hermione. "I'm tired. My head is killing me. I'm not really sure what happened. I just know I was dreaming about Voldemort. I have never felt pain like that before. It was horrible." Harry said remembering the pain and touching his scar. "That's terrible. We were all terrified for you. You wouldn't stop screaming in pain. It was killing me to see you in so much pain." Hermione said with a tear falling from her eye. "Don't cry. It's going to be okay." Harry said while wiping Hermione's eye. "The last thing you said before passing out was, "he's close". We both know you were talking about Voldemort. I think things are far from close to being okay." Hermione said scared for Harry. Harry was scared too, but not for himself, for everyone he would leave behind if anything ever happened to him. Harry looked over Hermione's shoulders to see Ron with his mouth open and Ginny on a chair sleeping peacefully. Of course Ginny was already use to Ron's snoring. It could be heard throughout the entire Borrow. "Wake them up. I'm sure they want to see that I'm alright." Harry said. Hermione nodded and went over to Ginny. She shook her gently. Ginny slowly opened her eyes. "Harry!" She shouted. That yell didn't wake Ron up. He was still snoring away, while Ginny hugged Harry. Hermione decided not to be gently with him. She shook him hard. "Wha? Harry! Thank God you're ok mate." He said while giving Harry a pat on the back. "Good to have you back." Said Ginny smiling. They spent the next 5 minutes hugging Harry and telling him how worried they were and how happy they were to have him back. Then an unexpected visitor came. It was Draco Malfoy. "Draco, what are you doing here?" Asked Ginny surprised to see him. "I know Harry and I haven't always gotten along, and that's mostly my fault. I wanted to see if he was ok." Draco replied. "Oh, Draco! That was so sweet of you." Ginny said while giving him a kiss on the cheek. "I told you he had a heart." She whispered to Ron. Ron actually seemed impressed that Draco would care about Harry. "Wow Draco. That was very decent of you. I appricate it." Harry said smiling. "So are you feeling better?" Draco asked curiously. "Much better. Just alittle weak." Replied Harry. "What's been going on in class?" Asked Hermione wondering what new spell she had missed out on. "Nothing much. Snape was happy that you were in the hospital." Said Draco smirking slightly. "I bet he was loving that." Said Ron. "I'm sure he was glad that Hermione was not in class, that way she didn't annoy him by answering every single question." Harry said laughing. Everyone laughed too. Hermione didn't like the comment, but she loved him and was just glad he was back to his old self again. They all stayed around with Harry alittle while longer. Ron did something unexpected. "You did a really good thing today, coming here to see if Harry was ok. I am trusting you to take good care of my sister." Ron said seriously. Draco couldn't believe what he was hearing. "I will Ron. I promise. I would give my life for her." Draco said truthfully. Then he and Ron shook hands. Draco then turned over to Ginny. "I love you with all my heart and soul. You helped me break down the wall to my heart. I am so glad I found you." Draco said smiling. Ginny looked so touched. She began to cry, but happy tears. "I love you too Draco. You complete me." Then they kissed and Hermione smiled because she saw that Ginny was right about Draco and she was so happy for them. Draco turned to Hermione with a guilty look on his face. "What is it?" Hermione asked curiously. "I never told you how sorry I was for calling you a, well you know what. I was just a 12 year old idiot back then. I'm really sorry that I hurt you." Draco finished still with a guilty look on his face. He was waiting for Hermione to say something, but she just stood there at a loss for words. She finally snapped out of it and spoke. "Wow, Draco. I never thought I would ever hear that from you. You seem like you mean it, so thank you. It must have took a lot for you to say that to me." Hermione replied with a smile. Then something happened that no one expected. Draco gave Hermione a hug. She couldn't believe it, but embraced it. Ron's mouth was open in disbelief, Harry in shock, and Ginny had the biggest smile on her face. After that crazy moment, they all talked as if they were always friends with Draco. Harry talked them into going back to their dorms' to get some sleep in their own beds. They finally did and left Harry alone to his thoughts.
In Harry's mind
That was such a horrible dream with Voldemort. I can't believe what I saw. The pain, my God. I thought it would never end. What did that dream mean. I should discuss it with Dumbledore.
After Harry thought some more, he was so tired and just fell asleep.

I would like to thank some of my loyal readers: Michelle, Anita, Akila, Kris, Graeme, Tay, and Jasmine.
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