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Kiss 1: Look over here

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These are some more Live Journal kisses featuring Sesshoamru & Rin. I'm starting out with her as a little girl & I'm hoping to age her as the kisses go on...*winks* Rating is for possible future ki...

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Look over here (kiss#1)
By kira

Author's note: Some Live Journal kisses featuring Sesshomaru & Rin...

"Oi, Sesshomaru-sama! Come quickly! Look over here!" Rin called to the taller of her two youkai companions. She had been happily playing in the field of wildflowers when she found something that caught her eye. She slowly crept closer and when she was nearly on top of it, Rin was delighted to find the strange furry rock was not a rock at all but a sweet little sika fawn.

The little fawn remained motionless as Rin admired it, not even twitching when she stood up and called out to Sesshomaru, "Come quickly!!"

Sesshomaru, frowning, finally turned in her direction. He cocked his head ever so slightly to the side as he tensed, searching the area for danger. Finding none, he relaxed and made his way slowly over to her, a quirked eyebrow the only thing betraying his curiosity. "Rin?" he said softly.

"Look..." Rin pointed to the sleeping fawn at her feet, a look of wonder on her face. "Isn't he cute?" she asked. She sighed when he gave her a barely perceptible shake of his head. Undaunted, she went on; "Can Rin-chan keep him?" Rin smiled sweetly at him. "Please?"

"Iie. You may not," Sesshomaru said as he glanced at the baby deer. "Come," he said as he turned on his heel and headed back the way he came, fully expecting her to follow.

Rin sighed and pouted briefly as she watched her beloved youkai lord walk away. Before he got too far, she knelt and kissed the fawn on his forehead. "Sayonara, Shika-chan!" she said softly. Getting up, she gave the little deer one final look, before taking off in Sesshomaru's direction. "Oi, Sesshomaru-sama! Chotto matte! Wait for me!! Sesshomaru-sama!! Please!!"

Smiling when she saw him pause, Rin increased her pace and nearly collided with Jaken, who sputtered angrily at her. "Oi, Rin! Be careful where you run! And how dare you make Sesshomaru-sama stop and wait for you! You should have come when you were called!!"

"Gomen nasai, Jaken-sama," she said contritely.


"Hai, my lord...?"


"Hai!" the little green toad youkai cried as Rin had an attack of the giggles.

Rin hurried along and minutes later she was side by side with Sesshomaru. "Sesshomaru-sama, do you think we can come back here again? Rin-chan would like to see if Shika-chan will play her next time."

Sesshomaru gave her a slight nod. They walked together in companionable silence which was broken only by the sounds of the forest and Jaken's soft mutterings. "Rin."


"You do realize that should we return there, the fawn will most likely be gone," he said softly.

"Hontoni...?" she said softly. "You're sure, Sesshomaru-sama? Shika-chan didn't move even when I kissed him..." Her faced clouded over as she thought about it. "Ummm...What if he can't move? Maybe we should go back and make sure he's alright."

Her look of concern for the little fawn irritated Sesshomaru. Frowning slightly, he paused and turned to face her. "Rin, the deer never moved because that is their nature when they are young," he explained patiently. "Had we stayed near him any longer than we did, his mother would have abandoned him. He will be fine."

"Hontoni, Sesshomaru-sama?"


"Ummm...hai." Rin smiled at him.

They walked along, searching for a place to spend the night, Rin carrying on a one-sided conversation with him while Sesshomaru would nod in all the right places until they found it. It was at the edge of a peaceful little glade. The full moon shone brightly in the clearing, casting the surrounding woods in darkness, and the velvety shadows felt welcoming.

Sesshomaru paused, senses alert in the dusky gloom of the forest. He had heard the barely perceptible snap of a twig and he carefully scented the air, looking for signs of danger when he spotted something moving in the glade. A large stag sauntered out of darkness, completely unaware of the inuyoukai who watched him and his companions.

"Rin," he said softly, a slight downward movement of his hand, indicating she should speak softly as well.

"Hai...?" Rin whispered.

"Look over here," he said as he beckoned her to his side. "There." He pointed through the brushes towards a small clearing. There in the dappled moonlight stood a tall stag, before he caught their scents and disappeared into the forest. "Shika-chan's father," he said softly.

"Hontoni?" Rin asked and he nodded in reply. "Sugoi! That's amazing! Do you think he's going to see Shika-chan?"

"Hai...Come, let's go settled for the night."

"Hai, Jaken-sama is very tired, ne?" She giggled.

"Hai." He looked down at her smiling face, his lips curving upwards in the briefest of smiles, before they headed back towards the sound asleep little toad youkai. When they got there, Sesshomaru leaned back against the trunk of a tree, gazing up at the moon through its branches as he kept watch. Rin was snuggled up next to him, wrapping herself in the warm of his fluff. It was something she had done ever since she had that first nightmare of her passing, and why he had allowed it, Sesshomaru honestly did not know. And so it became part of their nighttime ritual, for even in the dead of summer, she still slept in its comforting warmth. He wondered if she always would until she decided to leave him or she grew old and died, which was something he refused to think about as sleep threatened to claim him as well.

/Sleep well, Rin-chan, /Sesshomaru thought as he looked over at her sleeping form. He raised his hand to his lips, casually brushing his fingers across them. He paused when Rin shifted in her sleep, waiting patiently until she drifted further into her dream, before lightly touching her cheek, in what for him passed as a kiss. Rin sighed contentedly, and gently draping his arm around her, Sesshomaru peacefully fell asleep as well.

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