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Kiss 2: News

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These are some more Live Journal kisses featuring Sesshoamru & Rin. I'm starting out with her as a little girl & I'm hoping to age her as the kisses go on...*winks* Rating is for possible future ki...

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News (kiss #2)
By kira

Author's note: Some Live Journal kisses featuring Sesshomaru & Rin...
Please note: it also contains a mild spoiler due to an allusion to events that took place when Rin spent time with Kohaku...

Rin walked alongside him, calmly telling him what had happened to her while she was with the strange human man-child. As he listened with half an ear, Sesshomaru learned his name was Kohaku and that he had trouble remembering things, because Rin thought the memories scared him or made him sad. Sesshomaru had his own suspicions as to why this Kohaku was the way he was, but wisely kept them to himself. So Rin chatted away, giving him bits and pieces of Kohaku trivia along with her version of what had happened in the hut. Sesshomaru looked over at her, quirking an eyebrow at her in amusement when she informed him that Kohaku also told her she spoke too much, just like Jaken-sama did. But what really worried the taiyoukai, although he did not show it, was Rin's revelation that she often talked a lot when she was scared. He wondered if she was going to have a reoccurrence of her nightmares and he made a mental note to have Jaken keep a fire going all night if needed. So wrapped up was Sesshomaru in his thoughts that he nearly missed an important bit of news concerning his little human vassal.

"Sesshomaru-sama, Rin-chan has decided she likes Kohaku even though he tried to hurt her." She looked up at him and smiled shyly. "Rin-chan doesn't know why, but she thinks he didn't mean it..."

They walked on in silence.

Rin spent the time thinking back on her adventure, while Sesshomaru tried to figure out why Rin's liking of Kohaku disturbed him so much. Sesshomaru had realized early on that Rin pretty much liked everyone she came in contact with unless they frightened her like that mangy wolf that was always after his brother's woman, or the random youkai they encountered that thought Rin would make a tasty snack. But other than that, she had no problem with anyone. Even Jaken who often hurled verbal abuse at her when he thought Sesshomaru was not listening; she liked enough to want to save his life at the risk of her own. So why do I find is her liking of Kohaku so disturbing? /Sesshomaru wondered. /Was it because he was human too? Or is it something else? Had she kissed him? Or did he kiss her? Don't humans attach special meaning to a kiss? Isn't it how they claim their mates...? But she is far too young for that, ne? Pushing the disturbing thoughts out of his head, Sesshomaru quickened his pace and Rin had to run in order to keep up with him.

"Sesshomaru-sama!" Rin cried as she ran after him. "Please, wait for me!"

Casting a quick look over his shoulder at her, Sesshomaru frowned briefly, before stopping to wait.

"Domo arigatou, Sesshomaru-sama!" Rin panted and looking up at him, she asked worriedly, "Are you alright? You look like you're going to be sick, Sesshomaru-sama. Perhaps we should wait here for Jaken-sama to find us..."

"Iie, this Sesshomaru is fine." He looked down at her, the corners of his mouth briefly quirking upwards in a smile that was mirrored on her face, laying his hand on her head in a gentle pat, before quickly removing it. "He wishes to apologize for causing your concern and also for his haste," he said softly.

"That's okay. Rin-chan's not mad," she said with a smile. "She knows you were just worried about her." She looked away from him, as she gathered her thoughts. "Sesshomaru-sama...?"

"Hai...?" he said, quirking an eyebrow at her.

"You know what?" Her smile inched towards a grin.

"Iie, what?" he deadpanned as she giggled.

"Rin-chan likes you the best!" Rin cried as she threw her arms around his waist and hugged the startled taiyoukai.


"Hai!" she said as she just as quickly pulled away from him. "You look better now, Sesshomaru-sama."

"This Sesshomaru..." he trailed off, feeling uncomfortable under her scrutiny.

Rin smiled mischievously, as she beckoned him closer with her finger. Puzzled, Sesshomaru leaned towards her, snorting with amusement when she threw her arms around his neck. Taking the hint, he straightened up as she settled herself on his hip, laughing and complaining that his fluffy was tickling her, before lapsing into startled silence when he made it disappear.

Gathering his youki, Sesshomaru slowly rose up into the night sky as he headed back towards where he had left Jaken. Once he had found him, they gently set down and Rin ran over to the little toad. She began telling him of her adventure, while Sesshomaru settled back against a tree, lost in thought. He listened to their ramblings as one would listen to the soft rushing of a stream, letting it soothe his pensiveness and he had almost succeeded in clearing his mind of the disturbing thoughts about Rin and Kohaku, when she called out to him.

"Sesshomaru-sama! Rin-chan is really hungry..." Rin walked over to where he sat, looking as contritely as possible while her stomach growled.

Sesshomaru nodded patiently at her. "Jaken, take Rin and go find her something to eat," he said and there was no mistaking the "be more careful when you watch over her" tone in his voice.

Before Jaken could say anything, Rin said, "Ummm...Sesshomaru-sama, can Rin-chan stay here with you...? Please?"

"Hai..." he said softly and with a look he dismissed the little toad. The two of them silently watched Jaken leave, Rin smiling at his grumblings and muttered curses, as Sesshomaru eyed her out the corner of his eye.

"Arigatou," Rin said, breaking the companionable silence between them. After giving Jaken one last look, Rin turned and sat down next her beloved taiyoukai lord. Leaning into him, she sighed contentedly, her arms snaking around him in a little hug. "Sesshomaru-sama, you haven't been happy since Rin-chan said she liked Kohaku...Are you worried she likes him more?"

"Keh!" Sesshomaru huffed as if dismissing her statement as nothing, although the little eight year was more right about things than he cared to admit.

"Hontoni? You're sure, Sesshomaru-sama? Because this Rin-chan wants you to know she really does like you the best," she said seriously, emphasizing her words with another hug. "And if Rin-chan had a choice, she would choose to stay with you rather than Kohaku..." she trailed off softly, looking up at him when he gently cupped her cheek. She smiled and turned her head to kiss his palm and he wondered if she knew just how much that simple gesture of affection touched him. "Besides, Rin-chan wants to stay with this Sesshomaru forever..."

And this Sesshomaru thinks he wants to remain with you forever as well... he thought as he gently laid his hand on her shoulder in a brief awkward embrace, before removing it to rest it again on his knee. "Hai..." he said softly, making her giggle, and the giggles quickly turned into laughs as he quirked his eyebrow at her. He neither asked for nor did she offer up any more of an explanation other than a stifled yawn. And when he told her to sleep, she happily complied as long as he promised to wake her when Jaken returned. As she slept, Sesshomaru let his thoughts drift to the gossip and little bits of news she had told him. He sat there, listening to her soft breathing, feeling very pleased with himself that she liked him the best. Although he was hard put to explain why until his head finally grasped the news his heart was trying to tell him.

Baka, despite the fact she is a mere whelp of a girl, the reason you were so upset before about Kohaku is that you really love her no matter how many times you try and tell yourself other wise...
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