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Kiss 3: Jolt

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These are some more Live Journal kisses featuring Sesshoamru & Rin. I'm starting out with her as a little girl & I'm hoping to age her as the kisses go on...*winks* Rating is for possible future ki...

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Jolt (kiss #3)
By kira

Author's note: Some Live Journal kisses featuring Sesshomaru & Rin... I've also decided to refer to Rin simply as "she" for the most part due to when this story is set...winks Thanks also to Kaze-chan for helping me with the ending...huggles

Having the "Kaze no Kizu" come at him full blast was quite the jolt in Sesshomaru's humble opinion, and it ranked right up there with discovering his father was just a man the same as any other, and having his left arm cut off by his stupid brother. As he prepared to meet his death bravely and with honor, he was treated to another jolt and one that was to have far reaching consequences.

Suddenly the fang his father left him, which Sesshomaru thought was utterly useless, sparked into life as it were and claimed him as its master. The Tensaiga, sword of heaven and giver of life, whisked him away from the scene of the battle just seconds before it hit. He was bruised and battered and half dead from his injuries, yet he was in a word... alive.

So he lay there, resting, as his body set to work healing itself, when something approached. And judging by the way he felt, he must have been laying there for a few days. Gathering his strength together, Sesshomaru half sat up and growled at his intruder.

She shrank back, a quick jolt of adrenaline coursing through her veins before she centered herself and bravely faced him. There was something about the half-dead being before her that touched her deep inside. She didn't know what it was, nor did she really care, all she saw was someone like herself; down trodden and beaten, and in her limited experience, just as alone in the world. After giving him a brief hesitant smile, she melted back into the soft shadows of the surrounding forest.

Soon after that she returned again, bearing gifts of food and water, melting some of the ice that had settled around his heart. It was an odd relationship to say the least; he doing all of the talking while she listened, smiled or nodded in a way that seemed far too wise for her years. She repeated this pattern for several days much to his amusement.

And when she returned, after a brief absence, all battered and bruised, he felt a jolt of sympathy go through him as well as anger and outrage that someone would be so cruel as to mistreat a mere pup of human. And yet, she somehow tempered his ire at the situation with a simple smile.

It was not too long after that, that Sesshomaru felt well enough to finally leave. He looked around for her, feeling a little jolt of sadness and disappointment that he could not say good bye, before shrugging it off, getting up and leaving.

She made her way home to her tiny village, feeling something akin to happiness for the first time in her young life since her family was so harshly taken from her. That happiness was soon replaced by a jolt of fear that bordered on panic. The only other time the young girl had ever felt anything like that was when her family was murdered in front of her. As she crept closer to her hut, the fear intensified, and yet she drew strength from her memories of her new "friend," and standing quietly in the doorway, she glanced at the intruder. But before she could safely escape unnoticed, he saw her. Her mind went blank as panic coursed through her veins, leaving her rooted to the spot, when he spoke to her. Somehow she could sense that he was like her new friend, and not like him at the same time, for where her friend was beauty and light, this being radiated a dark ugliness that scared her. Fortunately, she was of no real importance to him, so he just as quickly dismissed her. Pushing his way past her, he left her hut without so much as a backwards glance. That was when the trouble began. The little girl watched in horror as her village was invaded by wolves that tore everyone to pieces as they sought their prey. When her mind could think again she ran for the safety of the forest and her new friend. Somehow the girl sensed he would protect her, but only if she could get to him in time.

On the other side of the forest, Sesshomaru stepped out into a small clearing and there he found his vassal, Jaken, sitting around, wondering where his Sesshomaru-sama was. A quick rock to the head, neatly answered that one for the little toad-like imp. Just when the two of them were about to resume their wandering of his lands, Sesshomaru caught the faint scent of blood on the wind. He spun neatly on his heel, and hurried towards it. He got another jolt of surprise when he realized it was the little human girl who was bleeding out her life on the forest floor. Minutes later he arrived to find her, her short life quickly ended, surrounded by the wolves that had killed her. Glaring at them, they quickly turned tail and fled back into the forest. Sesshomaru turned and walked away, half-listening to his vassal babbling on about the girl, when another jolt, similar to when the Tensaiga woke up, went through him. He turned back towards her tiny ruined body, the memories of their brief time together urging him to action. Drawing the Tensaiga, he held it up feeling another jolt of power surging through him, opening his eyes to see that which is normally unseen. Ignoring Jaken, he narrowed his eyes as he looked over at the girl. Squinting briefly in the dim half-light of the forest, he saw them. The gaki, messengers of hell, arriving to bring another soul to the afterlife. However, another jolt went through Sesshomaru as he took in the scene before him. Raising the Tensaiga high, he swiftly brought it down in one fluid motion, much to Jaken's surprise as well as Sesshomaru's own.

She opened her eyes as her heart started beating again. Seconds later, she took a small ragged breath, as Jaken looked on stunned. He could not believe his lord and master actually took the time to revive someone and not only that, but a mere human.

Sesshomaru, picking her up in an awkward embrace, looked at the girl briefly, a slight smile tugging at his lips as he contemplated what this meant. She looked back up at him and smiled and for a brief instant, Sesshomaru felt a jolt of panic surging through his veins, when it looked as though she was about to kiss him. Calming himself, he set her down and rose in one fluid motion, before taking off in the direction in which he had come, leaving the two behind to stay or follow as they saw fit.

They followed him, the little girl quickly catching up to him. She grabbed onto his empty kimono sleeve, and gently tugging on it, she tried to get his attention. Sesshomaru, while amused at her forwardness, simply ignored her. He continued walking, while she tugged at his sleeve as the three of them made their way back to the little clearing. Finally the little girl could not stand his silence any longer. She took a deep breath and did something she had not done in long time, sending a little jolt of amazement through her as she finally spoke.

"Sesshomaru-sama, how come you never asked me what my name is?"

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