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Gerard and Frank - pills and poison The first part of 'Myself'- the pills and the fire. Gerard and Mikey are the closest brothers in existance for terrible reasons and Frank has moved school. He...

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AN: copied and pasted from my bebo ~ its a frerard alrighty! :D classic high-school romance is long and gets creepy.

Gerard: But did I really know from the moment i met him, he`d come to mean so much? How he could change my thoughts, change me and my Mikey's life?
Frank: And it`s like, without knowing, he came to save me, with his own hard life....

Enter the world of Bellville, New Jersey, in Gerard and newly initiated Frank's last school year... And it couldn't be any chancing, any worse for either of them.

Frank: Damn. I walked into the room and they all stare at me, some open mouthed. Is it because I'm short, or that my pants are probably too tight? I cringed, cursing under my breath,
"Crappy school, why the hell have I been boosted up a fuckin' year..."
I`m new to this high school, and almost nobody seems they will be remotely like me or wanting to remotely like me. I know you can't tell too much from appearance but I honestly didn't expect to be welcomed, I just wanted the year to be over and done with. All my exams were over but my parents were desparate to have me out the house for another year.

The teacher pointed at the empty desk next to this blonge chick who grinned in an overly-pleasant way and this guy with somewhat long black hair and a fringe flicking from right to left. His hazel eyes followed me vacantly as I walked over to my appointed desk. I looked away after our eyes locked for a brief moment, a familiar chill curling across my spine.
'Oh god, not this feeling...'

"Now, to take the place of Lacey, we have Frank Lero." the teacher mispronounced, pointing at me. Some of the class snickered, bar the hazel-eyed guy. "I-ero. It says Eye-ear-oh. Got an I." I piped up, annoyed although I should really be used to it by now.
"That almost more stupid than 'Ger-rard'!" murmured a girl sitting in front of me to her friend. I imagined her to be a stuck-up princess, the kind that I had insulted too far to get here. I shouldn't have assumed it so fast but that tone she used, it was one I was familiar with.

"'Gerard' isn`t a bad name." I replied sticking up for them, honestly, how is 'Gerard' a bad name? It's ... Different but not nice sounding.
"What? Oh c'mon, Gerard is a freak! So's his brother." She added, giggling to herself, muttering to her friend further, "Have you seen them? It's like total ince-" I gave up, not wanting to get involved in an argument so soon, the words flying over my head.

"Sorry Frank. We need someone to introduce him properly to the school, do we have any volunteers? Just for a day? ... Nobody?" The teacher announced. As I suspected, no-one put thier hand up... Apart from the hazel guy!? I turned to look at him, trying not to look too surprised. I did take a good look at him though, scrutinizing over his expression and curled lips in something that resembled a grin.
"Thank you Gerard." He was the freak? Didn't seem like one to me. Well, he certainly didn't look like one. But something about those eyes was odd, the way they watched over you so cautiously. They were an odd colour, similar to mine but darker and more probing, like they were searching.
Minutes later, registration ends and Gerard speaks to me in a nice, open and kind voice. Again, it surprised me.

"Hi Frank. I`m Gerard. You haven`t got a locker yet, have you? You could have the one next to mine, if you want." I was relieved at his tone, not too patronisong. I hate being made to feel any samller than I already am. I was open to this guy, at least he was showing some kindness, and I should take all I can at this point. I could tag along if he continued to be so good maybe until I mixed in with my other peers perhaps.
"Sure, where...?" I walked with him through the maze of hallways to a small gathering of secluded lockers in the corner. Someone else was there too.
"Hey Mikey, this is Frank. Took that Lacey`s place, and Ray`s locker." Gerard waved at him.

"Hi. I`m his brother."
"Hey." I smiled, my eyes instantly drawn to a badly hidden bruise on his collar bone. Mikey noticed what I was looking at and shly pulled his shirt up to cover it. I simply smiled, though avoided further eye contact.
"Leave us hun." Gerard hissed through his teeth. Weird.

"Oh! Sorry, GeeBear." Mikey dashed off, leaving a parting grin. Very odd, I noted.

"I`ll take this one." I pointed at the one next to Gerard and he unlocked it for me.
"Got all your subject stuff and timetable?" he asked as he tweaked the circular lock.
"Yeah." I replied. It was vastly different to my other one, which I could only just remember anyway. Along with those attacks. It was the same subjects, luckily there was room for me but in a totally new order, though as I mentioned, it could have been exactly the same without my noticing.

"`Kay to Physics, room 27. Everyone in the year has the same timetable since it's our last year, see? Just different rooms, based on the seating plan in registration so you'll be in all my classes like Lacey was." Gerard explained. I smiled, pleased with myself that I'd have at leat one person to talk to for a while. Even if it was just in the corridors.

We ambled along, not seeming to care about time, talking about comics, music and movies: all our favourite stuff. I had a good feeling about Gerard right away, and wanted to get to know him more. I`m pretty sure he liked me back. I was sorta desparate to have a few friends right away, and he seemed to do just fine, even if he only hung around with me for a little while. It's stupid to say but I was surprised he didn't have a girlfriend to go around with, anyone as good looking as him would have at least 10 girls going for him, surely. Oddly, neither parties seemed very interested in each other, not in that immature, nasty way though.

The last bell finally rang out.
"Uhm, you, you getting picked up?" Gerard asked. He fidgeted with his pockets. It was sorta interesting to watch actually. I was so happy with how he spent the day only with me, probably only to be nice but it made me feel so much better having at least 1 person to turn to. It was the way we clicked too, he didn't try to be too... Polite, he just acted as if we had been friends for ages.

"No, I`m like 12 blocks away."
Gerard`s face lit up, "I`m down that way too! Can I... walk with you?"
"Yeah!" Jeez, a friend on my first day! He was nice. My stomach twisted happily, in an odd way as he stumbled closer to me and I felt that brief nasuea that accompanied that voice in my head that screamed at me whenever I began to doubt something about myself. I had forgotten about that voice for so long, it had been silent for years and now I was a little older it concerned me more, agitated me further. I began to quietly panic about how I might begin to feel. I began to settle quickly, shrugging off my thoughts and let myself just go along with the sitation.

As we crossed the parking lot outside the grounds, Mikey shouted, "Gee! Get in the car!" but we carried on.

"Isn`t that your brother?" I asked, pointing behind us.
"Yeah but he`s forgotten I... Walk home now." Gerard replied. He stuttered in an almost sweet way. I smiled to the concrete blocks below me.

After 15-20 minutes we got to my brand new front door.
"Oh, dammit.... Can I come indide for a sec?" Gerard asked.
"Yes, that`s great, good." I remembered my room looking all crap and mostly unpacked. We dashed inside and I flicked the lights on. In all it's old-decor glory too, we only bought it a few weeks ago so we could get close to the school.

"Folks are out on weekdays." I explained.
After an awkward silence Gerard said, "Awh Shit! Sorry Frank, grandma Elena`s birthday! Gotta go, see you around." So he left. And I felt very very alone. I tidied my room for god`s sakes!
So this Gerard.... Nice, kind, enthusiastic. I know he'll be good company. Just like me, but less.....messed up hopefully.

I crashed on my bed in my new home and sighed. It was still quite bare, only upacked my clothes and basic furniture. No personality whatsoever and no pictures on th wall yet. I used to put up pictures of places I go and my firends, but that had all been stripped from under my feet, due to me really. So now I had to start it all over again, school. Even skipping a year. I have no idea why they did it. I'm in the middle age range for the year I should be in anyway. The Principal gave my parents some crap about me being smarter or something, and I know that's not right.

Now I had started my last year of school and had to try and form noew friendshipd to get me through the year. And the only person that caught my eye was Gerard. Obviously becuase he had to 'look after' me as it were but it was as if he were the only person I really needed at all. Instantly easy to get along with and very honest. Like he wanted to stay with me. Not once did he leave me all day, and not in the annoying way either. His brother, what was it, Mikey? He's great too. They're a little weird around each other but that's nothing I can't handle.

I was filled with the urge to get to know this Gerard better as he seemingly did with me.
And I did my best to hide the butterflies in my stomach, and the selfish doubt in my mind.
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