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The rain

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Frank: "It's easy to fall for, or really appreciate someone when you're alone, and it seems nobody else cares."

Gerard smiled his cool smile when I took my seat next to him in registration the next day. I was so used to him already, as pathetic as it may sound.
"Hi." I greeted him simply.
"Uh, can I come round again? To make up for last time?" he offered, turning around properly to look at me with those piercing, mirror-mirror eyes. He was wearing a little eyeliner I noticed - yet another thing we had in common. Not too much, nothing crazy, just enough to darken his eyes.
But would he also have the 'doubts' in common....? Doubts about being gay.... I couldn't tell him about that, ever! The last friend I had used that against me! Fucks sake, we've only known each other a day, it was no time to think about that.

"Yes, `course you can." 'Yes! I won`t be alone! ... That came out wrong, huh?'
Today we got to the lockers even later and subsequently were late for Math. We were in the middle of joking around, teasing a little even about our looks for soem reason. Mr Demios (Very strict) gave us detentions for after school. I swear, 10 minutes late and he just hands us the damn card?! Gerard sighed as he was handed the green slip. A detention veteran maybe? Haha, like me also.

The rest of the day was gonna be interesting: sex talk in the gym hall. Our whole year gatherered in there and we had to sit on the floor like Kindergarters while a 60 year old explained everything. We were fucking 17 nad 18 year olds here(though I'm only 16) why did we need a talk about something we had probably already done? Late, much?
The guy smiled at us all slyly, telling us we were in for embarassment without a word from his lips. A sex vetaran maybe? I don't want to know.
"Heard it all before." I whispered to Gerard. I completely turned off at the video. Basically porn really, but with diagrams. A little while later, Gerard accidentaly nudged me. Jesus! `Homosexuals`was written on the bloody board! The room filled with laughter how the old guy told us about `gay and lesbian sex`. I paid it a bit of attention. At the end he even gave the guys out free protection! Hooray...
But I sweated through the whole thing, almost nervously? I'm always like that around new people, and I was in a room full of them. I'm fine with new people if I have people of my own with me too but obviously it was me and this new friend who everyone else knew.

But Gerard and I went into the empty room after school joking about it all.
"An OAP talking about getting it up the ass: great!" he spoke confidently to me already, so naturally. He made me feel more calm that way. I like it when people just say what they think.
"So, then one of the guys shoves his..." I couldn`t finish the sentence for my life and started giggling incessantly.
"Rod?" Gerard offered, chuckling away at my reaction.

We were meant to do work but we left the building after 30 minutes. Detetion had no teachers in it so we figured we'd go home. We were so badass.
The rain was torrential! The sky was black with clouds. I was freezing! I only had my thin Tee and jeans (the par outfit for me) but Gerard had a thick jacket on on top. I was soaked to the skin in seconds.
"Man, I envy Mikey in there.... Geez Frank! No jacket?" Gerard took his off and held it above us in a feeble attempt to keep us dry. I still shook with cold and knowing me would likely catch a cold.
"Aw man, you are way too cold, please take it." Gerard put the hood over my head and his arm crept around my shoulders.
"Thank you." I muttered shyly.

We almost got to my house when a car came swerving round the corner and hit a deep puddle. I looked down. Both Gerard`s and my Tee were soaking, and see-through. Shit! I don't want him to see my back, with it's cuts, or my chest. That's embarassing...
I fumbled with the keys to unlock the door. Gerard`s comforting arm slid off me. We`d only known each other 2 days but I knew we would be close friends.
It felt weird, just me and him now. There was something strange when he had his arm casually slung around me. It felt nice. But he was just trying to keep me warm. Riiiight? It doesnt matter.

"Do you... Wanna watch a movie?" I suggested.
"Horror?" Gerard confirmed.
"Yeeahh! My room`s first on the left. I`ll make popcorn." I knew I had many good horror movies, but there was one I hadn`t dared watch - alone. My big cousin Bill gave it me, it was too scary, and he`s 22!
Once the popcorn was done I poured it into a bowl and brought it upstairs. Gerard was standing in the middle of my room, checking his watch.
"You can sit down!" I giggled, and put the popcorn on the pillow of my bed. "Do you mind if I change?" I asked poitely.
"Sure, go ahead, your house." Gerard said happily, sitting on the bed. I took the soggy thing off and went to my wardrobe to put another on. Hazel eyes silently observed me in a funny way. I slipped something on and slotted the video in the player before turning off the lights. I sat next to Gerard on my small comfy bed. I like him a lot.
"Wait!" He reached over me and put the popcorn between us.
Bill told me it was the works :- blood, axes, rapists and demons, so I braced myself. The start itself was scary! After 20 seconds of black and calm, a demented face popped up with an earsplitting scream! When I jumped, i spilt popcorn over me and Gerard.
I felt vulnerable sitting so I lay on my stomach and Gerard copied. I was so freaked! Best friend already......

"It`s just a movie." Gerard tried to console me, pityingly stroking my neck once, very quickly. Excitement that I shouldn't have jolted down my spine. I loved it! It felt so warm and I was part petrified anyway. Another crazy blood curdling scream caught him out though.
I was determined to finish this movie! My hand lay limply in the popcorn bowl, and when something brushed against it, I grabbed it. It was only Gerard`s hand, but I didn`t let go. I held it tighter and so did he to me at the terrifying parts. This wasn't right. Am I really gay, for a guy I've only just met?

Suddenly, there was a rumble of thunder during a murder scene, Gerard let go, like it was nothing and the TV turned off, leaving the room pitch black.
That face at the beggining was stuck in my mind, all around me it seemed, so in panic I launched myself into where Gerard was. Nothing. Nothing?!
"G-Gerard?" I whispered, looking to my right.
" Boo ." He said softly in my ear. I jolted and lurched into him. We were stood up now and I had my arms around him, and he had his around me. He fucking scared me to bits!! His body vibrated from his chuckling, but when he stopped, he might have been worried too. I gripped his shirt and pressed my head into his neck/chest. "Gerard. You scared me so much." I admitted, though it was clear to see. Then he pushed my back onto the bed. Had I done wrong to hold him like that then? Hope not! I thought we had this instant-trust thing going on.
"I`m sorry. Honest." He whispered.
I felt someone`s presence very close, and leaning towards me. I lay down and opened my eyes. He got up. I took his arm so he couldnt catch me out again. I turned on the battery radio; "Sorms... Stay inside.....Not too long....Dangerous..." I went downstairs on my own to get a big flashlight, and used the fridge light as an aid.
I came back up to see Gerard sitting at the low set window, looking out. I joined him and waited out the storm. Storms weren't common, especially ones that serous but there was no reason that Gerard couldn't have got home if he really wanted to.

"Gerard, were you above..." I stopped, I didn`t want to ruin everything. I had to roll with the punches. I wanted a friend in my life! It was a strange, but beautiful silence, apart from the occasional claps of thunder.
Eventually he had to leave and that night I couldn`t sleep again, but over him. I lay awake, thinking about that moment.
He was right above me on my bed.....! That tormented me. I was sure he was straight or that I had imagined it. Oh god, why was he right above me like that? Why?! Why him, why me, why...

I could barely think right. As ususl then.
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