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A poem I wrote when my ex-boyfriend's cousin passed away.

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2010-10-04 - Updated: 2010-10-05 - 162 words

why did it have to be you?
why did you have to die?
why do they have to lie?
they locked you up, they tore you apart
it really hurt my heart
i can't even begin to imagine the
pain you must have felt
they tortured you, they beat you
they denied you everything
but you stayed strong, you held on
those last few weeks were a living hell
but at least you are free from that awful jail
it hurts that we didn't get to tell you goodbye
but it's gonna be okay someday
when we all get to heaven
and see your beautiful, smiling face
but until then we'll see you everywhere
your hair in the sun
your eyes in the stars
your tears from the sky
as you watch our lives on earth
pass us right by
so watch us, guard us, and keep us safe
until we too join you up high
in that beautiful place.

-xo britt-
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