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Wildflower and Leather Wings

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Rebecca shot Heath by accident. Now she wants to make up for it. Will Heath allow the cheery archer to make him happy? Or will his past catch up to him?

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This is my 4th fic!

First time I'm doing a FE fic, though.
So I'm gonna do something a bit different than all the other Heath fic's. I just get disgusted when they pair him with Leagult! Yuck!
A pairing with Heath and Priscilla is nice, but I'm doing something totally different (I hope)
Catagories: Romance, Friendship and Adventure.
Warnings: Contains scenes of violence. Will be rated PG13 just to be on the safe side.

I'll just pop Heath and Rebecca together and see how it works out.
Let me know if I bugger this one up.


Wildflowers and Leather Wings

Chapter One: Shooting Allies

Rebecca gazed at the fortress that loomed ahead. She was tired and fed up. Sain wouldn't stop pestering her with his stupid letters and confessions of love.

"Oh, how beautiful you look, sweet Rebecca!"

I thought I got away from him... Rebecca thought as she rolled her eyes.

"Go away or I'll shoot you in the groin."

Sain paled considerably. "Would you do that, sweet Rebecca? How lovely you look when you are threatening me. How could I say no to you?"

"I'll convince Serra and Priscilla not to heal you," Rebecca growled as she took aim at Sain's groin.

Pure terror flashed over the Paladin's face as he leapt on his horse and sped away from the fiesty Sniper. She breathed a sigh of relief. Sain could be such a pain in the ass. The army was inside the fortress now. Hector and Eliwood intended to meet Marquess Ostia here, believing it would be safer than meeting at Castle Ostia.
The Marquess was due to arrive early the next morning.
Rebecca sighed. She needed the rest, as did the rest of the army. Lately their enemies became stronger and stronger. The young sniper was not sure how this war would end, but she was determined to stick around to the very end. It was the least she could do to repay Eliwood's kindness towards her father and their small village.

Just as everyone was relaxing and enjoying a well-earned meal in the mess hall chaos broke out. The Bard, Nills, suddenly took ill and fainted. Ninian was hysterical.

"No! Don't move him, please!" She begged when Serra and Priscilla rushed over to help.

"All this fighting just exhuasted him. He only needs rest. Just don't move him," tears poured down her face as she brushed some hair out of her brother's face.

"Attack! We're under attack!" one the sentries hollered, adding feul to the chaotic situation.

"Battle stations!" Hector hollered. The army responded like one man and immediately took up their usual battle formation. Paladins at the front, followed by magic users and archers. Lastly came Oswin and the healers.

"Defend Nills! We cannot let him be harmed," Eliwood barked as he reached for his rapier.

"Do not let the throne be taken!" Hector bellowed again and marched to the head of the army. Wolf Beil gleamed sinisterly in his hands.

Lyn, Eliwood and Isadora remained behind to serve as Nill's gaurd.

Moments later the enemy poured into the castle. The army rushed to meet them and the battle broke out in full scale.
Rebecca fought her best in this battle despite her fatigue. Enemy after enemy fell before her as she expertly planted the arrows in their necks.
The green-haired sniper and Erk fought side by side, felling the enemy before they could reach their healers.

"Erk, your left!" Rebecca shouted in warning as a wyvern knight swept down to fell the mage. Erk dogded out of the way as Rebecca planted an arrow in the wyvern's neck. The beast screamed in pain, but it was soon cut off with Erk's Elfire.
Quickly recovering from the surprize the mage nodded his gratitude to Rebecca. The sniper nodded back and the lunged back into the fray without another word.


The wyvern knight looked at the scene that played before him. He could not bring himself to wield his lance against these people. Eubans went off the deep-end this time.

I cannot fight women and children! he argued with himself. He knew what he had to do, but doing it would make him a deserter. Again.

Sighing heavily he gripped his lance tighter. He scanned the battlefield and noticed a vaguely familiar figure standing guard over someone.
There was three women with him. Heath wondered where he had seen the red-haired man before, until something clicked in his brain.
Of course! In Laus when Eubans ordered the castle to be taken. The red-head was the one who gaurded the throne room. Heath only saw him briefly, but he knew that man was a skilled fighter. Heath nodded to himself. That was the man to talk to.

"Hyperion, fly!" he ordered and his grey-green wyvern responded immediately.

Gently he guided his wyvern along the flank of the attacking army, not wishing to engage them. Within moments he reached his destination and threw his lance down when the red-haired man drew his blade.

"Wait!" Heath pleaded as he dismounted his wyvern. The green-haired woman by his side gave him an odd look.

"I want to surrrender to you army. There is women and children here and I do not wish to attack them. I may be a mercinary, but I'm trying to be human too," Heath blurted out.

"We will not take prisoners," the red-head said as he lowered his blade.

"Then allow me to fight alongside of you," Heath was getting nervous. Taking no prisoners usually meant death on the spot.

"We cannot guarantee your safety," the green-haired beauty said. Her voice was soft and smooth. Like grass in the wind.

She must be Sacean, Heath concluded.

"I have no concern for my own safety. I only wish to fight in your army to help protect the women and children that my ex-commander ordered to be killed."

"We can use the extra help, soldier. I am Eliwood of Pharae and this Lady Lyndis of Cealin."

"Heath," the wyvern rider replied as he bowed briefly before Eliwood.

"You are in my service now, Heath. Go and help the others."

Heath nodded and quickly retrieved his lance. He could not believe his luck! The lordling of Pharae hired him without batting an eye. Quickly he leapt on Hyperion and took off in a rush.

"Rebecca! Behind you!" Erk warned as the approaching wyvern rider beared down on them. Rebecca quicly let an arrow fly, missing the wyvern, but hitting it's rider squarely in the shoulder. The force of the blow knocked the man from his mount sending him sprawling on the stone floor. Before Erk could finish him off Rebecca shouted another warning, making the mage leap out of harm's way and forget about the fallen rider.

The battle dragged on for at least another hour before Hector finally finished Eubans with his Wolf Beil. He claimed the fallen paladin's spear, knowing that the weapon would come in handy soon.

Rebecca slumped on the floor, close to the wyvern rider that she shot down. His wyvern was badly injured by the fall.
The sniper breathed a sigh of relief. Finally this battle was over and she could rest! A cough behind her startled her.
Cautiously she turned round to see the wyvern rider struggling to sit up. Rebecca was afraid that he wanted to fight. She had not strenght left to defend herself.

"L...Lord Eliwood...hired me," the man said hoarsely.

Rebecca's eyes nearly dropped from her head.

Oh Crap.

"Don't move! I'll get the medic!" Rebecca yelled as she leapt to her feet with surprizing speed. Moments later she returned with Serra.
The noisy cleric quickly plucked the arrow from Heath's shoulder, making him gasp in agony.

"Hold still!" she commanded as her Mend Staff began to glow.

Pain shot through the wyvern rider as his flesh grew anew. Within seconds his wound was healed and only a dull ache was left in his shoulder.

"Hmm," Serra mused, "a litte more to the centre and you would have been dead. Consider yourself lucky."

Rebecca paled. She almost killed an ally.

"Hyperion," the knight's worried voice cut through Rebecca's heart.

Oh no, I killed his steed too, Rebecca bit her lip and hung her head in shame.

"Good, you're all right. What a relief."

Rebecca lifted her head to see the green-haired knight lovingly stroke the muzzle of his wyvern. Relief washed over her, but that was soon replaced by guilt.

"I'm off, there's more people that need me," Serra said. She was surprizingly efficient on the battlefield.

Rebecca stared at her boots again. How could she have been so stupid! She clenched her bow, not noticing that the knight moved towards her.

"I'm Heath," he said extending his hand towards her.

Rebecca gulped. How could he act so...NORMAL when she almost killed him?

"Rebecca...I'm sorry I shot you!" she blurted in panic. Her hands clamped over her mouth and her eyes grew wide with fright. Surely the man would never forgive her for nearly killing him.

"That's okay. You thought I was an enemy at the time, and until a few hours ago I was."

Rebecca looked at him in confusion. Was this guy serious?

"You won't...hate me for that?"

Now it was Heath's turn to be confused. "Why would I do that? It was an honest mistake. Can happen to anyone. I'll see you around, Rebecca." Heath quickly mounted his wyvern and flew away.
Rebecca looked at him in confusion and growing guilt. She knew she would never forgive herself if she did not make it up to him somehow. Her stupid mistake almost cost him his life! She never shot at an ally before! (Except Will, but he deserved to be shot in the butt)

"I have to make it up to him." Rebecca thought out loud. A small grin came to her lips as the following thought popped into her head, he's even cuter than Raven!


Okay, that was chaper one. Let me know what you think!
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