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Rebecca goes hunting.

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Chapter Two: Favourite Food

The army headed towards the Nabata Desert. Rebecca's heart sank to her shoes. She hated the heat! She much preferred the cool climate of Pharae, but in order to fulfull her duty towards Eliwood she had to go wherever he went. Not that she minded. Much.

Her thoughts was on a certain green-haired knight most of the time. No, it was not Lowen. Rebecca tried to befried the cavalier earlier on, but his stuck-up nature and rigid discipline only served to irritate her. Lowen seemed far more interested in training than talking to her anyway.

Rebecca pouted. She had nobody to talk to! Sure there was always Sain who ceaselessly flirted with her, but Rebecca found his advances annoying. Honestly, could that man think of nothing else but sex?
She was still mad at Will, so he was out of the picture. The sniper could not believe that Will was so stupid to think that he could dissapear for five years without even sending her a letter! She was his friend after all!
Dart was avoiding her, but she did not blame him. Maybe she was mistaking him for her brother.
Raven did not show any interest in her beyond re-stringing her bow.

The young girl sighed. Luckily the Desert was still a week's travel away. A shadow passed over her and she looked up to see one of the Pegasus Knights pass overhead.

How nice it would be to fly...

They made camp close to a forest that day. Rebecca had no idea where in Elibe they were, but that did not bother her much. As long as she kept up with the army she would not become lost.

After she pitched her tent Rebecca went into the woods to hunt. She enjoyed hunting and Lowen always welcomed the extra meat.

"Men can't live on potatoes," he told her numerous times.

Rebecca silently stepped behind the tree. Her target never left her sight. Slowly she reached for an arrow in the quiver on her back. She froze when the deer lifted it's head and sniffed the air.
The animal looked nervously around and Rebecca could not help but to wander what it was looking for. Suddenly the deer bleated in panic and took off before Rebecca even had the chance to reach for her arrow.
Feeling miffed that the animal spotted her so easily she turned around only to be confronted by a monstrous creature.

Rebecca screamed and took several steps backwards, only to trip over a tree root. Landing hard she desparately tried to wriggle away from the dragon-faced creature. The gry-green lizzard regarded her with an odd look, before it muzzled her fallen pack.


Instantly the wyvern backed off, bearing the look of a naughty puppy. Heath seemed to appear out of nowhere. Quickly he strode over to his wyvern and gave him a stern look.

"How many times have I told you not to scare people?" the rider asked of the wyvern. Hyperion regarded him with sad eyes before licking his master's face in the same fashion a happy dog would do.

Pushing his wyvern away his gaze shifted to the still frightened Rebecca. "Are you all right?"

"Uh...y...yes. I'm fine. He just scared the crap out of me." Rebecca said accusingly before she shakily got to her feet. "Sorry for alarming you," she said sheepishly.

Heath shrugged it off. "It's okay. I just don't get why he snuck up on you. He usually don't do that."

"He was very interested in my backpack," Rebecca said. "Maybe he's hungy?"

"Nah, he's greedy. I fed him about an hour ago." Heath turned his attention back to his wyvern. He felt a bit awkward around Rebecca.

"Sir Heath?" Rebecca began.

"Just call me Heath."

"Okay. Heath? About the other day...I'm really sorry for shooting you. I did not know you were on our side, but that's no excuse. Please allow me to make it up to you," Rebecca's usually cheery voice was filled with remorse.

"You don't have to. Like I said, it was an honest mistake," Heath began but he quickly changed his tune when he saw tears forming in Rebecca's emerald eyes. "Fine. What did you have in mind?"

The sniper's eyes lit up and she smiled at him. "Well...I was wondering what your favourite food was?"

"Eh? I'm not sure I follow you?" Heath regarded her with an amused grin.

"Um...well, you see...I'm a pretty decent cook so I thought I'd make you something, you know to say sorry and all..." Rebecca was getting flustered. "So what do like? I can hunt anything! Deer, fowl, fish, you name and I'll catch it."

"I'm vegetarian." Heath replied dryly. He had a hard time keeping his laugh in upon seeing her surprized look. Clearly she did not expect THAT answer.

"Hah! I knew Lowen was wrong!" Rebecca said defiantly. Heath gave her an odd look. "Sorry," she mumbled and ducked her head. I never knew that he would be so difficuilt!, she thought angrily. Cooking meat was something she was really good at.
She bored the toe of her boot into the ground and desparately tried to think of something else. Tugging nervously on her braided pigtails Rebecca did not notice Heath grinning at her.

A chuckle pulled Rebecca's attention from her boots. Heath was practically cracking up at the sight of her confused face.

"Is there something I should know about?" the sniper asked eyeing him like he had just sprouted another head. This only served to widen Heath's grin.

"Fowl is fine."

"What? I thought you said you're vegetarian?" Now Rebecca was completely confused.

"I was pulling your leg. Couldn't should have seen your face. I'll be smiling for a week." Heath quickly bit his tongue when he saw the shy blush on Rebecca's face.

Rebecca smiled back at him. His words just made her inexplicably happy. "Fowl it is! I'll bring it to you tommorow!"

"That's fine by me," the wyvern rider replied as he watched the girl walk away. "What a weird girl," he said to Hyperion. The wyvern muzzled his rider before he clumsily walked away. Heath never noticed the sly glint that appeared in Hyperion's eyes. If he knew what his wyvern was up to Heath would surely have stopped him.


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