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Schön thinks petty things while Crawford gives a lecture. Funny.

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Title: Days of the Black Scream
Author: Sybil Rowan
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Schön thinks petty things while Crawford gives a lecture. Funny.
Author’s Notes: Little bit of Schön bash, but kind of fun.
Disclaimer: Weiss Kreuz, its names and characters belong to Koyasu Takehito, Project Weiss, Marine Entertainment and Animate Film.
Beta Reader: My awesome husband WingedPanther73!
Word Count = 376
October 5, 2010 (7:30am)

mussitate \MUHS-i-teyt\, verb:
To silently move the lips in simulation of audible speech.

To Schön, all that uppity American was doing with moving his lips; the words had long since been drowned out by boredom. She shot Hell a lethal look, but the woman seemed in deep concentration on what Schwarz's leader was saying as he leaned on the podium in front of the small conference room in Takatori's office building, as did Neu.

To Schön's irritation, Tot seemed to be busy making eyes at the boy across the conference table. The waif of a boy kept blushing horribly and keeping his eyes firmly on his hands clasped on the table. She looked over to see the other two Schwarz. The one-eyed psycho seemed riveted by his leader's droning voice. The German redhead, on the other hand, looked as bored as she was, his elbows on the table, head leaned against a clenched fist, eyes firmly shut.

She rolled her eyes and looked back to see Crawford was still moving his lips, and it was already an hour past lunch. Now, she was very irritated. Her mind drifted to his expensive suit. Every man she had known in the fashion industry who dressed like that were so uptight, anal to a fault.

Suddenly, she noticed Schuldig giving her a wide, toothy grin. She looked away, annoyed, and pretended to listen to Crawford.

She thought viciously to herself, 'I bet that idiotic American would be terrified of a real woman.'

Farfarello and Schuldig snickered; Nagi glared at Schön. Crawford's mouth kept moving, and she wondered what Crawford had said that was so funny. This time Farfarello, Schuldig, and Nagi all snickered.

She turned back and let her thoughts drift again. 'I bet he's the type a woman would have to tie up and spank before he could get it up. Bet he has loads of “mommy issues.” Or maybe he's just plain gay.'

With that Schuldig and Farfarello slid out of their conference chairs in howling laugher. Nagi's head hit the table. Now Crawford's cool brown eyes were trained on her, while the rest of Schreient looked baffled.

'What is so damn funny?' she thought furiously.

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