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Hotter than BBQ

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AN: i had no idea it was cut off... hope it maked sense now haha
My Mom and dad weren't the only ones uptight about the house being clean. Yes, I actually cleaned my room ready fo the Way's arrival. I tried to stop thinking of the reasons why Gerard would be in my room.
The doorbell rang and I took in a deep breath before answering the door.

There was Gerard, Mikey, Donna and Donald (is that his name?) all holding gifts for us presumably.
"Umm, hi! Eh, Jerry and Linda are in the garden, I'll take the things..." I smiled politely, but looked down at the floor. Gerard's Dad laughed and he, Donna and Mikey went to the garden, following the charcoaly smell. Leaving me and Gerard together naturally.

"Hi Gerard." I said, my arms full. Gerard stacked the ones for my parents beside the ones for me before taking them upstairs.

"You really didn't have to get anything Gerard!" I said, sitting on the bed. He sat down on the bed beside me, his breath on my neck. I shivered happily and felt excited just fomr him being so close. I opened Mikey's present, a huge bumper pack of candy! I gasped with pleasure and grabbed Gerard around the waist. "I LOVE candy!" I said, serious, but beggining to giggle.
"Open mine." Gerard said smugly, gesturing towards it.

"Any present but YOURS!" I teased. He held me still as I tore off the wrapping to reveal the VERY Black Flag CD I had been saving up for! There was a little note attached too, 'hugs - they are what you want, right? 'I also noticed a shy little 'x' on the end. That blew my mind with it's sweetness! I felt my cheeks heat up at the cute note more that the present itself.

"Awh! I flung my arms around him once more, kissing him on the cheek, "Awesome!"
Gerard looked a little funny. I examined his expression.

"What?" I asked oblivious. He leaned in to me slowly as if to kiss but then Donald shouted up at us,
"Boys! Hot Dogs!!" I put the gifts on the table and we went outside to eat. we sat with Mikey at a small circular plastic table.
"You like candy Frank?" Mikey asked hopefully. I nodded, as if I were supressing myself. Gerard laughed at my reaction.
"Can I try some veggie dog?" Gerard unexpectedly asked. I handed mine to him and watched as he drizzled it in ketchup. Again, the sick thoughts!! Gerard took one bite and handed it back, shaking his head. He swallowed as if in some kinda pain. I can realte to his first reaction to it, I'm not much a fan myself but I feel better if I don't eat meat. The three of us talked for some while, the conversation going from animals full circle to dogfighting. Yeah...

"Can we go to your room again please?" Gerard asked shyly, I nodded and we snuck upstairs holding hands.
Gerard put down his plate next to the candy and got on the bed. I sat on his lap facing him, and for some weird reason, I began giggling and Gerard eventually did so too.

"What's so funny?!" He asked after a while, and we laughed more. I wrapped my arms around him to be closer and he put his arms around me.
Then we kissed, but it wasn't a peck on the lips. He knotted a hand into my hair. Shit, that had prooper feelings in it! I felt high, but focused too!
"Frankie, I wish I could stay longer..." Gerard said bringing me closer.
"I wish you could sir." I kissed him.
"Stop." Gerard pushed me gently away, "People could wonder where we are."
"So??" I concluded
"....I guess but what was with that, 'sir' back then?" He giggled. I shrugged and then I jolted suddenly. I could feel something move where I was sitting and it didn't take long to figure out exactly what. Looks like Gerard appreciated my fit of giggles quite a bit. I got up quickly at the unexpected reaction and murmured an appology, the image of so long ago still in my head. I sat down beside him instead and hugged him happily as if to make up for my refusal.
We talked and listened to the CD, and had some candy too. I loved talking to Gerard. He's so interesting and funny. There was a quiet moment between us. Gerard suddenly pushed me down, that playful spark ignited in his eyes. I could feel my heart throb as fast as lightning as he lowered himself down over me, grinning.
I closed my eyes, expecting a kiss of somesort but Gerard lifted up my top instead. I squealed unhappily and tugged it away. I literally took his head and pointed it at me, directing his attnetion back onto my eyes but his hands still found thier way to the hem of my shirt.

"Off Gerard! Bad boy!!" I spanked him in the ass unintentionaly.well, I didn't mean it to be so kinky. I honestly didn't mean it to be as sex-orientated as it was!

"I'm a bad boy Frankie?" He asked, on all fours above me, looming ominously. I stayed put this time when Gerard carefully lifeted my top and dragged his lips up my stomach.

"What's wrong? Is it really that bad?" Gerard licked me! His voice was lower and definately in a seductive tone. Quickly, I got both hands on either sside of his face and was pulling his head away from me, panting and shaking from the line of tickles his tongue left behind.
"You're no fun." Gerard complained, finally giving in to lying beside me.
"I am! Just... Not yet."
"All right." He sighed, pouting unhappily in protest, "Whatever you say mister daring."
"Fuck you! I can be daring!" I challenged, sitting up.
"Sure." Gerard teased, propping himself up on an elbow. I didn't answer and we listened carefully to everyone outside.

"Let's go." Gerard said suddenly. I didn't question him I took his hand and held it all the way down, and even outside.

"So Frank, I don't know much about you... Where'd you move from?" Mikey asked after we had sat down again.
"Um, the other side of N.J actually. It's nicer here." I replied, squeezing Gerard's hand under the table.
"Wow so um, why did you move?" Mikey pushed uphis glasses.
"My parents needed better jobs and I didn't really... Work well with my other school." I sighed, remembering 'those' days.
"Oh...." Mikey looked sad and played with his hair. He had really nice blondy browny hair, a little poofy but still cool. He had eyes similar to his brothers but they shone a different way.

"It's fine." I said. Because it was. Now anyways. Mikey seemed guilty for killing the conversation. I wanted to say something, that it's not his fault, or anything but it might've embarassed hi so I just tried to keep eye contact with him.
I noticed though, as I was speaking to him, Gerard looked jealous and a little stressed, but I carried on.
"So Mikey, you like sports or what?" I asked. Mikey perked up.
"I'm into computer games, and so's Gerard!" He replied, his eyes sparkling again.
"Yeah." Gerard said thorough gritted teeth. "Frank, I'm gonna get the candy I left in your room, will you come?" He asked.

I shut the door behind me. I knew Gerard wasn't going to get the candy, I just knew it.
As i expected Gerard had me against the door moments after I had shut it. He rubbed up and down my jawline with his head. I tried with all my will not to engage back, to make him try harder.
"Come play Frankie?" he whispered gently in my ear, his tongue just brushing my skin.

I shivered as he closed the gap between our bodies. With anticipation though. Gerard kissed my neck over and over until I decided my lips needed that treatment. I coughed and when Gerard looked up I snatched his head in my hands and began kissing him, so much, like there was no tommorrow. And for a while there wouldn't be, it was just me and him. I knotted my hands in his thick hair and pulled him closer, I could feel my sweat on my hands and the shake in them too. I had barely attempted anything like this before but Gerard didn't complain about my inexperience. He on the other had was just... He stopped for a moment, lef tme hanging and when I thought he'd break off, he'd snatch me up again.

I broke off at long last, gasping for air. Gerard led me to the bed and I willingly lay down for another 'tongue check'. Our lips met agin when there was a loud knock on the door. Gerard pinned me down still so I pushed him off into the closet because it was my Dad at the door.

"Where's Gerard?" He asked me, sounding a little stumped.
"Toilet." I replied quickly, willing that he got out as soon as possible.
"Why're you on your own boy? The other kid..."
"Mikey!! He's called Mikey." I said a bit angrily at the ignorance.
"Mikey looks a bit lonely down there! Anyway, dont't be all alone up here." Dad left abruptly and Gerard came out the closet immeadiately.

"Frankie can we rerun that..." He began.
"Mikey feels left out Gerard, we can't!" I felt really guilty, Mikey's such a sweet innocent guy.
Gerard wore a confused expression as I rushed to go see Mikey. For the rest of the evening, us 3 chatted and by the end of it, I felt I knew both of them a whole lot more.
"Frankie I'll come round tommorrow, 8pm-ish?" Gerard suggested at the door before they all left.
"Sounds good!" I gave Mikey and Gerard a quick hug before they went.

"Can I see Gerard tommorrow night?" I asked my Mom long after the Way's had left.
"Meeting girls along the way?" She prodded, anxious for me to get some girl action no doubt.
""Eh?! No but I can go, right?"
"Sure." She agreed, nodding vacantly.
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