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All the Stars Should Belong to You

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Gerard sneaks into Mikey's bed. Gerard takes Frank to his secret childhood haunt in Belleville wher he had his first kiss with J.

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What the fuck? Am I paranoid or is Frankie taking Mikey priority over me? Surely Not! I frowned to myself as I changed and went to bed. Mikey is... captivatinng It wasn't his fault. I crept into his room where he was sleeping soundly. It wasn't out of the ordinary to sneak into bed with him so I did just that, letting the duvet fall over us with a very, almost inaudible thud. I cuddled up to Mikey and he instantly reacted, murmuring something and turning around in my arms.
"Just go back to sleep Mike." I mumbled happily, getting myself comfy again.
"'Kay." Mikey turned around again and dirfted off almost right away.

I turned my train of thoughts to tommorrow. I'd go get Frankie, then take him to my getaway. The place I went if I ever felt down or wanted to be alone, where my whole life had changed in one night. That was the rough idea. I was sure he'd love it. He'd be the first person I'll ever have taken since the last person...

I woke up on Sunday at about 1pm with a strange sensation.... Oh shit. I cleaned up the sheets as best I could and took a long shower, washing my hair and singing. I dried my hair in it's proper style and put on a bit of eyeliner just enough to give me dark and hopefully attractive eyes.

There was no coffee for me in the kitchen. "Dammit!" I mumbled to myself and went out to the minimart.
Yawning, I walked around the aisles, tipping what I thought nesessary into the little orange basket. Milk, sugar, lots of coffee, candy and bottled water. The guy at the counter has seen me in this half asleep mood before and didn't seem phased when bumped into the freezer doors. 3 times. In a row. I gave up on the popsicles and went to purchase the goods.
"Mikey beat you to the coffee again?" the till guy said.
"Yep." I did my unhappy bunny face while still feeling half asleep.
"Why are you buying tampons?" He asked. I took off my sunglasses. Oops.
"Wait." I went and replaced them with a bag of sugar. He scanned all the items.
"$18.00 please." I slammed the money onto the counter and made off with the two large carrier bags.

Mom was heading to the store on my way back so I gave her a bag to carry home.
"Ran outta coffee." I explained. No more was needed to be said. She made me my coffee and brought it to my room - I wanted a lie in.
I took the warm cup in both hands as Mom pulled up a seat to my bedside. Not good.

"Now Gerard. About this Frank guy." Ahhh shit...
"What?!" I asked my eyes wide.
"Well you have been seeing a lot of him recently and I want to make sure that you don't ... misguide each other from more important things. And so he gets the chance to make other friends... Maybe get a girlfriend?"
"Mom! Frank said himself he doesn't mix with the other guys! He really doesn't want to...!" I explained.
"Yes but I want to make sure you spend some time with us too. So I'd appreciate if you gave him a rest for the time being. Okay? He's new, and needs time." She reminded me.

"Fine....Whatever." Although I said it I thought the complete opposite. Mom couldn't stop me.
"Thank you." Mom patted my head and left the room. Frank is none of her business! I couldn't believe she just told me to lay off him!

So all day I helped with the laudry, vacuumed, cleaned- basically sucking up to Mom, letting her think that she had prevailed. She never does, not with me she don't!
I daydreamed as I looked out the window at dinner-time. It had started to rain ever so slightly. Dad had made his usual lasagne, the only dish he can fix up for us all.

"Desert Gerard, Mikey?" Dad offered.
"Im fine." I replied, slipping off into my room. 6.40... I found my jacket and put it on the bed ready to wear.
How`d I get out tonight... I`d say I was gonna meet a girl at the park. Mom`d like that. I put candy in the pockets of my big jacket to go.

"I`m going to meet a chick at the park."
"Oh, who?" Mom asked.
"Be back before school!" Mom joked. Neither of us knew I'd disobey that.
The clouds had descended upon the town when I went to Frank`s place. I rang the doorbell and waited. No answer. No cars in the driveway either.
I pressed my ear to the door. Frank was playing the CD I got him. I tried the door and it opened. The music got louder as I approached his room. Then the music stopped and I heard movement around the room, opening and shutting drawers. I went inside.
Frank was facing the opposite way. Topless. Yeah, like the perv I was I looked for a few seconds before I spoke up.

"Hiiii Frankie." He jumped in shock and turned around. I unconciously licked my lips.
"Gerard! It`s time already? Sorry!" he said, scratching the back of his head with one hand. A few more seconds of personal enjoyment before Frank realised he needed a top on.
"Please, close your mouth, Gee!" He whined putting on his skeleton hoodie over his top. I love that nickname, Mikey calls me that too.
"Where we heading?" he asked, leaving his house.
"Secret!" I teased, grinning smugly.
"Wheeere?" Frankie persisted, putting an arm round me. I took the hand that rested on my shoulder to pull him closer.

Frank: I wonder where he`s taking me? A hideout? It sounds exciting.
Gerard stopped answering my questions, showing that beautiful, sweet, irresistable smile. My attention shifted from his face to his legs. Our hips were touching side-by-side. Then my gaze wandered down to his...package.
"What?" said Gerard suddenly.
"Hmm?" My eyes were fixed on his legs.
"Did you just say, `mmm`?" Gerard asked. I accidentaly let out another short moany-mumble. He looked down at me.
"Frank, you dirty... Were you looking at my crotch?" He knew I was.
"No you were looking at my crotch." Gerard teased me.
"I wasn`t!" I was blushing wildly now.
"Whatever you say..."
"Hey YOU were drooling at my chest a few minutes ago!" I reminded Gerard proudly. Ha. He went quiet.

Gerard: We were almost there. At the end of this road behind a short hedge a great emerald green field stretched before us. Frank didn`t know where to go.
"This road?" He laughed, "Real secret Gee!" I pointed out the field. "Over there!"
"The field? How`d we get in?"
I rolled my eyes, "Through the hedge!" I showed Frank how to jump into, and shimmy through it. Frank simply shook his head.
"I`m way shorter! I can`t!" He groaned.
"Try!" I encouraged.
"Not jumping though!" He muttered and made his way through his arms searching out in front of him. I caught his hands and pulled Frank through. He spat on the ground and I carefully picked out the leaves in his hair, then kissed Frank`s cheek.
"This it?" He asked.

"Almost!" I took him by the hand to the top of the hill where you could see city lights in the distance. It was so quiet there! I sat ourselves down in the middle beside a cluster of 5 trees. Neither of us cared the grass was damp. The grass was thick and tall.
"This is amazing." Frankie breathed. I lay down and he copied, resting his head on my chest. My heart raced.
"Relax.." Frankie whispered. I held him tight to my side.
"How can I...?" I replied.

Frankie turned to lie on his side, put one hand next to his head and wrapped his legs with my right leg.
"You going to sleep?" I asked.
"No." he relpied contently.
After a while I broke the silence.
"I brought some candy if you want." I offered.
"Ooh where?!"
"Find it." Frank hauled me up and put my jacket on the ground.
"Arms out!" He demanded like a security person. Frank did a brush-down test and pulled a grave, pitying face.

"I`m gonna have to intensive-check you." He announced. Quickly he thrust his hands down my Tee and took them out again, "Aw where are they?" Frank complained. I laughed and took the candy out my jacket and handed him his fair share.
Frank then stole my lollipop, straight outta my mouth!

"Hey!" He smiled devilishly and I realised we were playing another game. He stuck it in his own mouth. I kneeled over to take it out and he threw it behind me.
As we kissed Frank pushed my top up until I took it off. I concentrated fully on his lips and eyes. So beautiful...
Frank rolled me over onto the floor and took his top off too, seemingly scared of doing so, but he did it anyways, probably caught up in all we were doing.

Frank: So there I was, sitting on Gee taking my top off when I noticed his hungry smile fading. I put on my top again cautiously.
"Whats wrong?" I asked, touching his chin.
"What if this was on camera?!"
"Gerard!! That's so dumb!" I got off and lay down beside him.
"But seriously, what if we get caught?" Gee asked. I only shrugged.
Gerard faced me now, "Mikey." He said uncomfotably.
"What about Mike?" I was confuzzled.

"You like me more than Mikey?" He prompted unfairly.
"Yeah." He un-tensed again. I hugged him the way I had before. Gerard`s skin was a little cold. I gasped when I heard his heartbeat again.
Gee looked up at he stars, smiling as if in pure bliss, those beautiful hazel eyes glistening in the starlight. He's seen things worse than even I had. The way he talked sometimes showed it too. He'd grimly smile at the strangest things.

Gerard: I felt real. Like the past had disintergrated. Just by Frank being with me, my past life no longer hurt as much.
Frankie with me, alone, completely isolated. I felt no sadness or stress out here. Just adoration and happiness. Not sick adoration or crooked hapiness from my brother that I can feel when I hurt him
. Frank seemed to be asleep. He was wrapped around me. I put a hand to his hair.
"I love you." I said sincerely, kissing his hair. He stirred. To me, this was love. Mending someone just by being near. Making things better by accident. Not needing to say things to know them.

"Whaaaat...?" murmured Frank stretching his arms and legs out. I cuddled him to me and he looked at me.
Suddenly, I was gripped by a negative thought, What if Frank imagined me to be Mikey?! (paranoid!)
"Frankie? We probably shouldn`t sleep here you know." He sat up, leaving a Frank-shaped mark on me where he had been.
"I don`t wanna go home though." he said pulling me up. I picked up my shirt and jacket.
"Neither do I. But where do we go?" I answered. If I left would I feel awful again?
We couldn`t sleep on the street. So...
"Is that a ditch?" I followed Frank to a narrow but deep-ish, dusty ditch.

"Uhhm, how`ll we fit in there?" I said sitting in it. I couldn't believe we were considering this.
"I`m on top." Frank simply offered. For him, yes, he could be on top.
We tried facing the sky but I didn`t like it.
"You lie downwards?" Frank sugested. Surprisingly, I felt more comfortable this way. Frank took a while to feel right and he kept wriggling around. And it felt so fucking nice!
He stopped when he heard me moaning. It was so hard to just go to sleep!
After a while Frank must`ve got my jacket as I felt it being draped over us and the rubbing began again. But now really heavily! I don`t think he meant to but Frank was making me feel so horny! He was all over the place!

"Frank do you mind stopping the rubbing - I can`t sleep!" I gave in, only because it had been going on for half an hour
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