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The Woods

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Elliot's P.O.V.

We've been talking for months. Two to pin point. Over the phone and at school. I have stolen 25 more books. Each of them wimpy and I was done with in a day or two. How I long for a big one to pop out and I can just wrap my fingures on in.

I'm deep in the woods of my back yard. The leaves are changing and falling all around my. It's cold and it smells of decaying floor. I am armed with my own note book, a book, camra, and a sketch pad. I can't draw very well but I still love to draw. I'm sitting, writing, on my rock by the river. I love this place.


I shut my book and gather my things. I feel like im going to be sick. I always get scared when i hear some thing. This one was no animal. Too large.


I start to walk backwards. The person keeps coming twords me. The figure was black.

I stay. My thoughts were right. Jason came out behind the trees.

"What the hell?! I almost had a hearty attack!" I yell putting my stuff down on my rock again.

"Sorry. I never knew any one else came back here. This is my spot." He says sitting next to me. Bringing his knees to his face and resting his head.

"I thought this wa my spot too." I smile softly.

He slips my sketch pad out of my hand. He starts to flip through it. He nods as he sees them.

"Not bad"

"cause you haven't seen my people" We laugh and smile. I just feel happy.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 days later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Elliot: Meet me in the woods.

Jason: Why?

Elliot: Just meet me in the woods.

I slap my phone shut and start to the woods. What was that?

I slop down a hill to our spot. Did I just say our spot?

I stand and wait for a good 10 minutes till i hear smashing of leaves. They were fast and light. I look around the trees with my hands in my pockets rocking back and forth on my heels. I see her. Her head is down and her hair is every where. She doesn't slow when she gets closer.


She flys right into me. Grasping my middle and holding me tight. I could feel tears pouring from her eyes.

"What is it? What's wrong?" I say quickly, lightly putting my arms around her.

"M-My d-dad-"

"What about him?"

"He got into a wreack. He-hes in a comma. He wont wake up."

"I'm so sorry."

She just kept crying. For an hour at the least. They kept coming and coming. I wanted to cry my self but something told me she needed a strong male right now. And I'll be there to give it to her
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