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Love all around

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Jason's P.O.V.

Elliots father is the same. He sliped into a coma the day after. All she does is cry.

It is the end of the samester. The classes shifted. Shes in all but one. We talk more than ever. She has invited me to sit with her. But not to pray. She lost her religon along time ago. As did I.

She sits in the front of the class. Crying. Silent but i still know. She can't, and doesn't, hide from me. As people throw their simpathy her way, she cries on my sholder. When even Zack said he was soory, she did nothing but cry and hug me. Her stealing has slimed to non at all. All understood.

I don't want to say i've been enjoying it but it's been nice to have her near me. She is atached to me. Three months of her on my arm feels good. She holds a great grip but i learn to live.

We sit in class. She has moved to the back. With me. He writting for this class has become dark with age. They all feel as if they should have a black backround and death him self reading them aloud.

The intercom comes on with it's bell.

"Mr. Smith, please send Elliot burn and Jason puck to the office for dismissle."

"Will do" He calls

"Elliot, Jason, go."

We leave. When we hit the hall, she clings onto me and starts asking questions.

"What do you think it's for?" She looks at me.

"I have no idea." I say softly.

I open the office door for her. Her mother stood there with a huge sile on her face and tears in her eyes. She starts to cry again once Elliot walks in.

"He's awake!" She blurts

hugs were given and smile were shone. What does this mean for me?
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