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The Second Catalyst

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Julie tries to come to terms with this news, but what will Mikey say to Her when they finally talk?

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Julie cried for hours in My arms, and I cried for hours in Hers.

My Sister was going to become a mother, or not...

That is what scared Me the most- after everything She had been through She would give up this life tucked away inside Her.

No. Julie wasn't a killer. But then would She give the child up?

It scared Me to think of this, but I knew that it was what Julie was thinking all through those hours. It was haunting Her.

Suddenly, She pulled Herself out of My arms and stood up. She wanted to go to the roof.

I got up and walked out of the room to make sure the coast was clear, Julie following right behind Me.

When there was no one in the living room Julie made Her way to the door.

As She closed it behind Her I knew that She would be back. I sighed and sat down on the lounge, trying to gather My own thoughts, not just Hers.


The cold night air felt good on My skin after being in My bedroom for so long.

I knew I was worrying Frankie. He had no idea what I was going to do with His future niece or nephew, and while He didn't want Me to become a mother at such a critical point in My life, He didn't want Me to hurt

I sighed. It wasn't really the best word.


I turned to see Gerard standing a few feet away from Me.

"Can We talk?"

I nodded.

"How are You?" Gerard asked as He walked over to Me cautiously.

"I'm exhausted" I tried to smile but I couldn't. I just looked down at My feet, unsure of what Gerard wanted to talk about.

"I'm sorry" Gerard whispered.

His shoes appeared before Mine and I looked up to see His face inches from mine.

His eyes looked so sad, so earnest that fresh tears started to fall from My eyes.

"If Mikey doesn't....if He won't be there for You- I will. I swear"

I bit My lip. Was this another play for My affection?

Gerard gently wiped away My tears, bent down and kissed Me.

I was so numb from the shock that I didn't realize He was kissing Me so softly and sweetly...until I was kissing Him back.

I pushed Him away after a few minutes.

"Oh god" I moaned. I felt sick to My stomach- what had I done!

"I'm so sorry Julie" Gerard whispered again.

I couldn't look at Him. I couldn't think.

"Gerard" Frankie growled as He rushed to My side.

"Mikey is downstairs waiting to talk to Julie. Just because You know where Julie likes to sort out Her thoughts doesn't mean You have the right to come up here and kiss Her. I won't tell Mikey, but if this keeps happening I will do something about it Myself" Frankie growled as He pushed Me lightly in the direction of the stairs.

I walked down the stairs and into Mikey's arms.

"I heard Frankie. Gerard kissed You?"

I nodded in Mikey's comforting arms.

"Come on, let's go to Your room" Mikey sighed and walked Me into My bedroom.

"I will support You, no matter the decision that We come to. I can't believe it took Me so many hours just to say that sentence" Mikey laughed nervously as We sat down on My bed.

"What do You want to do about the baby?" Mikey asked as He stared into My eyes.

"I don't want adoption to come into this. And I don't want to not have this baby" I reasoned and stalled at the same time.

"Then We will raise this baby by Ourselves and with the help of the others" Mikey nodded and smiled warmly.

"There's one other thing as well" I smiled back.

"What's that?" Mikey questioned.

"It's not just one baby. It's twins" I smiled.

Mikey's eyes rolled into the back of His skull and He slumped off the bed.

I couldn't help but laugh- Mikey fainting over being a dad to twins- who would have thought it?
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