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Double Trouble

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After talking to Mikey Julie becomes more comfortable with the plan and talks to the others.

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"TWINS! that is so AWESOME!" Frankie yelled as He burst into the room to see Mikey passed out on the floor from shock and Me laughing on the bed.

Frankie scooped Me up into a hug and swung Me around the room.

"What's going on!??!" Ray and Bob panicked as They stood in the doorway with Gerard and Lacey.

"Julie is having twins!" Frankie yelled excitedly as He let go of Me.

"There are going to be MORE Iero's?" Ray grinned.

"They are going to be so cute!" Bob smiled.

"Okay I'm taking bets on what gender the kids are in the next room" Lacey announced and moved away from the door, Ray and Bob following swiftly after Her.

"What happened to My brother?" Gerard grinned as He looked down at Mikey.

"He fainted from shock. I kind of sprung the whole twins thing on Him. But He is going to support Us and that's the main thing" I nodded at Gerard.

Gerard nodded back. Hopefully He finally got the message.

"You said 'us'" Frankie squealed in delight and hugged Me again.

"It's like getting a dog allover again" I grinned as He let Me go and I rescued Mikey from the floor.

"Frankie, can I talk to You a second? alone" Mikey said pointedly.

I shrugged My shoulders, grabbed Gerard's hand and pulled Him into the lounge room to see who was betting on which gender.


"You remember that whatever You tell Me Julie will know instantly right?" I grinned as I crossed My arms and lent on the wall as Mikey stood in front of Me.

"I'm hoping You can block this out. I want to do right by Her- and that means keeping things....traditional"

"You mean You are asking Me for Her hand?" I whispered.

"Yeah" Mikey smiled.

"Alright then....I give You permission....or whatever" I said as I flung My hands in front of Him like I was a wizard.

Mikey grinned. I guess I just made Him very happy.


"Frankie what's wrong with My hands?" I asked as Frankie and Mikey walked into the room.

Frankie froze.

"You're hiding something from Me" I pouted.

"Yes I am" Frankie grinned as He sat down next to me.

"You won't tell Me?" I asked with puppy dog eyes.

"Nope. Whatever it is that I am keeping from You, You will have to find out about it on Your own. Or though, for MY sake, it had better be soon" Frankie hinted.

"Julie, I want to go out to dinner with You tonight" Mikey said as He grinned madly.

"Okay" I shrugged.

"What are You going to wear?" Lacey asked.

"Not this again!" I groaned.

~Author's Note~
Anyone want to tell Me what You think the gender of the twins should be? let Me know =)
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