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Dum Dum De Dum

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Mikey asks an important question, what will Julie say?

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"Okay so Bob You think it's going to be a boy and a girl, Ray You think it's going to be two boys, Gerard and Mikey You think it's going to be two girls, and Frankie Julie and I aren't allowed to bet because We already know- so lay down Your money and I will place it in this here teapot and it will stay there until the birth of these gorgeous creatures" Lacey grinned as We watched everyone put their money into a light blue teapot.

"I better start getting ready for Our date" I smiled at Mikey as I made My way to My bedroom.

"You forgot to ask Him something" Lacey sang in a childish voice.

"Dress code?" I yelled.

"Smart Casual" Mikey yelled back.

I nodded and pulled out a grey plaid skirt and a black tank top with a pair of boots. I didn't care if Lacey didn't approve of My choice, it was more fun to watch the look of horror on Her face as I walked out in My outfit.

After I was done changing and doing My hair and makeup I walked back into the lounge room to see that Mikey had disappeared. The others however were still there with a deck of cards.

"What's the game?" I asked as I sat down on the lounge.

"Go Fish" Lacey grumbled.

"Go Fish is the bomb Lacey! besides, I don't want to play anything else but this game" Bob said as He drew a card.

"Won't You be cold?" Ray asked as He organised His cards.

"You are absolutely right" I grinned as I grabbed Frankie and wrestled Him to the ground, pulling His hoodie off of Him as He yelled.

"Why the fuck would You say that Ray" Frankie grumbled as He sat back up, Hoodieless.

"So We could score all Your cards" Ray grinned as He held up more cards then He started with.

"That means He's won" Lacey snapped as She smacked Her cards onto the floor.

Frankie giggled while I put His hoodie on, suddenly grateful for My help in winning the game.

"I won't always be around to rip Your hoodie off of You. Why are You playing Go Fish anyway?"

"Practice for when the twins are old enough for card games" Bob grinned.

"That is without a doubt the cutest thing I have ever heard You say" I sniffed. It really was adorable.

"You ready to go" Mikey asked as He opened the apartment door....wearing a nice black shirt, blue jeans and sneakers.

"I need to go change" I said as I walked back into My room and found a nice black lace dress with short sleeves and put on some black ballet flats.

"Okay now I'm ready, let's go" I smiled as I walked back into the room and over to Mikey who opened the door for Me.


I sighed. Soon He was going to ask Her.

"Relieved?" Lacey asked as She shuffled the cards.

"Yes. I can't wait til She gets back though with the news" I grinned.

"Mikey is going to propose" Lacey said casually as She handed out cards.

"How did You know?" I asked as I picked up My cards.

"Duh it's the next logical move for them- I'm just surprised that with all the religion crammed down Her throat that She didn't demand for Mikey's hand first" Lacey smiled to Herself as She looked at Her cards.

"Julie isn't like that. Besides, it's not like She ever thought this would happen" I replied.


"I think I am well and truly full" I groaned. Eating at a slightly fancy Italian restaurant was a very bad idea- they piled the food up so high on the plate that you were mislead about just how much you had to eat before you were done. Dessert didn't help.

Mikey just smiled at Me. He had finished His meal a good fifteen minutes before I finished Mine. I always wondered where that food went because it sure as hell never wound up on His perfectly lanky and skinny body.

"What is it?" I asked smiling back at Him.

"Nothing. I just think You are beautiful and perfect" Mikey said as He reached over the table and stroked My hand.

"Uh what did I do to deserve a guy as caring and sweet as You" I sighed happily.

"You could have Me forever You know" Mikey half mumbled.

"Hm?" I questioned- I didn't understand what He meant.

Mikey stood up and carefully got down on bended knee in front of Me.

My heart started to race.

"Julie, I love You so much. You have changed Me in ways I didn't even think were possible. When We aren't together it hurts but it also feels like that there is a small part of You tucked safely away inside My heart. When You were kidnapped I couldn't stop thinking about how much I just wanted You in My arms. These past couple of weeks I haven't been able to think about anything but the future I want to have with You. I know that We will have good times and bad times, and I know We are strong enough to make it through. I want to spend the rest of My life with You, so Julie, will You marry Me?" Mikey finished as He gently kissed My hand.

"Oh My god" I whispered.


"So?" Lacey questions as Mikey and I enter My apartment.

"We are getting married" I blushed.

"SCORE!" Frankie yelled as He wrapped his arms around Mikey and Me.

"Now I get to be an uncle and an in-law" Frankie grinned as He hugged Us closer.

"Likewise" Gerard grinned happily over Frankie's shoulder.

"So when is the wedding?" Lacey asked.

"In two weeks" I grinned.

Everyone stared at Me in shock.
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