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Two Weeks Notice

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Lacey freaks out.

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"TWO WEEKS!?!?!" Lacey screamed as She paced the room.

I flinched while Mikey squeezed My hand. I hadn't expected Her to be so mad.

"Should You really be yelling at a time like this? I thought You would be happy for Us?" Mikey said as He let go of My hand to wrap an arm around My shoulders.

"Happy? I'm ecstatic for the both of You! You are misunderstanding what I'm stressed about" She replied stopping to look at Me.

"What are You stressed about?" I asked.

"The planning! off the top of My head You need a church or outdoors area if You don't want to get married in a church, there is the flowers, the tuxedos, the food at the reception and a reception hall, a DJ, invitations, the theme of the wedding, the bridal shower the bachelor party the hens night and oh dear god- the DRESS!" Lacey gasped- She hadn't taken a breath the whole time She was talking.

"Oh...yeah I would see why You're stressed. It's not all bad though" I smiled as I walked over to Her and gently placed My hands on Her shoulders, staring deeply into Her eyes.

"Be My maid of honor?" I asked as I smiled.

Lacey burst into tears and hugged Me close.

"It would be My pleasure- no one has ever asked Me to be a maid of honor! I can't believe You would choose Me!" She sobbed into My shoulder as She hugged Me tighter.

"If anyone hears a cracking sound, that will be My ribs" I groaned.

Lacey immediately let go of Me and grabbed Me by the shoulders.

"Tomorrow We are going dress shopping, and then afterward We will pick up Mikey and go cake shopping as well" Lacey asserted. She was starting to scare Me a little.

I nodded and She left the room, obviously to go straight to bed just so that She could wake Me up in the morning. Bright and early came to mind and I shuddered.

"Yeah, the morning is evil" Frankie snickered at My thoughts.

I walked over to the couch and sat down next to Him, smiling at Him evilly.

"Oh My god" Frankie gasped as He half grinned, still in shock.

"What?" Ray and Bob questioned.

"Julie wants Me to walk Her down the aisle" Frankie sniffed as He hugged me- did I have a neon sign above My head that was demanding everyone around me to hug me?

"Of course I will walk My little sister down the aisle" Frankie whispered as He squeezed Me tighter.

"Okay seriously I need to breathe- do You want to stop the twins from getting the right amount of air?" I gasped as Frankie backed away a few feet.

"When You do walk Me down, I want You to stand by me til the end- unless of course Lacey bumps You out of the way" I giggled.

I turned around to look at Mikey and gave Him a 'shouldn't you be asking something too' look.

"Gee I want You to be My best man" Mikey sputtered as He looked at His own shoes.

"Aw Mikey, are You blushing?" Gerard teased.

"No" Mikey retorted, looking up and showing us His slightly pink cheeked face.

Gerard laughed and gave His brother a bear hug which made Mikey wheeze painfully, but He didn't care- His big brother was going to be His best man.

I turned to Ray and Bob, who, when they saw the look that Frankie and I were giving them, held each other in a protective way.

"You both need to pick a side- Mikey, Or Me" I grinned.

"What do these sides entail?" Bob queried.

"If You are on My side You have to hold a bouquet of flowers. On Mikey's side You don't" I grinned.

"Mikey's side it is" Ray nodded.

"Bob?" I asked with My best puppy dog eyes.

Bob's eyes softened as He bit His lip and tried to look away from Me.

Finally after a few minutes Bob sighed and nodded at Me- a silent yes to my side.

"Now that that is all sorted I am going to bed" I smiled as I walked into My room, excited to go shopping for My dress tomorrow.
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