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Lacey, The Brand New Devil

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Julie gets a rude awakening.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Published: 2010-10-09 - Updated: 2010-10-09 - 268 words

"WAKE THE FUCK UP BITCH!" Lacey screamed as She ripped the sheets off of me, grabbed my right leg and pulled so hard that I fell out of bed.

"That hurt bitch" I groaned. If She was going to call me a bitch just for sleeping then you better believe I was going to call Her the same for THAT rude awakening.

"Come on get up get up it's time to go to the bridal store" Lacey whined as She pulled me by the leg and into the bathroom.

"Lacey get out I can shower Myself" I laughed as She pulled me towards the shower, rolling me in and turning on the water.

"No Lacey that's AH!!" I screamed as the cold water splashed me while Lacey grinned from outside the shower.

I stood up and tried to open the door- but Lacey braced Herself against it.

"Fine. I will have a shower- just You stay away from my clothes" I grinned evilly.

Lacey grinned and rushed out of the room, closing the door behind Her.

After about ten minutes (when I actually started to enjoy the shower) She came back in and dumped some clothes on the floor.

"That is what You are wearing and You better be ready to go in ten minutes" Lacey smiled as She closed the door behind Her again.

I turned the water off, grabbed a towel and padded my way over to what was on the floor.

I stared at it for a few minutes before I realized what I was actually looking at.

Oh dear god no- anything but this!
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