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It Itches

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Julie and Lacey go hunting for the right dress.

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"Oh god" Frankie laughed as I entered the room, finished with my shower and makeup and wearing the horrible outfit Lacey had left me in the bathroom.

"I look horrible" I whined as I ran to Frankie and hugged Him.

"You don't look horrible- there is nothing wrong with a spring dress that looks like something out of the Stepford Wives remake...that didn't come out right" Frankie grinned as I made another whiny sound at the words 'Stepford' and 'Wives'.

"Honey if You are so unhappy with what Lacey laid out for you then why didn't you change?" Mikey asked as He spun Me around to look at Him, a bemused expression on His face.

"She took all my other clothes and hid them somewhere else" I whined again.

Mikey and Frankie chuckled as they hugged me- obviously it was amusing, but I wasn't seeing the funny side of this.

"You are going to be married which means you have to look the part. If you wore what you normally did then we wouldn't get a designer dress in time" Lacey explained as She came towards me, admiring the dress.

"Whoa- who said anything about the dress being designer?" I gulped, starting to panic.

"Not designer per say, just designed. The way you want it that's all- now lets go" Lacey grinned as She grabbed my hand.

"Frankie has to come too" I half begged.

Lacey froze.

Very slowly She turned around to give Me an evil look.

"Frankie will be able to see the dress long before anyone else does and I want His approval and dammit I am the bride which means what I say goes" I demanded- not wanting to be a cliched bridezilla but at the same time wanting my way.

"Fine- but no one else. Mikey we will be back to pick you up later- and you better be ready" Lacey growled as She dragged me out the door.

I sighed. It was going to be a very long day.


"Welcome to Bridal Dreams, how can I help You" a girl my age with long black hair and a faded purple fringe addressed us as we walked into a store with dresses hanging off every wall.

"My name is Julie and I am getting married" I blushed- I sounded like an AA member.

"Congratulations! although it's normal for the groom to stay at home" She smiled nicely, folding her arms in front of her in a non threatening way as she looked at Frankie.

"This is my twin brother Frankie" I smiled as I patted him on the shoulder.

"Yeah I am totally available" Frankie grinned cheekily.

"We are here to look at some ideas for wedding dresses" Lacey sighed. It had only been a few minutes and she was already getting frustrated.

"Right this way. I'm Nico by the way" Nico grinned as Lacey charged past Her.

"Maid of honor?" Nico questioned.

"How did you know?" I giggled.

"I've seen her type before. Don't worry, you are in safe hands with her" She grinned as she led us into the sitting area all the way at the back.

I was just about to sit down when Nico gently grabbed my shoulders.

"Oh no, you have to go browse the dresses- we get to sit down and watch" Nico smiled at me when I looked at her confused.

Ah crap.

As I walked around the room I kept scratching at my back.

"What on earth are you doing?" Lacey laughed as she watched me scratch.

"This damn dress- it itches!" I exclaimed as I scratched harder.

"Why don't you get out of that dress, and into this one" Nico said as she walked over to one of the racks and pulled a white dress that was partially obscured by plastic and placing it in my hands.

I nodded and walked into the change room- glad to be rid of the spring dress from hell.


"This is so exciting" Frankie squeaked as I walked out of the change room in a brilliant white dress.

"Oh my GOD! it's the dress from The Corpse Bride! well except for the torn fabric and the corpse in the dress- how on earth did you make this?" Frankie marveled.

"I liked the movie, so I redesigned the dress in an almost identical style. The differences are so subtle that only another dressmaker would be able to see it" Nico shrugged, although by the blush I saw as She turned away from Frankie, I could tell that she was flattered.

"I like this one" I smiled as I looked in the mirror and spun around a bit for effect.

"I agree- that is the dress" Lacey smiled as tears formed in her eyes.

"Are you going to cry again?" I laughed.

"Just hurry up and buy the dress- we can store it in my apartment" Lacey sniffed as she pulled out a tissue from her purse.

I went back into the change room and frowned.

"There's no use putting it off- put that itchy dress back on" Frankie said loud enough for me to hear.

I rolled my eyes and got out of my wedding dress, smiling to myself that I had called it that.


"Mikey?" I called as I popped my head into my apartment.

"It's time to go cake shopping" I called again, hoping that he would come out.

I groaned and opened the door all way, closing it behind me.

"Lacey is waiting downstairs in the car, and I am pretty sure that if push comes to shove she will drive the car up the stairs and run you over for making us late" I laughed as I walked into my bedroom to see a sleeping Mikey on the bed.

I climbed onto the bed and poked him in the ribs, causing his eyes to fly open and look at me.

"Hey you're back" Mikey grinned as he pulled me close for a quick hug.

"And you are making us late- cake choosing remember?" I smiled.

"I'm ready, lets go" Mikey said as he stood up.

"You know, we also need to talk about where we are having the wedding" I hinted as we left the apartment and walked down the stairs.

"Well there is this church that my parents got married in. I kind of thought we could have it there- but if you don't want to we can choose somewhere else" Mikey babbled.

"Mikey? you are babbling. Besides I think it would be nice to have the wedding in the church your parents....oh god- Mikey your PARENTS! we haven't told them anything about what is going on!" I exclaimed.

"How is that Gee hasn't spilled the beans on that? he normally rats me out to Mum when I don't tell her something...not that I wouldn't do the same to him if I had the chance" Mikey laughed as we reached Lacey's van.

"Hey we have to stop over at Mikey's house first- we kind of need to tell his parents about the wedding" I smiled as I saw who else was in the car.

"What? you were just going to try cake out and leave us behind? we are deeply hurt Julie" Bob fake huffed as Ray poked him in the ribs and Gerard sat patiently beside them.

"So you all want to be there for when Donna freaks at Mikey for not telling her sooner and for buying the dress without her looking at it?" I reasoned.

"Yes. Yes we do" Frankie grinned at me and gave me the thumbs up.

I bit my lip and hopped in the van, expecting the worst.



Mikey and I were squeezing each others hands tightly, terrified of His mum.

"Mum relax, what are you so stressed about?" Gerard asked as he patted Donna's shoulder.

"I'm sorry. I'm not stressed about the two of you getting married, I think you are both level headed enough for this kind of commitment and I think that it's wonderful. But do you have ANY idea what it takes to plan a wedding?" Donna worried.

"Lacey is helping me with the planning. Right now the dress is sorted and after coming here we will be going cake shopping. We already know where we want to get married and I put all my faith in Lacey, who is my maid of honor" I assured her.

"They seem organised love, I would say let them at it. If they need help I am sure they will ask for it, won't You Julie?"

This was the first time I had actually talked to Mikey's dad. It was kind of intimidating.

"T-that's right" I smiled.

"Very well. What about Your parents? do they know?" Donna asked.

"We have kind of had some issues lately with them. They turned their backs on Frankie and I so they aren't welcome at the wedding or the reception or anything else for that matter" I tried to smile but I couldn't- I had always thought my real dad would walk me down the aisle.

"Hey cheer up, you have your real brother walking you down the aisle" Frankie said as he hugged me from behind.

"So when's the bachelor party?" Don asked as His eyebrows wagged in a suggestive manner.

Gerard and Mikey groaned while I laughed.

"Honestly, the way you two are rushing this marriage, it's almost as if it was a shotgun wedding"

I laughed nervously.


"Finally the cake shop" I exclaimed.

After two hours of Donna giving us helpful tips on wedding planning we got to the cake shop.

"Hello?" I asked as we walked in- it looked deserted.

"SON OF A BLIND THREE LEGGED BITCH!" screamed a girl from out the back.

"Hello?" I asked again.

a flour dusted girl came from out of the back room and smiled.

"Hi my name is Lucy and welcome to Lucy's Sweets- can I help you?" she asked as she tried to dust herself didn't work.

"My name is Mikey and this is my fiance Julie and we want to try some cake" Mikey grinned broadly. I think he liked using the word 'fiance'.

"I'm afraid the machine isn't working today- one of the reasons I was swearing. All I have left are these squares of three different cakes for you to try. Normally the selection is about twenty or so different cakes" Lucy sighed. She must have been having a bad day.

"That's fine. We will choose from those three, save You worrying" I smiled.

"Thank you! you are the nicest bride that's come in" Lucy smiled back.

We sat down and all tried the three different cakes.

One was chocolate, the second vanilla, the third a weird marble mixture of the two.

"What do You guys think?" I asked as they ate.

"Hey it's your wedding, we will just be eating at it....oh I see what you are getting at" Ray laughed.

"I am a big fan of the chocolate" Frankie said through chocolate teeth which made me almost snort my chocolate square up my nose.

"Did you even have to ask? it's chocolate all the way" Bob said as Ray nodded.

"Mikey? Gerard?" I asked.

"Chocolate" Gerard smiled, and Mikey nodded.

"COCK SUCKING SHEEP FUCKERS!" Lucy screamed from the back room.

Gerard got up to take a look into the back room.

"Everything alright?" Gerard asked as a cloud of flour hit him square in the face, causing the rest of us to laugh.

"The machine won't unjam itself. I need four hands to unjam it but I only have to two" Lucy sighed.

Without another word Gerard disappeared into the back room.

After ten minutes of Gerard saying 'There?' and Lucy replying 'Yeah right there' which made everyone laugh so hard they were on the floor, Gerard and Lucy returned to the front of the store, looking us over and wondering why we were laughing so hard.

"We decided on chocolate" I smiled as Lucy grinned.

"It's my specialty. So what kind of decorations do You want on it?"

"Um..." I stalled. I had no idea.

"Do You have the dress yet? maybe you should style it so it coordinates with the dress" Lucy suggested.

"Whatever You decide is okay Julie..I'm not much for decorating cakes- but I will happily eat it whatever it looks like" Mikey offered as He hugged me.

"Everyone but Lacey and Frankie leave the store" I smiled.

Without a word they left, although Mikey stopped to kiss my cheek before he left.

"Make it corpse bride themed. I want the cake to be black but I want to have the figurines look like Mikey and I- and I don't want to be dead" I stated.

"So when do you want it?" Lucy asked.

"In two weeks time" I winced, expecting Lucy to say no.

"Great, that will give me more than enough time. Oh, you thought I was going to get mad? I only get cranky at machinery" Lucy chuckled.

I sighed. The cake and the dress was sorted.

Before I knew it I was back in my bedroom with Mikey lying next to me.

"Can you believe that we will be married in two weeks time" I mused at Mikey, who wrapped an arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him.

"I can. And I can't wait" Mikey smiled at me as He kissed me passionately.

For a brief moment I thought we were being watched, but then I shrugged it off and gave all my attention to Mikey.
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