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Party Time!

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It's been a week- have all the preparations been made?

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I sat up in bed as My stomach gurgled painfully.

"Oh god" I groaned as I made a mad dash for the toilet. This was the sixth morning where my wake up routine involved throwing up everything I had eaten the night before.

"You okay Julie?" Mikey called from the bed.

I kicked My leg out at the door twice making a sound. Twice for yes and once for no was the established code for Mikey checking up on Me. This was the only way to communicate while my guts spewed from my mouth.

I sighed as the vomiting stopped, stood up and brushed my teeth.

The vomiting wasn't the worst part of the whole far.

"Julie, isn't there a pill to make you stop vomiting" Frankie groaned as he entered the room and collapsed on my bed- and on top of Mikey.

Poor Frankie. He was so looking forward to being an uncle- until he started to vomit every morning the same as me!

"Frankie morning sickness is natural in pregnancy- instead of asking me if there is a pill why don't you figure out a way to not channel my body" I smiled as I walked back into the room. Even though I had just emptied my stomach I was still happy- I didn't care what funny tricks my body would play on me, as long as at least one guy on the planet suffered along with me.

"I've been trying but it doesn't seem to work- not even when I'm drunk" Frankie grinned.

"So what are we doing today?" I asked as Frankie's grin turned more evil by the second.

"Today is a sacred day- it's the day of Mikey's bucks day slash night, and it's your hens day slash night as well" Frankie said as He slapped Mikey on the butt which made Mikey yelp and jump in the air.

"Oh dear god it's that day! I had completely forgotten- I'm not prepared in any way!" I panicked.

"Relax. I told Lacey You weren't prepared. She packed up your stuff while You were sleeping- and soon She will pack you up to" Frankie kept grinning.

He was starting to freak me out- but no so much as the thought of my hens night.

~~ Authors Note

It's a short one I know but I will write a longer one next. On another topic I wanted to know if anyone wanted to offer up names to the twins? so far only two people have written to me and told me what gender they wanted the twins (thank you so much guys!) and time is running out to speak up- let me know what names or gender you want the twins!

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