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Party Time! Pt 2

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Julie and Mikey prepare for a wild night apart.

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"Julie" I heard Lacey call sweetly.

I groaned and Frankie grinned even wider.

"I'm going to miss You" Mikey sighed as He got out of bed and hugged me.

"Release Her Mikey- it's time for the fun to begin" Lacey giggled as She entered the room.

I pulled Mikey closer to my body and kissed him passionately.

Mikey groaned against my lips and attempted to walk backwards and onto the bed, but Lacey wrenched Me from Mikey's grip and put herself between us.

"Don't worry Mikey, you will get her back in mint condition" Lacey assured him as she dragged me out of my room.

"Mikey if I see strippers in my head tonight don't expect a bride walking down the aisle" I yelled as Lacey pulled me out of the apartment.

I smiled smugly to myself. Frankie was already making Mikey panic.


"That's a shame man. We had this great stripper lined up" I grinned.

"Stripper? did you hear Julie? She is going to kill me! and all because YOU are going to give her those images!" Mikey panicked.

"Relax Mikey I'm just joking. There isn't going to be girl here" I grinned as I clapped a hand on his shoulder.

"Good." Mikey nodded as he walked into the lounge room and let out a yell of surprise.

I laughed as I walked into the lounge room as well to see Bob, Ray and Gerard in their underwear.

"Yeah even though there is no girl there IS lots of nudity" I laughed as Mikey stood there in shock.


"I need a drink" I groaned as I rubbed my temples.

"Uh why? You are pregnant" Lacey questioned as we drove to her place.

"the guys...nudity..I'm going to be scarred for life" I groaned.

"I thought that's what you are supposed to do for a bucks thing?" Lacey laughed.

"Yeah well the bride isn't supposed to see it through her twin brothers eyes either. You would think they would put that into consideration" I growled.

"Could be worse. You could be seeing Mikey and a stripper together" Lacey giggled.

"Don't even joke about that kind of thing" I sighed and pressed my head against the window of the car, wondering what Lacey was going to do to me.

"Well bad images or not you won't be drinking tonight- not in your condition" Lacey smirked as she stopped the car and made our way to her front door.

"SURPRISE!" yelled Nico and Lucy from inside Lacey's apartment.

"It's not a surprise if I know guys" I grinned as I hugged them.

The wedding would not be going ahead without the help I got from Nico and Lucy. They not only knew the things that I needed for the wedding but they helped keep Lacey's temper under control which was a much needed gift to everyone around Her. And while they were helping out I grew attached to them- so much so that they were invited to the wedding, and obviously my hens thing.

"You were supposed to blindfold Her" Nico pouted.

"With what?" Lacey retorted.

Lucy held up a 'bride to be' sash.

"No way in hell would I willingly wear that" I laughed.

"Come here you!" Lacey exclaimed as she grabbed my arms and pinned them behind me.

As I laughed and struggled to get out of her grasp Lucy stapled the sash to the front of my t shirt.

"Very funny guys. I'll wear it but only because you really want me to. So what are we doing tonight?" I asked as I walked over and sat in front of the television.

"We are having a rematch of Double Dash" Lacey demanded as she pulled out two extra game controllers.

"Lets dance bitch" I smiled at her.


"I can't play this halo game" I frowned as I got killed for the seventh time.

"Just because Julie is focused on rainbow road doesn't mean you can't play- you just have to focus"

"Why is it suddenly so important that I focus? I thought you all thought it was very funny when Julie would gross me out or I would gross her out or I went through pms" I questioned as I died again.

"Because as the pregnancy drags on Julie is going to be very emotional. We are talking mood swings which involve crying and rage and she will balloon outwards and everything we say will probably make her angrier- basically she is going to turn into a dragon- and is SHE does, then you are certain to follow" Bob answered as he killed me.

"Ah crap" I muttered.

"Exactly" Ray grinned.


"Is this all we are going to do tonight?" I asked as I pushed Lacey off the road again.

"You don't enjoy hit and running us?" Nico smirked as she passed Lucy.

"I do...but I don't know- shouldn't we be out doing something wacky?"

"This is wacky- this is the wackiest thing we could come up with. There is of course some makeup kits in the back room for the wedding day, but other than that there really isn't that much to do" Lucy shrugged.

I looked at the clock. It was already ten at night.

"Whatever, I'm going to bed" I sighed and collapsed on the bed.

"No pajamas?" Lucy called and I waver her off.

Damnit it was my hens thing and I wasn't going to let anyone tell me what to do.
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