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The Next Day

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Julie wakes up to a nightmare.

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I woke up groggily, but I woke up pretty quickly- I wasn't in the clothes that I had gone to sleep in.

I sat up and looked down at my body and shook violently.

I was wearing a white dress that was torn and tattered...and stained a violent red.

I carefully stood up and walked over to the bathroom to look into the mirror, but when I reached my reflection I wished that I hadn't.

My face was covered in a blood splatter and my heavy black eyeliner was running down my face as if I had been crying. It looked like I had killed-

I gripped the sink making my knuckles turn white and looked closer at my face.

I looked like I did when I killed Riley.

I started to shake violently as I remembered his touch, his smirk as he cut me open...his knife-

I started to hyperventilate- I didn't have the knife.


I turned mechanically to the sound of Lacey's voice as I desperately gasped for air.

"Oh my god Julie!" she cried as she rushed over to me, grabbed me by the shoulders and guided me back to the bed for me to lie down- but that made me so much worse as I remembered the trapped feeling of being stuck on that bed, in that room.

"What's going on?" Lucy panicked as she and Nico stood up- I didn't really know or care why they were on the floor- I only knew that my breathing was getting worse, the same as the images.

"F-Frankie" I stuttered as my eyes watered.


I shot up in bed and coughed- it felt like something was stuck in my throat.

A few seconds later and I felt like I couldn't breathe- but I was breathing.

After a few more seconds I saw Julie, blood splattered looking at herself in a mirror, then images of Riley, a bed and the knife.

I groped for my phone in my pocket only to realize that I was only wearing my boxers.

I frantically tried to remember where I left my phone but I couldn't- Julie's thoughts were coming louder and faster every second.

I rolled Gerard over and was about to wake him up to ask if he had seen my phone when a phone rang.

I smiled as I realized it was mine and rushed to where the sound was coming from- Julie's room- and picked it up.

"Hey" I breathed as I answered the phone.

"Julie is freaking out what is going on in her head? I can't calm her down" Lacey panicked through the phone.

"It's the blood- it reminded her of Riley, and the knife- she's panicking because she doesn't have the knife! that old fear is back. I will bring it to you but you have GOT to find a way to calm her down" I said as quickly as I could as I hung up on her.

I walked swiftly to the loungeroom and kicked Mikey.

Mikey groaned and waved me away.

"Julie is in trouble" I spoke loudly, and at Julie's name he stood up quickly and turned to me.

"What's wrong?" Mikey panicked.

"She needs the knife- her fear is back. Where did you put it?" I asked as Mikey's face paled.

"I don't know" Mikey whispered as he ran to Julie's room and started throwing things around frantically.

"I don't think we have time for that- she's getting worse by the second" I choked as I felt cold water running down my body.

I ran into the lounge room to see the others up and in various stages of getting dressed.

"We need to get to Julie- Mikey forget clothes, just get to the car" I yelled over my shoulder.

Hang on Julie, we are coming.


"Why on earth did you paint her as a blood spattered bride?" I growled as I poured more cold water on a shivering Julie, sitting in the shower with a panicked expression as she tried to breathe.

"We thought it would be fun, you know 'three cheers' and all that- how were we supposed to know she was afraid of blood!" Lucy exclaimed at a hundred miles an hour.

I sighed. That's right- they didn't know about the incident with Riley. I couldn't be mad at them for this, but I didn't have the time to be mad at them- I had to try and get Julie to breathe properly.

I heard furious banging on the door.

"You two, put her on the bed" I demanded as I raced to the door.

I opened it immediately to the guys and they rushed in.


My vision was going in and out of images of that horrible day, and it was on some horrible disjointed play list- one minute I would be stabbing his corpse, and the next he was slicing my face open.

I felt hands closing around my arms and shivered as I was pulled out of the shower and onto the bed.

I felt Mikey lie down next to me and wrap an arm around my waist.

"Julie, I love you, it's okay, he won't hurt you anymore- come back to me" Mikey whispered into my ear, and my breathing relaxed a little but not very much which made me panic more.

"Mikey it's not working, and it's stressing her out more that it's not" I heard Frankie say.

"Gerard what the fuck!" Mikey exclaimed as he removed his arm in a hurry- and I felt Gerard looking at me. He had crawled on top of me so he was staring into my eyes with his arms pinning mine down and his legs on either side of my legs.

"Julie, focus on the knife" Gerard demanded.

I saw the knife in my minds eye and longed to hold it again as my breathing slowed dramatically.

"The knife is in you Julie. It will always be with you" Gerard whispered as he brought his lips to my ears.

The images vanished suddenly.

I blinked and looked sideways at Gerard- he hadn't moved since he whispered into my ear.

"Get off my fiance" Mikey growled.

Gerard shrugged and goy off of me, and I stood up.

"Thanks Gerard" I half smiled.

"Anything for you Julie" Gerard grinned back while Frankie rolled his eyes.

"I need to get cleaned up" I whispered.

I turned to go to the bathroom and paused.

"I didn't kill anyone did I?" I whispered.

"It was just supposed to be a little fun- we had no idea that you were afraid of blood" Lucy apologised.

I nodded and motioned for Mikey to join me, and together we walked into the bathroom and closed the door.


"So anyone up for coffee?" Gerard asked, trying to break the silence.

"MIKEY FUCKING WAY WHAT IS WITH ALL THESE LIPSTICK KISSES ALL OVER YOUR BODY! GET THE FUCK OUT!" Julie screamed from the otherside of the door as Mikey barrelled out.

"Oh yeah, I forgot We dared Ray and Bob to try on Julie's lipstick and kiss your body" I grinned as I felt Julie's rage even from the other side of the room.
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